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A Trip to South Africa


Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane are now in South Africa to celebrate their 30th                             

Anniversary.  The above pic was taken in Cape Town.  Cathie says,

"We are now going on safari in Krugar Park and then to Botswana.                    Botswana.chobe park.  Hundreds of elephants at a water hole.
We added the Botswana part because of the picture you posted of Joan

(Leeds) Graviss when she was there. She gave me lots of ideas." Cathie

and Ed's trip took place in October of 2010.



A Great-Grandson


Abbie Marder Banks: "Here is a pic of me and my great grandson

- Owen Wyatte Peterson.  He is a week and a half old in the photo.

Has a head of hair and we spiked it."  This pic was taken on Oct. 7,

2010 In Bowie, MD where Abbie went to help with the baby.



Celebrate Your 70th Birthday with a Trip to England!


Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz in Merry Old England.   Judy said, "We stayed at the Oriental Club

in London and had a great time!"   They were celebrating Judy's 70th Birthday (September 7th).

They left for England on September 15 and returned home on October 1, 2010.



                      Here's Judy in front of Leeds Castle in Kent.



   And here is Judy in front of the reflecting pool at the Victoria and Albert

Museum in London.  Bob & Judy had quite a trip!



Dinner Out with Old Friends


Bob Somers, Ed & Jane Doughty and Dolly (Eastburne) Somers (ACHS '59) having dinner at

Caroline's in Somers Point on October 9, 2010.   Bob & Ed have been good friends since 1st Grade.



Wedding Bells


Naomi (Steelman) Van Dyke's son, Rick, married his new wife,

Randa, on October 4, 2010 in Lakeland, Florida --- near Orlando.


Here is Naomi with her son, Rick, and his 7 year old son, Barrett.


Here is Randa with her 20 month old son, Luke, and

Rick with his son,  Barrett.


And here is Naomi (the mother of the groom) with her partner, Wayne Purul.



One More 70th Birthday


Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer celebrated her 70th Birthday on September 20, 2010.

(Standing L to R) Son-in-law Tom, grandsons TJ & Michael and daughter Wendy.

Seated: Rita, husband Mel and grandson Jake.  A nice family dinner party!



Trip to Canada


Herb & Joyce (Shenkman) Kean in Banff, Canada in

August, 2010.  Dig that beautiful building!



Another 70th Birthday


Joyce (Shenkman) Kean celebrated her 70th Birthday at Steve & Cookie's Restaurant in Margate

on July 22, 2010.  Here is Joyce with her husband, Herb, and their 2 grandsons, Jake & Sammy.



Here is part of Joyce's family on top of Lucy the Elephant in Margate during her birthday week.

(L to R): Her son, John, Joyce,  grandson Sammy, her son-in-law, John and her daughter, Nancy.



High School Sweethearts - October 2, 2010


Butch Friedman & Ellie (Backer) Miller who dated back at ACHS recently got together.  Ellie's

husband, Rip, said " Butch Friedman spent the day with Ellie and me (at our house in Sonoma County)

yesterday while visiting one of his daughters in Marin County.  Butch and I played 18 holes in Windsor

(without Ellie), enjoyed a bottle of wine afterwards and then Butch and Ellie had a great California visit."



A Photography Gang Visits Arizona & Utah


Chick Lehrer:  "Well, for the past 4 months Nancy and her photographer friends have been planning a trip out to Utah

and Arizona to photograph  Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and, most of all, the wonders around Lake Powell in

Page, AZ (The Wave, Slot Canyon and the like). So I decided to join them, primarily because I heard that Hoppy

and the Boys are out there."   Here are Mike, Suzanne, Chick & Nancy Lehrer, Connie & Jerry in Utah.



Riding Horses


Marci (Myers) Markey:  My grandson Alex and his mom, my oldest daughter Jennifer, on horses they ride at

 shows, events and fox hunting.   Jennie has come back to riding after many years absent.  In grade school and

high school she won hundreds of ribbons and hunted every year.  Alex has taken to it like his mom, his

grandmother and his great grandfather. He's been riding about 2 years now and has already won ribbons at shows

and events.




Flying in a Biplane Over Absecon Island - August 30, 2010


Judy (Amole) and Bob Schwartz next to a 1940 ( a very good year) vintage Waco biplane.  The

plane flew from the Ocean City Municipal Airport and they went along the beach to the north end

of Atlantic City (see below).


   Looking down upon Atlantic City --- where we all went to high school!



African Safari ( July 30 to August 20, 2010)


Joan (Leeds) Graviss recently went on an African Safari.

