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   I usually place the newest ones at the top of the page.  Keep sending in those pics, Gang!


Trip of a Lifetime


Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane hiking through Bhuton in September, 2009 after their trip to

India.   What an experience!  It was "the trip of a lifetime", Cathie said.


Trip to India and More


Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane were in India during September, 2009.   Then they went on

to Bhuton.  Cathie is another one of our big class travelers.



Tennis Fans


Since 1976, Jill Kross, Lynne Salus and Carm (Colaianni) Beckner have been meeting at the U.S.

Open. They have only missed 1 year in the last 33. Jill, Carm and Lynne are best friends and look 
forward to spending a few days together in NY at the U.S. Open every year.  Here they are in 2009.                            


A Classmate Who Loves France

Rodger Mingo stopped by on September 5, 2009 to drop off some pics from

his recent trip to France --- a country he loves!



Here is Rodger with a French Veteran of WWII outside of a cafe near the

Normandy beaches. The Vet sits there most days wearing his WWII medals.



       Rodger in a patisserie (a bakery for pastries) in the town of Evreux.



                Rodger & Sandy Mingo with their Citroen auto on the way to

Granville, France in August, 2009.  Rodger & Sandy have 6 grown children.  


Ride a Mustang


Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz:  We went to the air show at the Cape May County Airport today

and here are pictures of us before Bob went up in the WW II P51 Mustang.  Bob had a great time

and flew up to Brigantine along the beach and down to the Delaware Bay.  - Sept. 4, 2009.



                              Up, up --- and away!   



Throwing Out the First Pitch


Here is a picture of me throwing out the first pitch at a Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

(triple A) baseball game. I got some coaching from "Hot Diggity Dog" standing

nearby. It was a strike. Comments so far include "nice form, nice pitch and nice

legs".  - Mike Miller (a Margate Kid).       



Late August Party with Eleven '58'ers - August 21, 2009

Back row: Nancy (Shute) Gersh, Chris (Young) Munafo, George Lonkart, Ed Doughty & Jimmie

Peeler.  Frony row: Dale (Giberson) Lonkart, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Carm (Colaianni) Beckner,

Cathie (Tort) Kane, Mary (Knapp) Tatum & Judy (Amole) Schwartz.  The party was held at the

home of Ed & Jane Doughty on August 21, 2009.  The party rocked until after midnight --- quite

a feat for a bunch of old people!


Back Row: Nancy (Shute) Gersh, Chris (Young) Munafo, Bob Schwartz, Ed Doughty, Nancy

Peeler, Jimmie Peeler, Ed Kane, Phil Munafo & Al Gersh.  Frint row: Dale (Giberson) Lonkart,

Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Carm (Colaianni) Beckner, Cathie (Tort) Kane, Mary (Knapp) Tatum &

Judy (Amole) Schwartz.


Back row: Dale (Giberson) Lonkart, Nancy (Shute) Gersh, George Lonkart, Chris (Young) Munafo,

Ed Doughty, Carm (Colaianni) Beckner, Judy (Amole) Schwartz & Jimmie Peeler.   Front Row: Jane

Doughty, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Cathie (Tort) Kane & Mary (Knapp) Tatum.


           Al Gersh, Jimmie & Nancy Peeler & Chris (Young) Munafo.


            Dale (Giberson) Lonkart, Bob Schwartz & George Lonkart.


      Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Nancy (Shute) Gersh & Mary (Knapp) Tatum.


    Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Carm (Colaianni) Beckner & Cathie (Tort) Kane.


Singing the Alma Mater & the ACHS Fight song: Carm (Colaianni) Beckner,

Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Jimmie Peeler & Cathie (Tort) Kane.


Singing the Songs: George Lonkart, Ed Doughty & Carm (Colaianni) Beckner).


  Cathie (Tort) Kane, George Lonkart, Dale (Giberson) Lonkart & Chris

(Young) Munafo.




August Dinner Party for Four '58'ers

Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton came in from California and rented a house in Margate for 2 weeks.

On August 12th they had a fun dinner party for the '58'ers above.  Pictured here are Judy (Amole)

Schwartz, Lynn (Gallagher) Silton, Cathie (Tort) Kane, Ed Doughty, Bob Schwartz, Ed Kane and

Rich Silton.   Jane Doughty was the camera person.


