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Well, okay, '58'ers!   Countdown 4 was held in the banquet room of Stumpo's Italian Grill in Somers Point on June 22 & 23. 2007.   Friday night was a great time! The highlight was everyone forming a circle and singing "Happy Birthday" to 2 classmates --- and then singing the ACHS Alma Mater & the Fight song several times.  The same routine took place on Saturday night, which was just as much fun as Friday night.   Plus, Rita (Strumwasser) Twain read a very nice poem she had written as a tribute to Ed Doughty.

Friday Night of Countdown 4

Dorothy & Mitchell Cohen, Skip Mayall & Judy (Van Horn) Reilly.

Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Ed Doughty, Mary (Knapp) Tatum &

Barry (Leeds) Dulany.

        Step Souder, Mary (Knapp) Tatum & Charlie Costello.

     Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz with Sue (Nordheim) Sabol.

             Errol Browne, Ellis Peopples & Morris Murray.

Bob Subranni, Glen Riddle, Barry (Leeds) Dulany, Bobby Jean

(Scull) Sooy & Jane Riddle.

Annette (Horne) Pate, Landonia Richardson, Connie

Childs-Abdullah & Pat (Howard) Hart.


Morris Murray, Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Nancy Peeler, Ellis

Peopples, Jimmie Peeler & Charlyne (Williams) Monroe.

             Mitchell Cohen, Bob Subranni & Glen Riddle.

        Richard & Lynn (Gallagher) Silton & Bob Schwartz.

                     Jimmie Peeler & Rodger Mingo.

  Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy, Cathie (Tort) Kane & Larry Clofine.

      Ed Doughty, Barry (Leeds) Dulany & Step Souder.

Glen Riddle, Morris Murray, Jimmie Peeler, Nancy Peeler,

Landonia Richardson, Connie Childs-Abdullah, Charlyne

(Williams) Monroe & Errol Browne singing the ACHS Alma

Mater & Fight Song.

Bob Schwartz, Cathie (Tort) Kane, Barbara (Jackson) Brown,

Annette ((Horne) Pate, Barry (Leeds) Dulany, Sue (Nordheim)

Sabol & Mary (Knapp) Tatum.

              The crowd parties it up in the circle.

Rodger Mingo, Charlie Costello, Mitchell Cohen & Skip Mayall.

Judy (Van Horn) Reilly, Step Souder, Penny (Dunbar) Birnbaum,

Lynn (Gallagher) Silton, Richard Silton, Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy

& Judy (Amole) Schwartz.

                                The '58'ers pose for a group picture.

Luzanne (Baggs) & Alan Pierce in background. Richard Silton is

in foreground.

Richard Silton, Lynn (Gallagher) Silton, Judy (Amole) Schwartz,

Luzanne (Baggs) Pierce & Alan Pierce.

Skip Mayall, Mitchell Cohen, Charlyne (Williams) Monroe,

Rodger Mingo & Pat (Howard) Hart.

Jane Doughty, Jane Riddle, Judy (Van Horn) Reilly, Barry

(Leeds) Dulany, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Skip Mayall, Mary

(Knapp) Tatum & Glen Riddle.

                  Step Souder and Cathie (Tort) Kane.

   Jane Riddle, Charlyne (Williams) Monroe & Richard Silton.

                        Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz.

                           Glen Riddle & Barry (Leeds) Dulany.


                       Morris Murray

                   Errol Browne & Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy.

   Glen Riddle, Charlie Costello & Penny (Dunbar) Birnbaum.

Saturday Night of Countdown 4

(standing) Judy (Van Horn) Reilly, Skip Mayall & Jane Doughty.

(seated) Veronica & Morris Murray.

Jane Doughty passed out name tags at the door. Jane also chose

the menu and  ordered the food.  She did all the dealings with

Stumpo's Banquet Manager.

Carm (Colaianni) Beckner, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Barry (Leeds)

Dulany, Mary  (Knapp) Tatum & Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy.

Step Souder, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Chris (Young) Munafo,

Skip Mayall, Judy (Van Horn) Reilly & Phil Munafo.

Step Souder (, Barry Leeds (Treasurer), Ed Doughty

(President), Chris Young (Secretary) & Frank DiBianca

(Vice President) in 1957.

                   The same group of Officers 50 years later!

                   Jane Doughty & Sue (Nordheim) Sabol.

Jane Doughty, Rita (Strumwasser) Twain, Herb Kean, Paul &

Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz & Joyce (Shenkman) Kean.

Step Souder, Ben & Barbara Whitehurst, Morris Murray, Ron

Dunn, Charlyne  (Williams) Monroe, Annette (Horne) Pate &

Errol Browne.

Carm (Colaianni) Beckner, Kathy Gaffney Judy (Van Horn)

Reilly, Mary (Knapp)  Tatum, Chris (Young) & Phil Munafo.

Paul Longo, Dabney Beckner, Bobby Juan (Scull) Sooy, George

Sabol & Sue (Nordheim) Sabol.

                       Al Schlienger & Jane Doughty.

                  Errol Browne & Joyce (Shenkman) Kean.

Lisa & Ellis Peopples, Landonia Richardson, Annette (Horne)

Pate & Ben Whitehurst.

          Chris (Young) & Phil Munafo with Kathy Gaffney.

Jane Riddle, Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Barry (Leeds) Dulany, Sue

(Nordheim) Sabol & Carm (Colaianni) Beckner.

    Ellis Peopples, Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy & Frank DiBianca.

Annette (Horne) Pate, Landonia Richardson & Nancy Feyl Bird.

               Al Schlienger, Paul & Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz.

                            Sue (Nordheim) & George Sabol.

                    Ed Doughty & Nancy (Feyl) Bird.

            Errol Browne & Charlyne (Williams) Monroe.

  Joyce (Shenkman) Kean, Paul Longo, Rodger Mingo & Jane


             The crowd forms a circle to sing the Alma Mater & the Fight Song.

                                     The crowd had a great time!

                                   The crowd really got into the singing!

Barry (Leeds) Dulany & Charlyne (Williams) Monroe led the cheers.

Rita (Strumwasser) Twain in the center) read a poem she had written to pay tribute

to Ed Doughty.

Rita Strumwasser Twain wrote this poem. To read Rita's poem

                                        It was another "feel good" night!

                                          The '58'ers pose for some pictures.

                                  Herb Kean relaxes.

                 Step Souder & Rita (Strumwasser) Twain.

 Phil Munafo, Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Veronica Murray & Barry

(Leeds) Dulany.

Paul Longo, Dabney Beckner, Rodger Mingo, Morris Murray

& Ellis Peopples.

Kathy Gaffney, Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy, Skip Mayall, Ken

Moyer & Charlyne (Williams) Monroe.

            Ed Doughty & Ron Dunn.

Charlyne (Williams) Monroe & Ron Dunn



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