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Here's another page of recent pics for you to enjoy. Keep sending 'em in, Gang!

St. Patty's Day - 2007

Ed & Jane Doughty were joined by Judy Reilly & Skip Mayall for pizza, drinks, party hats & general frivolities at Stumpo's Italian Grill in Somers Point on St. Patty's Day - March 17, 2007.


Meeting Up With Classmates

Lynn (Gallagher) Silton & Chick Lehrer accidentally switched their old ACHS Heralds at a mini-reunion Lynn hosted a couple years ago. In March, 2007 Chick & Lynn got together for lunch at a deli in Los Angeles & gave the Heralds back to each other.

Lynn (Gallagher) Silton met up with Judy (Amole) Schwartz in New York City in January, 2007.

Rip & Ellie (Backer) Miller got together with Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton in February, 2007 when they all visited the Michel-Schlumberger Winery near their Sonoma house.

Another shot of the "Fun Foursome".

Ellie & Lynn have become good pals.

Another Member of the 3 Daughters Club

Jane & Jay McCracken's 3 daughters: Kelly, Sarah & Cadi --- each with 2 children.

Another Classmate With 3 Daughters!

Steve Kalish's 3 daughters Ariel, Ilana & her twin sister Tamar with their children.

Steve's 3 son-in-laws, Scott, Oren & David, with their wives & children and Steve's wife, Alice.


Our Man in New Mexico

Mark Hyman and his friend Lisa, a doctor from Buenos Aries, Argentina, in Silver Spring, MD in 2006.

Mark & his grandson, James Hyman (9 months), son of Robert Hyman in 2006.

Mark's brothers, Robin & Greg and Mark, with classmate Roberta (Morris) Hyman in the background on a cruise ship at Robin's wedding in 2006. .

Mark's sons Rob & Ron with grandson James in 2006.

Mark builds a house of cards with his daughter Katheryn. For the record, Mark has 2 sons by his 1st marriage and 2 daughters by his 2nd marriage and he is presently single once again.

A Classmate & Her 3 Daughters

Here is Marci (Myers) Markey & part of her extended family taken in late October of 2006 at the Virginia State Marching Band Competition, In the center is her granddaughter Stephanie James , a trumpet player in her Oakton Cougars Band. They were the only band to be ranked "superior". Women from left to right: My youngest daughter, Me (Marcia Myers Markey), Jennifer James (my oldest & Steph's mom) &my middle daughter. Men from left to right: Joseph (Khadine's spouse), Bill Markey (my husband) & youngest daughter's spouse.

A Classmate Remarries!

Rae Carole (Anderson) Beuttel married Richard Keast on October 24, 2006! They honeymooned in Barbados and sailed to 6 different islands on a Clipper Ship. Here they are cutting the wedding cake.

Here's another shot of the newlyweds cutting the cake.

Here is the Clipper ship they sailed on.

The happy couple now reside in Ocean City. Congratulations to them both!.

Ships & Grandkids

Joe & Betty (Barker) O'Connor take the helm with the help of a parrot.

Joe & Betty with their grandkids.


Fun Trip to Newport Beach

Jay & Jane (Walshe) McCracken and their grandkids had a fun time in Newport Beach.




Spoiling the Grandchild!

Anne (Dunn) & Lee Herndon with their grand-daughter Archer in Charlotte, NC.

Mr. Playwright

Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer visited Lou Vilensky in Arizona in October of 2006.

Lou Vilensky is becoming quite the author of plays!

To read a note from Lou Vilensky

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Rita & Mel in Arizona in October of 2006.

Out for Dinner


Ed & Jane Doughty were joined by Bill & Lynne (Detweiler) Bowersock for dinner at J.J. Kemp's Ale House in Northfield on November 19, 2006.   It's always fun when '58'ers get together!



Bermuda is Beautiful!

Jill (Tartar) & Don Burley vacationed in Bermuda recently.


Let's Meet in Florida!

Sandi (Harvey) & Jerry Bloomberg visited Joyce (Shenkman) & Herb Kean at their place in Florida last winter.



Three Daughters

Marci Myers on left with her three daughters: Jennifer, Tara & Khadine in 2000. Marci was one of the only 2 or 3 redheads in our class.

A Proud Grandpop!

Bob Somers holds his new grand-daughter, Perrin, who was just born in mid-October, 2006.

Cruising to England

Barbara Kosden (in the center) recently took a cruise to England with her sister Lois Lieberman (on the right) & her friend Brenda Halligan (on the left).

Rita (Shumsky) & Mel Schweitzer recently traveled to India & Canada.

            Rita & Mel at Amber Fort in Japipur, India.

                       In front of the Taj Mahal.

                       Sailing to the Caribbean in June.

                                Lake Louise in Canada.

           Riding the Rapids with the Fur Traders in Canada.


Get-together of September 19, 2006 at the Doughty's

Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Pat (Howard) Hart, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Ed Doughty, Connie Childs-Abdullah, Skip Mayall & Judy (Van Horn) Reilly (Class of '59) enjoyed a long evening together with lots of laughs.

                         Judy & Mary at the "bar".

                           Sue & Mary relax in the den.

                       Connie & Pat enjoy the festivities.

            Judy & Skip check out our old Herald yearbook.

                           Sue, Mary & Jane chat it up.

                        Jane & Ed hosted this get-together.

Old Friends

Joyce (Shenkman) Kean & Ellie (Backer) Miller recently got together in California when Joyce came to visit.




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