August Dinner Party for Five '58'ers

Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz threw an outdoor dinner party for five '58'ers on August 5, 2009 at

their Ocean City bay front home.  Pictured here are Judy Reilly ('59), Lynn (Gallagher) Silton

(visiting from California) and Nancy (Shute) Gersh.


            Above are Skip Mayall, Rich Silton & Jane Doughty.


  Host & hostess, Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz and Ed Doughty.  The parties continue!


Night in Venice in Ocean City

Every year Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane throw a Night in Venice party for about 200 friends.  This year

(July 25, 2009) five ACHS '58'ers were among the guests.  Pictured above are Cathie (Tort) Kane,

Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Skip Mayall (seated), Ed Doughty and Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy.


Here are Judy (Van Horn) Reilly ) (ACHS '59), Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz,

Jane Doughty and Skip Mayall seated at a table overlooking the Bay.


   The Hostess & Host: Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane.


A 4th of July Beachparty


Abbie (Marder) Banks at a 4th of July beachparty at Nokomis

Beach in Florida playing with her djembe drum.  Lots of people

were playing drums.


           The beachparty included a good belly dancer!



            And, of course, there were beautiful fireworks!


Let's Cruise to Bermuda


Dave Pincus, his wife Millie, their daughter Beth & her husband Patrick

enjoyed a cruise to the beautiful island of Bermuda in 2007.


  Here are Dave & Millie's 4 grandsons --- Nicholas, Alexander & Austen.

  This pic was taken 4 years ago.


Let's Go to Alaska!


Ellen (Freet) Greenspan:   I went AWOL from the brutal summer heat here in

Las Vegas and headed for Alaska.  That's me aboard ship leaving Seattle

(still warm-ish, still in a t-shirt).  



Here is my grandson and me closing in on a glacier (traded t-shirt for sweatshirt, gloves and parka).



Next is the tale of the tail of a whale - actually many whales; we saw 11 of

them one day.  They are so beautiful, such fun.


Here is our son Scott with cell phone glued to his ear at Buschart Gardens

in Victoria.  We loved Juneau, especially the majestic eagles soaring all over

the place, and we waved to Sarah Palin's house as we drove past it. I think

we might have spotted her hanging out laundry in her back yard.  Well,

maybe not. I thought about "jumping ship" in the wonderful little town of

Skagway with its 700, or so, residents.  It was a great trip!


Saturday Night Dinner at Berkshire Grill

Step Souder was in town --- so that called for a dinner out.  Here are Ed & Jane Doughty, Step

Souder, Judy Reilly & Skip Mayall enjoying good dinners at the Berkshire Grill on June 27, 2009.


Skip, Judy, Step & Jane back at the Doughty's house after dinner for nightcaps.


Barbecue in Ocean City


Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Ed Doughty & Skip Mayall at a barbecue hosted by

Judy & her husband, Bob, at their summer home in Ocean City on June 19, 2009.


        Ed Doughty, Judy Reilly & Bob Schwartz on Bob's very cool boat.



Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz, Judy Reilly, Skip Mayall & Jane Doughty

enjoy barbecued steaks &  sausage with Cole slaw, macaroni salad & coffee

cake. It was a fun evening on a nice night.


Let's Do China!


Some shots from tour of China Last of April to May 6, 2009: We visited Shanghai at the "Bund"; Beijing in Tean'anmen Square/Forbidden City, Bird Cage, Old Summer Palace; Xi'an- Terra Cotta Soldiers and on City Wall; Guilin (home of Flying Tigers of pre WWII fame) River Li boat ride through Karst Mountains and the Rice paddies; Hong-Kong- Rickshaw during my 1960 visit while in the USMC and in 2009; Port of Hong Kong and Victoria Peak 1960 Photo and 2009 Photo.and boat ride in Aberdeen by floating restaurant "Jumbo".        - Jack & Marcie McAvaddy



                              Jack & Marcie McAvaddy in China.



                                        Jack & Marcie had a great trip!



                                 Jack McAvaddy on the Great Wall of China. 



Another Traveling Couple


Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz at the HoChiMin mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam.



                              Judy & Bob in Bankok, Thailand.



                                   Judy & Bob in Egypt in front of a pyramid.



