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2011 Pics - 2nd half


    This page features pics received during the 2nd half of 2011 but not necessarily taken during that time period.  Once again the most recently received pics will usually be posted on the top of this page.   We now have close to 2000 pictures on our 3 class websites.   For all of you '58'ers who have submitted pics we thank you once again.   Keep sending in those pics, Gang!    We are the Great Class of '58!




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Charlie Costello's Daughter's Family

Alex, Shana, Darlene (Charlie's daughter), Mike Hall (her husband),

Carolanne and Mike, Jr. on July 5, 2011.


Family Reunion

Anne (Dunn) & Lee Herndon's family had a reunion in Annapolis, MD (where Anne & Lee reside)

last summer (2011).  L to R: son Jim & his wife, Erin, who came in from Dallas, TX; daughter Laura,

her husband George & Alistair (age 3) from Mt. Airy, MD; Lee & Anne; and son Mike, his wife,

Carter, and their kids Archer (age 6) and Olive (age 3) who all came in from Charlotte, NC.



Anne is also part of a senior tap dancing group in Annapolis.  Anne is in the front row, 2nd from the right.


Clowning Around


This '58'er goes to hospitals, schools, etc to entertain children.   He is a member of the Lake County

Shrine Clown Unit. It takes him about 1 hr to put the make-up on.   Do you know who it is?

(for the answer --- scroll to the bottom of this page)



'58'ers Holiday Dinner Party - Dec. 17, 2011


 A week before Christmas a dozen '58'ers & partners gathered at East Bay for an evening of drinks,

delicious meals (8 of the 12 had great prime rib dinners), jokes, catching up on news, the traditional

singing of our ACHS Fight Song & Alma Mater --- and just being with old friends.



        Jane Doughty, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol & Carm (Colaianni) Beckner.



  Dabney Beckner, ACHS '59, George Sabol & Toni (Knapp) Todd (Mary's sister), ACHS '57.



                                      Jimmie & Nancy Peeler



Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Mary (Knapp) Tatum & Carm (Colaianni) Beckner. ]



Toni (Knapp) Todd '57, Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Judy (Van Horn) Reilly '59 & Skip Mayall.



                                           Ed & Jane Doughty




Visiting the Emerald Isle 


Lynne (Detweiler) and Bill Bowersock took a trip to Ireland in

December, 2011.  The pic above shows Lynne standing at the

Spanish Arch in Galway, Ireland.  Lynne says, " It was built a bit

before my time. 1584!!!  Bill and I so enjoyed our adventure.

The Irish people are so friendly and the country is beautiful. 

Yes, it is very green!"


                      Sex Monger Santa


Abbie (Marder) Banks tells us, "Eighty degrees and poor Santa was sweatin' up

a storm here in Florida. This pic was taken at a Holiday Open house at a place

where I have some jewelry I make. Was Santa more interested in my boobs?"


Backstage on Broadway

Sandi (Harvey) Bloomberg tells us, " Jerry and I went backstage to meet Hugh

Jackman last week.  We saw his one man show "Back on Broadway".  He is

such a great talent ---- and not bad to look at either!"   (November, 2011)


Around the World in 80 Days


Laura (Wilkinsky) and Paul Zatz are big-time world travelers (as many of our classmates are).  This year they

traveled to Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ireland, Jamaica and Alaska!

The pic on the left is that fun couple in Jamaica in May, 2011.  On the right is them in Alaska in July, 2011 ---

close to the Hubbard Glacier.  Laura said, "We were freezing there!"   Laura & Paul reside in Florida.



Having Fun in Mexico


  Mary (Knapp) Tatum was in Akumal Bay, Quintana Roo, Mexico in May, 2011.



 Here is Mary in Talum, Mexico that same month

with her great nephew Jack Todd.



Dinner in New York City

Skip Mayall & Judy Reilly joined Judy (Amole) & Bob

Schwartz for dinner at Patsy's on 46th Street in New

York City in late November, 2011.  Skip said it was

an excellent dinner!



Let's Take a Vacation in Mexico


Florence (Carr) & Sterling Schoonover vacationed in Riviera Maya, Mexico

for ten days in November, 2011.