Here she is in a village in Zimbabwe with a young villager.



Birding in Utah - August, 2010


Abbie (Marder) Banks -"I just returned from 8 days on a birding trip with a gal friend. We were

birding in Utah and had a great time. We sighted 151 species of birds and I had 32 lifers (new birds).

The scenery was breath taking."  



Irish Night at the Ocean City Yacht Club - August 14, 2010


Three '58'ers were on hand for this festive event: Cathie (Tort) Kane, Ed Doughty and Judy (Amole)

Schwartz.  There were 2 Irish bands, a team of Irish dancing girls, plenty of food & drinks and dancing

for everyone.   Ed even won a prize for the Best Hat!



Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz and Judge Mike & Brooke (Amole) Connor.  Brooke is Judy's

younger sister.  Mike is a Superior Court Judge in Atlantic County.



                                           Ed & Jane Doughty



                                      Ed & Cathie (Tort) Kane



Classmates' August Dinner Party - August 7, 2010


Mary (Knapp) Tatum had flown into town from Arizona and Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton had

flown in from California --- so a bunch of classmates decided to have a dinner party at East Bay

Crab & Grill.  Fifteen people attended--- including eight '58'ers.  We all sat at a long table (above).

It was a real fun night as the crowd enjoyed delicious meals, took pictures, told jokes, caught up on

news and just enjoyed being with old friends.



Carm (Colaianni) Beckner, Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Sue (Nordheim) & George Sabol.



  Jimmie & Nancy Peeler had driven down from Cherry Hill for the occasion.



                          Skip Mayall & Judy (Van Horn) Reilly, '59



                                 Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton



                                Jerry & Barbara (Katz) Gordon



                                 Dabney Beckner, ACHS '59



                                        Jane & Ed Doughty



        Our waitress, Bridget, took everyone's order and gave us great service.



                            Ed Doughty told a number of jokes.


   The dinner party ran for over 3 1/4 hours and a good time was had by all!



Carm (Colaianni) Beckner holds a "birthday ice cream" as three '58'ers celebrated their 70th

Birthdays this month.  The other two were Barbara (Katz) Gordon & Jimmie Peeler.  Sitting next to

Carm were Mary (Knapp) Tatum and Sue (Nordheim) Sabol.    It was an enjoyable night!



Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Skip Mayall and Carm

(Colaianni) Beckner clowning around as the party broke up.  Skip was still

using a walker so Sue decided to ride on the front of it.  Oh those '58'ers!



Dinner with an Old Friend

On July 27, 2010 Denny Whitworth came to town for the funeral of one of his sisters a couple days

later.  That night he joined Ed & Jane Doughty and Grace Whitehead & Bob Subranni for dinner at

Caroline's in Somers Point.  Denny was a member of our class but he left town after our Junior Year.

Denny also attended Granville Avenue School in Margate for most of our grade school years.

I (Ed) had not seen Denny for over 30 years!  Denny now resides in Ft. Myers, Florida with his

wife, Nancy.


Bob Subranni, Ed Doughty and Denny Whitworth --- old friends since grade school!



Celebrating Their 5oth Anniversary in Egypt


Barbara (Katz) & Jerry Gordon celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary

by taking a trip to Egypt from June 25 to July 5, 2010.   Here they are at

the old Winter Palace in Luxor.



                             Happy 50th Anniversary to a great couple!



A Tribute to Luzanne

Hello All:  Rich, Sara and I thought you'd like to share our July 4th tribute

to Luzanne. We have planted this very lovely willow tree to remember her

in her own backyard next to her raspberrys. There is also a "time capsule"

at the roots with a record of our family, events at this time in the world,

and family photos. The tree will grow tall and proud, as was Luzanne in life. 

Please keep in touch!  Al, Richard and Sara.



In the Bahamas


Tony and Dianna Silvagni in Port Lucaya, Bahamas the weekend of July 2-4, 2010.



50th Anniversary Cruise to Alaska


Jerry & Simone (Bailey) Levine recently took a cruise to Alaska with a number of family members

to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary!   Back row: our son, Jeff; his wife, Katariina;

our daughter, Julie; and us, the 50th Anniversary couple.   Front row:: Jeff & Katariina's sons,

Daniel, 9, and Alec, 7; and Julie and Michael's son, Jayce (rhymes with ace), 13.  The cruise ran

from June 25 to July 2, 2010 --- but their actual anniversary is in the fall of 2010.




Here is the happy couple --- Simone (a/k/a Shirley) & Jerry --- just

together.  Congratulations to a couple of '58'ers who have had a

great & long marriage!



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