                                  Bob & Judy in front of the Sphinx in Egypt.    


Deep Sea Diver


Here is Irv Tannenbaum in a photo taken 5 days before an earthquake hit the

island of Roatan, Honduras.  Irv has been diving in waters all over the world.



                      Irv also likes to eat lobsters while they are still alive.


Camel Jockeys in Jordan


Dianna & Tony Silvagni in Petra, Jordan on a recent business trip.  


Trip to Ireland, England & Israel


Rich & Lynn (Gallagher) Silton with the Dead Sea in the background are in Masada, Israel, where the

Jews, according to the ancient historian, Josephus, made a last stand against the Romans and when they

saw all was lost, all committed suicide.  It's Israel's "Alamo' story".  The view is terrific!



Rich & Lynn in front of the redone Castle-Hotel, where they stayed.

  It is near Donegal,  Ireland.



Rich & Lynn under the Soup Kitchen building in Spittlefields, England.  It was a slum

where poor Jews came and then often saved to come to America. The Irish came

through during the famine, (1850's) the guide told us, to find passage to America.



Class of '58 Authors


Steffi (Friss) Rosky & Sandi (Harvey) Bloomberg got together in Boca Raton, FL in March of 2009

to discuss their new books: Steffi's "Kiss & Tell" and Sandi's "Ava & the Magic Tutu".  Both their

books are now available at   Buy "Ava & the Magic Tutu" for your grandkids.  But

"Kiss & Tell" is a book for single women and men about dating—stories, advice, anecdotes and

do’s and don’ts to meet the guy or gal of your dreams.


Riding in a Bangkok Taxi!


Luzanne (Baggs) Pierce says: " This is our son, Richard, Kathy (our daughter-in-law), Al and me in a

taxi on our way to dinner in Bangkok in April of 2009.  We are now recovering from jet lag and

savoring the memories of our wonderful Asian journey."


Old Friends Get Together

Al & Luzanne (Baggs) Pierce visited Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton in Palo Alto, CA. on their way

back from their trip to Asia.   Here the foursome is pictured next to the Golden Gate Bridge in April,



Out for Dinner on St. Patty's Day!


Ed & Jane Doughty were joined by Skip Mayall & Judy Reilly for dinner at the Berkshire Grill in

English Creek on St. Patty's Day, March 17, 2009.                      



Luzanne (Baggs) Pierce sent in this pic showing her daughter, Sara Pierce,

herself and Adele Gignoux, one of her oldest friends from Vassar.   The pic

was taken at a Pierce friends & family reunion in Newton, Mass. on March

7th, 2009.


Trip to Tanzania


Rita (Shumsky) & Mel Schweitzer on their trip to Tanzania in

December '08.  "We had a great time seeing the animals and

visiting a wonderful country!", said Rita.



                     Just a couple of female Lions.



                          And a pair of Zebras.


                           The King of the Jungle



                  Mom & Baby Elephants out for a stroll.


"Right now we are in Boca Raton, Florida keeping warm.  We have visited lots

of family and friends including Sandi (Harvey) and Jerry Bloomberg (above)."

Rita added, " Looking forward to seeing you in June" (referring to Countdown 5).


Local Hospital Reception in Florida

This is at a Shore Memorial Hospital of Somers Point, NJ reception in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

 4 ACHS members were there: Ronnie Glenn, Cathie Tort Kane, Judy Amole Schwartz and Bob Schwartz.


A Tribute to a Classmate

I went to Our Lady Star of the Sea, ACHS, and Trenton State College with Jackie Kartzmark. She and her parents were refugees from war-torn Germany, and came to the US around 1950. That was the Jackie who entered Sister Joseph's 5th grade at OLSS with Jeanette Norton, Stella M'Lady,  and me. This is our graduation pic from OLSS in 1954: Jackie is in the 3rd row, 2nd from the right. Stella and Jeanette can be seen on the left. Hard to believe Jackie is gone: she was the nicest kid.

Chick Lehrer


Family Portrait

Cathie Tort Kane's Family. Every one of our children

are here except Johnny from California.


Another New Year's Eve Down South


From Cathie Tort Kane.


New Year's Eve Down South


Abbie Marder & Don Rippeon spent New Year's at the Englewood Elk's

Lodge dancing to all of  their old favorite songs.  