   Florence (Carr) & Sterling Schoonover in Riviera Maya, Mexico.   Flo said,

"We had an awesome time.   We love it in Mexico!"


Sterling & Florence (Carr) Schoonover at their daughter's house with their great grandson, Jose.



Grandchildren Galore!

Sandi (Harvey) and Jerry Bloomberg surrounded by their grandkids who they probably spoil like crazy!



Recent Trip to Prague

  Tony and Dianna Silvagni --- lookin' good!



Teaching and Working in Slovakia

Tony & Dianna Silvagni spent 6 weeks in Bratislava, Slovakia for Tony's Fulbright scholarship as a

Fulbright Specialist teaching and working on future educational collaborations at Comenius University.



Up from Annapolis

Ed & Jane Doughty were joined by Anne (Dunn) & Lee Herndon for dinner at East Bay Crab & Grill

on September 6, 2011.   Anne & Lee had driven up from Annapolis, MD to spend a couple days at

the shore.



A High Honor!


Dr. Anthony J. Silvagni Selected as Fulbright Senior Specialist Scholar

Anthony J. Silvagni, D.O., Pharm.D., M.Sc., FACOFP dist., professor and NSU-COM dean, was selected to serve as a Fulbright senior specialist scholar. The Fulbright Specialists Program, created in 2000 to complement the traditional Fulbright Scholar Program, promotes linkages between U.S. academics and professionals and their counterparts at universities abroad.



More Now & Then


The 2011 Powerade Power Player Award for Summer Games in Karate was presented to Mary (Knapp) Tatum.   Mary is 72 years old and began her Martial Arts adventure in 1996 at the age of 57.  She went to the AAU National Karate Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002 taking a Gold Medal in Kata and Silver in Kumite.  Mary was chosen for this award due to her commitment to the sport of Karate over the years as a teacher, judge, refereeing and competition.   Mary is the perfect role model for younger Karate athletes to emulate.   Congratulations Mary!    On the left is a pic of Merv Griffin with Mary taken at the Foundation Atlantic Community College Fund Raiser/Harrah’s Polo Team Event (which Mary actually played in) in the 80's.



Now & Then


Cecille (Dayan) Spivack just sent in a recent pic of herself along with a pic from her ACHS days.  Cecille and her husband, Larry, have

resided in Oregon since 1997 after living in Texas for 28 years. 



'58'ers Dinner Party at Caroline's Restaurant - July 23, 2011


 Seven '58'ers were on hand for a dinner party at Caroline's Restaurant in Somers Point.  It was

an evening of drinks, great dinners, laughs and just being with old friends.  The night included the

singing of the ACHS Fight Song with most of the other restaurant patrons clapping along with the

beat of the song!  Above are '58'ers Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Ed Doughty,

Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Step Souder, Rodger Mingo and Skip Mayall.



Jane & Ed Doughty, Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz (ACHS '57), Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Mary

(Knapp) Tatum, Step Souder, Judy Reilly (ACHS '59), Rodger Mingo and Skip Mayall.



  Bob Schwartz, Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Step Souder and Rodger Mingo.



    Ed Doughty, Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz and Sue (Nordheim) Sabol.



                             Skip Mayall & Judy Reilly.



Grandchildren Galore!


George and Sue (Nordheim) Sabol (behind the wheel) and eleven of their grandchildren.  The picture was

taken in June, 2011 in Williamsburg, VA.




'58'ers at Night in Venice Party - July 16, 2011


Six '58'ers attended the Night in Venice Party on the Bay in Ocean City hosted by Cathie (Tort) and

Ed Kane.  Above are Skip Mayall, Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy, Ed Doughty, Gayanne (Riddle) Bristol,

Cathie (Tort) Kane (holding a grandson) and Judy (Amole) Schwartz.  Close to 200 people attended

and it was a very enjoyable evening watching the boats parade by --- listening to a great band ---

and enjoying terrific food and drinks.



Charlie & Gayanne (Riddle) Bristol from Connecticut were enjoying the evening.



Judy (Van Horn) Reilly (ACHS '59), Skip Mayall, Ed & Jane Doughty and Roger Steedle (ACHS '60).



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Answer - The Clown is Herman Strauss!




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