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     The top part of this page is reserved for pictures from our great days at Atlantic City High School & from our various grade schools. We encourage all of you to send in prom pics --- fraternity & sorority pics --- graduation pics (but not the ones in our yearbook) --- or other pics from way back then and pics from our grade school days. The bottom section of this page contains more pics from Countdown 4.


 Margate's Granville Avenue 1st Grade Play in 1947

The play was "Children of Buttercup Commons".   Front row: Jimmie Smathers, Bob Somers, Sue Auchter, Ronnie Roland, Lynellen Charlton, Dick Stanton, Nancy Feyl, Ronnie Apfelbaum, Mary Knapp, Carol Mottola & Charlie    Varallo. Standing: Jay McCracken, Earl Jeffries, Barry Leeds, Barbara Bolte, Lynn Delanty, Jane Riddle, Florence Carr, David Leonard, Mark Jacobs, Bradley Leach, Joel Lanken, Dennis Whitworth & Al Glenn.



Granville Avenue Kindergarten Play in 1946

Kids left to right: Dennis Whitworth, Barbara Bolte, Dick Stanton, ?, Bob Somers, ?, Mark Jacobs, Jane Riddle, ?, Sue Nordheim (in center of floor), ?, ?, ?, Nancy Feyl, Barry Leeds, ?, Ronnie Glenn, Bonnie Lewis & Mrs. Infield (the kindergarten teacher).



Granville Avenue 1st Grade Candy Store in 1947



The Granville Avenue Faculty in 1946-1947



ACHS Glee Club at Christmas Time

Richard Conover, Naomi Steelman, Joyce Gillingham & Richard Boyer (ACHS '59)


          Doug McMahon (ACHS '60), Richard Conover (behind chair), Richard Boyer (ACHS '59),

Naomi Steelman, Dick Stanton & Don DeBrier clowning around in a classroom.



Senior Prom - 1958

Nancy Feyl, Lynne Detweiler, Bobbie Jean Scull, Sue Moore & Carol Bankhead


Lynne Detweiler & Gene Kulla (Class of '57) - Senior Prom Dates


After Our 25th Reunion in 1983

Shirley Rettberg, Lynne Detweiler & Bobbie Jean Scull in 1983 at Lynne's house the day

after our 25th Reunion.


Back in 1967

Mark Hyman played on the Casino Hockey Team in Asbury Park, NJ in 1967.  Here he is in the

upper left hand corner.


Six Pics from Long Ago

Top Row:  Hiawatha Hawkes, Leo Polisano & Johnny Carter.

Bottom Row: Freddy Simpson, George Peppas & Sunny Reardon


Sweet Sixteen

Lynne Detweiler had a great party for her "Sweet Sixteen" Birthday in 1956.

Seated (left to right): Carole Mottola, Nancy Feyl, Judy Foster, Gene Kulla ('57), Lynne Detweiler, Jo DiBiasi &Sue Moore.  Standing (left to right):  Leo Polisano, Skeeter Bach ('57), Nick Russo, ?, Maria Mazza,?, Betty Barker, Joyce Hunter, Tommy Mullen, Dick Miller ('57), Shirley Rettberg, Bob Nordheim ('57), Bobbie Jean Scull, Carol Bankhead, Mary Zauner,?, Mike Mallon ('57) & Tony Quarolli ('57).



The P.T.A. Baseball Team of the Margate Babe Ruth League in 1954

Front row: Eddie LaMarque ('59), Jeff Blitz ('59), George Lydon ('59) - deceased & Jan "Birdie" Hohman ('58). 2nd row: ?, Bob Winn ('59), Ed Doughty ('58), & ?.

Back row: Vic Stickel ('58), Bob Hall ('58) - deceased, Lloyd Gardner ('56), Joe Marsh ('56) & Roy Hyman ('57).  All the way in the back is the Coach of the team, Charles "Chuck" Cohen.



Pics & Memorabilia from our ACHS Days (sent in by Carm Colaianni Beckner)

Barbara Bolte

Carm Colaianni, Judy Riddle & Mary Knapp


Delores DeMaggio

Helen Damiano

Josie Barbere

Johnny Carter

Jimmie Peeler

Luzanne Baggs

Mary Etta Cobb

Ted Burns & Al Glenn









That Old Gang of Mine

Steve Kalish, Champ Hoffman, Harris Berman, Charles Bromberg, Marty Lyons & Mike Miller at the Copa in the Spring of 1957.



8th Grade Graduation at St Michael's

From left to right: Mary Icconelli, Virginia Damiano, Helen Damiano, Sandi Manno, Mary Bartolini, William Prince, John DiSantis, Robert Tartaglia, Louise ?, Father Vincent, Joe Matthews, Ed King, Leo Polisano, Timmie Berenato, Pat Shivllo, Marilyn Nurse & Josephine Barbere.