                       Abbie found a novel way to wear her Hawaiian leis!


New Year's Eve - 2008


Jane & Ed Doughty had dinner with Judy Reilly & Skip Mayall at East Bay

Crab & Grilll on New Year's Eve, 2008.  Happy New Year to all to you

'58'ers!!!    Let's hope for a great 2009!           


Holiday Dinner

Barbara Katz Gordon, Ed & Jane Doughty and Jerry Gordon had hors

d'oeuvres & drinks at the Gordon's followed by dinner at Fedeli's Restaurant

in Margate on December 29, 2008.


Home for the Holidays!

Ed, Chris, Sue, Ed & Jane Doughty had dinner at Rifici's Restaurant on

December 20, 2008 shortly after the 3 "kids" drove up from Charlotte, NC

to spend the holidays with Mom & Dad.


A Large Family, Indeed!

Mike Miller (in dark blue shirt) with his wife (on his right), 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law & 5

grandchildren in Avalon during the Summer of 2008.


   Mike Miller & his wife, Linda, on the beach in Avalon.


Dining Out with Classmates

Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz and Jane & Ed Doughty at Carrabba's

Restaurant on November 21, 2008.


Ed & Jane Doughty and Laura (Wilkinsky) & Paul Zatz at Rifici's Restaurant

on November 19, 2008. Laura & Paul were up here from Florida visiting

various friends & relatives.


Visiting Canada & Maine

Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz enjoy some tasty seafood during their visit to

Maine in November of 2008.



Judy & Bob ride in a horse drawn buggy in Quebec, Canada--- a nice way to sightsee!


From New Jersey to California

Cathie (Tort) Kane traveled from New Jersey to California to visit Lynn

(Gallagher) Silton in Palo  Alto, CA for dinner on November 11, 2008.


                      Lynn, Cathie's son, John & Cathie at Lynn's house.


Greece, Turkey & Egypt

Laura (Wilkinsky) & Paul Zatz recently flew to Athens, Greece where they

visited George Peppas.   They then cruised to Turkey & Egypt & flew home.

The above pic was taken in a museum in Athens.



            Here are Laura & Paul in Giza, Egypt near the great pyramids.


Princeton-Harvard Football Weekend - October, 2008

Four '58'ers & others met at Princeton for the Princeton-Harvard Football Weekend (October 24 &

25, 2008).  The 5 couples had dinner Saturday night in the Hyatt-Regency's Crystal Garden Room.

Here are Skip Mayall, Lynne (Detweiler) Bowersock, Ed Doughty & Judy (Amole) Schwartz. It was

a real fun weekend!


                         Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz (Class of '57)


                    Judy (Van Horn) Reilly (Class of '59) & Skip Mayall


                           Betty (Class of '62) & Ken Hall (Class of '56)


                            Lynne (Detweiler) & Bill Bowersock


                                           Jane & Ed Doughty


Hangin' Out in Croatia


Here is Steffi Friss Rosky on the outskirts of Dubrovnik,

Croatia atop a ruin --- it was scary to look down! 


Here are Steffi & Lee Rosky atop the city walls in Dubrovnik.

The Hidden Creek Country Club

On Saturday night (Sept. 20, 2008) three '58'ers & their spouses & dates gathered at the Hidden

Creek Country Club in Hamilton Township for a delicious dinner and a lot of laughs.  Above are:

Ed Doughty, Judy (Van Horn) Reilly ('59), Bob Schwartz ('57), Jane Doughty, Skip Mayall &

Judy (Amole) Schwartz.


               '58'ers Skip Mayall, Judy (Amole) Schwartz & Ed Doughty.


After dinner at the country club, the group adjourned to the Doughty's house

for nightcaps.   It was a fun night!


Hiking in the Dome Wilderness

Mark Hyman loves to hike.  Here he us hiking in the Dome

Wilderness near Bandeleer National Monument in New Mexico.



Another location where Mark enjoys hiking is in the Lava Tubes Area near Grants, New Mexico.

It is a 20 mile by 10 mile lava flow.

After a Jimmy Buffett Concert

Charlie Costello met up with Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane

after a Jimmy Buffett Concert a week or so after our 50th

Reunion. Charlie was working backstage.





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