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2011 PICS - 1st half


This page features pics received during the 1st half of 2011--- but not necessarily taken during that period.  Once again the newest pics will usually appear at the top of this page.   Our Class of '58 Website (actually 3 websites) has now been running since September of 2003 and holds over 1900 pictures.   We have a class that wanted to get back together --- and we did!   Most classes have reunions every 5 or 10 years.   But we also have had Countdown Weekends (off-year reunions) --- classmate dinner parties --- mini-reunions in different parts of the country --- our own website --- and periodic updates of news items of interest to our class. What a class!



Vikings Forever!


Marcie & Jack McAvaddy (on the right) visited Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Goteburg

and Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia , starting on June 4, 2011.

Here they are at a Viking Museum in Oslo, Norway.   They kinda like to travel.



Ever Been to Albania?

    Joan (Leeds) Graviss visited Butrint, Albania in June, 2011.  Why?    Because it was there!

Joan really loves to travel!

Butrint is an ancient archeological site dating from Greek times thru the Ottoman Empire in southwest

Albania along the Adriatic Sea.   Joan also visited Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and several islands.



Dinner at Ram's Head Inn


On June 17, 2011 Blanche (Bunting) Stanford, Connie Childs-Abdullah and Pat (Howard) Hart

took Ed & Jane Doughty out to dinner at Ram's Head Inn.   Before dinner the group sat at the Piano

Bar while a really good piano player played and sang some great songs.



Then Ed, Jane, Blanche, Pat and Connie enjoyed a delicious meal in a first class atmosphere!  It was

an enjoyable evening!



Favorite Pet


Here is Mark Hyman riding his "favorite pet" on a recent visit to Fort Worth,

Texas.   We wouldn't "steer" you wrong!



We'll Meet You for Lunch


Janet (Miller) Rosenthal & Jimmy Habern drove up from Virginia on May 15, 2011 and met Ed &

Jane Doughty for lunch at East Bay Crab & Grill.   It was a good time to catch up on news.



May Dinner Party for Five '58'ers - 2011


Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton were in town from California --- so it was a good excuse to throw a

dinner party!   We all met at East Bay Crab & Grill on May 14, 2011 for a fun evening.  On the left

are Skip Mayall, Bob Schwartz ('57), Nancy (Shute) Gersh, Lynn (Gallagher) Silton & Alan Gersh. 

On the right are Judy Reilly ('59), Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Ed & Jane Doughty and Rich Silton. Let

the good times roll!    '58'ers love to party!



Skip Mayall, Bob Schwartz, Nancy (Shute) Gersh and Lynn (Gallagher) Silton.



                    Judy (Amole) Schwartz & Judy (Van Horn) Reilly.



                                    Rich Silton & Jane Doughty.



                              Lynn (Gallagher) Silton & Alan Gersh.



                                           Jane & Ed Doughty



Celebrities Galore!

Herb & Joyce (Shenkman) Kean with Oprah Winfrey and another couple in 2005.



Another Pic with a Celebrity


Rodger Mingo with a co-worker and Chuck Yeager, famous WWII fighter ace, test pilot and the

first man to break the 'sound barrier' and fly faster than the speed of sound.  Pic taken in '85 or '86.



Pic with a Really Famous Celebrity


Sandi Harvey - "Here is an 'oldie' celebrity photo with me and Cary Grant

taken backstage at Radio City Music Hall when I was a Rockette back in

1962. I am next to him.  Later he kissed me on the cheek."



Pic with a Famous Conductor


Chick Lehrer - "That's me (in the glasses) on the right playing oboe and Ferde Grofe

conducting his famous Grand Canyon Suite at Trenton State College back in 1959."



More Celebrity Pics


Top - Jay McCracken with Jerry West & and a couple Los Angeles Laker gals.  Bottom - Jay

McCracken with Chuck Tanner, Gene Autry and Reggie Jackson.  These pics were taken a

couple years ago but Jay wanted us to know that he hobnobs with celebrities, too.



A Pic with a Celebrity

Cathie (Tort) Kane chatted it up with Ben Stein (an American actor, writer, lawyer, and commentator

on political and economic issues) at a brunch to support Shore Memorial Hospital in late April, 2011.