First Holy Communion at St. Michael's

Many '58'ers are in this picture, but Leo could only identify a few of them.  The picture was taken in 1947.


Another Picture from St. Michael's taken in 1954




Here is the Pennsylvania Avenue School's 6th grade's field trip on Captain Starn's boat on

June 5, 1952.  This was submitted by George Georges who is pictured in the dark jacket just to the right of the Captain.  Mary Boner is the blonde on the left side about 2/3's of the way up towards

the bow. Barbara Katz is on the right side up near the bow.





Jay McCracken said, "I was surprised to see only four 58'ers here: Vic Stickel (Back Row 2nd from Left) Al Glenn (Back Row 4th from Left) Chris Gilmore (of course the only one standing with his jacket unbuttoned) who was my Kenyon Ave partner (Chris is 2nd Row 4th from left) and me (2nd row far right)"



Three of our Starting Varsity Football Players




Here is Delores DeMaggio & Don Ward (Class of '57) at our Senior Prom in 1958.



Easter - 1957

Easter, 1957 - ?, Gladys ?, Susan Eshbach, Marci Myers &

Cecelia Scelso.

Pajama Party Pyramid in 1957 - Top: Betty Lou Henderson; 2nd

row: ? & Marci Myers; bottom row: Susan Eshbach, Cecelia

Scelso & Faith Eshbach.


Nancy Shute, Dina Metzgar, Lynn Gallagher & Judy Amole in

1955 --- in our Freshman or Sophomore year.



Bob Erney and his Mom shortly before our Junior Prom in 1957.


ACHS vs. Holy Spirit - 1957

Ed - amazing what you can find when cleaning out the garage.Here are two shots from our victory over Holy Spirit in November of 1957. In the one picture I am #17 running over to help out Dan Keating (I think). Nick Russo (#21) in background. In the other Stan Bergman (18) is knocking down a potential HSHS TD pass. Nick Russo(21) coming to help out. Al Glenn is behind Nick. Steve Schiffer (10) in the line with Ted Burns (23) arm upraised and I think Don Brown (15). Referee is Tom Heckman (father of Karen who married my brother Larry). Also found a bunch of MCBP photos and even the game ball from the above game which I will bring to our 50th. Happy New Year and keep up the great job you are doing..........Regards....Jay McCracken


A Delta Dance

Florence Carr and Rich Conover at Delta's Mistletoe Kiss Dance

in December of our Junior or Senior year.


ACHS Football Team - 1957

Our Football Team in the Fall of our Senior Year. Front row: Jay McCracken, Ted Burns, Steve Schiffer, Bob Morton, George Rieu, Dick West & Al Glenn. Back row: Coach John Boyd, Jim Dooley, Don Brown, Dan Keating & Nick Russo. The team went 4-2-2 that season. (picture submitted by Jay McCracken)



A woman died and went to heaven. As St. Peter was processing her, she heard a woman screaming in pain. She looked in a room and saw a group of angels drilling holes in the woman's shoulders to fasten the wings to her.

Then she heard a man screaming and saw angels drilling holes in his head to fasten the halo to him.

"I don't want to go to heaven," she told St. Peter. "I'll go to the other place."

"You want to go to hell?" he replies. "They rape and sodomize you down there."

"I don't care," she answered. "At least I already have the holes for those things."

The Caps Gals in 1956

Standing: Mary Cullen, Judy Amole, Helen Baum, Virginia Glaser, Gayle Carpenter, Barry Leeds. Mary Knapp & Sue Nordheim. Seated: Judy Paoli, Mary Ann Saviano, Dawn Nickerson, Joyce Calabrese, Georgie Haverstick & Verona DeBeer.


Joyce & Larry - High School Sweethearts

                   Joyce Shenkman & Larry Wachs

                    Joyce Shenkman & Larry Wachs



Standing: Sunny Reardon, Carole Mottola, ? Nathanson, ,Sue Bears,

Sheldon Kauffman. Jerry Rich, Ted Spitalnick, Carole Hershon, ? & ?.

Seated: ?, Joyce Shenkman, Bill Subin, Larry Wachs & Ilene Weinstein.

Sandi Harvey, Liddy Baker, Beth Shenkman Schieble, Michael Hyatt, famous

singer Johnny Ray & Joyce Shenkman

                  Joyce Shenkman & Larry Wachs

                     Joyce Shenkman & Larry Wachs


A young Larry Wachs cons another chick!

Miss French's English Class

Here's a pic of some of our classmates arriving at the Senior Prom.


Our Crew Team beat Holy Spirit every year!


More Pics from Countdown 4 - sent by Morris Murray


Skip Mayall, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Ed Doughty, Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Barry

(Leeds) Dulany & Ben Whitehurst.


                              Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz




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