A Classmate with a Great Grandchild!


Abbie Marder Banks: "My great grandson, Owen, his mom Madelaine (from Maryland) 

and me at the Nokomis Drum Circle on Casey Key in Florida.  Grandson, Justin, the daddy,

is taking the picture."




Relaxing in Cancun, Mexico


Florence (Carr) & Sterling Schoonover vacationed in Cancun April 4-14, 2011.



                                Sterling & Florence dine on a boat.



                    "I hope these parrots are potty-trained!"



Hiking in the White Tank Mountains

Butch Friedman & Lou Vilensky were hiking in the White Tank

Mountains in Arizona in late March, 2011.  Just a couple of jocks!



Wedding at the Maritime Museum on Long Beach Island


On March 20, 2011 Naomi Steelman Van Dyke married Wayne Purul.   In this pic

"we poured different colored sand into a heart shaped bottle showing that just as the

grains of sand can't be separated, neither could we --- really nice"



St. Patty's Day Dinner Party


On March 17, 2011 (St. Patty's Day) four '58'ers gathered at East Bay Crab & Grill for great

dinners and a lot of laughs.  They were there to celebrate St. Patty's Day and Ed Doughty's 71st

birthday.  On the left: Ellis & Lisa Peopples and Nancy & Jimmie Peeler.  On the right: Skip Mayall

& Judy Reilly and Ed & Jane Doughty.    It was a fun night!



                                        Nancy & Jimmie Peeler



                                     Judy Reilly ('59) & Skip Mayall



                                         Ellis & Lisa Peopples



                                           Jane & Ed Doughty



Just a Dancin' Fool!


Chick Lehrer: " Nancy and I attended Thousand Oaks' Mardi Gras Ball last

evening (Feb. 19, 2011).  The band was super hot, and, of course, Nancy

and I danced every dance --- 2 and a half hours in all!"



                             Chick & Nancy Lehrer swung out & had a ball!



Getting Engaged - February, 2011


Wayne Purul asked Naomi (Steelman) Van Dyke to marry him recently.  He popped the question &

broke out the ring during a dinner at Ram's Head Inn.  The couple is planning a June 4th wedding.

Naomi says, "I can't remember being as happy as I am right now!"   Congratulations!



More New Year's Eve Fun


Abbie (Marder) Banks: "Don Rippeon and I spent New Years with friends at

the Englewood Elk's Lodge in Englewood, Florida. We had a blast and the band

leader invited me and a friend up to play our African drums for a set. Lots of fun!!"



A City for All Seasons


The Margate City Beach on Exeter Avenue

during the Summer of 2010.                                                                               The same beach in December of 2010. Both pics were

                                                                                                                                           submitted by Steve Kalish.



A New Year's Disney Cruise with the Entire Family!


Ed & Cathie (Tort) Kane (in the center) took a Disney Cruise for New Year's with their entire extended

family!  The cruise was from December 29, 2010 to January 3, 2011.



      Cathie (Tort) Kane with a grandchild and Minnie Mouse.  Cathie said it was a great trip!



Another 50th Anniversary


Sandi (Harvey) and Jerry Bloomberg celebrating their 50th

anniversary with sons Ronny, Lee and Michael.  Their

anniversary was on December 18, 2010 and this picture was

taken at a Long Island restaurant called "Four".



Let's Visit Sicily

Abbie (Marder) Banks in a little sea side town in Sicily in November, 2010.


Abbie is standing in the ruins of a Greco Roman theater in Sicily.


        Abbie & Don Rippeon are in a little cafe in Palermo.



Visiting the Grandkids!

Betty (Barker) & Joe O'Connor visited their grandkids in Dallas, Texas in

December, 2010.  The  grandkids above are Reagan (6), Connor (8) and

Audrey (4).  Good lookin' kids!



Dinner Out in November

On November 13, 2010 some '58'ers got together for dinner at East Bay Crab & Grill.  On the left

are Judy (Van Horn) Reilly ('59), Bob Schwartz ('57) & Jane Doughty.  On the right are Ed Doughty,

Judy (Amole) Schwartz & Skip Mayall --- all '58'ers!   It was a good time!



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