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Once again I will be placing the most recent submissions on the top of this page.  Search in your attic or wherever for those old pics from our grammar school days and our days at good 'ole ACHS!   Keep sending in those pics, Gang!




Long Ago



            Jimmie Peeler & Claudia Peters





Delta Delta Sorority Gals




Judy Foster and Betty Barker during their ACHS days.





Troy Avenue Brownies (young Girl Scouts) - 2nd Grade



Joyce Gillingham sitting 1st Row left – Luzanne Baggs far left  middle row –

Jane Walshe 2nd from right middle row and Gayanne Riddle to Jane’s left.




Old Pics from Betty Barker



Shipwreck Dance (about 1959) - Steve Gottlib on bugle. Carole

Bankhead, Bob Somers, Nancy Feyl, Lynne  Detweiler and Ed Doughty.




Lynne Detweiler's Sweet 16 Dinner Party.  Classmates in pic: Nancy  Feyl,

Judy Foster, Maria Mazza, Betty Barker, Joyce Hunter, Lynn  (in center),

Bobbie Jean Scull, Carole Bankhead, Mary Zauner, Jo DeBiasi and Sue Moore.




                      Betty Barker & Tommy Mullin



Our Senior Prom in 1958

Richie Warner and his date, Ellen Iconelli Duffy.  Richie

died in 2005.  Ellen sent in this picture on Dec. 27, 2013.


The ACHS v. Holy Spirit Game - November 28, 1957






Working at Atlantic City Convention Hall in 1958

Charlie Costello (2nd from left) was working his first Miss America Pageant in 1958

along with his dad (far left) and grand-dad (seated behind the woman). His dad was

the lighting director, production director and also had the stage lighting contract.

Charlie's dad was Charles T. Costello, Jr. and his grand-dad was Charles T. Costello,

Sr..   Charlie (the III) is working backstage at the pageant again this year (2013).


Football in our Junior Year





Summer of 1949


Standing: Barbara Pepper & Gail Doughty - both ACHS Class of '59.  Seated: Mike Miller, Ed

Doughty and Carol Anne Lydon.  This was part of the neighborhood gang back then. This pic

was taken outside Doughty's home on Nassau Ave. in Margate City.




Just a Little Kid

Ed Doughty at age 2 1/2.  At that time he

resided at 143 S. Pennsylvania Ave. in

Atlantic City (where Resorts Casino Hotel

is now).  It was during WW II and his

dad was in the Navy in the South Pacific.



Our ACHS Awards - 1958



Our 20th Reunion Booklet - 1978



A Fun Place in the Summertime!


 And if there wasn't that much action going on there that night you

could always go across the street to Bay Shore's!    Yes --- those

were the days!



Part of our ACHS Track Team


  John 'Mose' Oatman, his brother Frank and Rodger Mingo in 1957.




Making Salt Water Taffy

Chick Lehrer worked at the Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy factory in AC

during the summer of 1957. Our classmate George Harvey also worked

there. Chick says, " My job was to feed the machine with a roll of raw taffy,

and then pile up the baskets into which machine spit the finished product."

Chick is pictured here with Bess Eisenhut, a co-worker.



A Couple Pics from our ACHS Days

                        Morris Murray's Student Card in our Senior Year

                             Mark Hyman in our Freshman Year



Junior Debs Sorority made up of 7th & 8th Grade Girls from Atlantic City in about 1953

Most of the gals above became members of the ACHS Class of '59.   But there are eight '58'ers in the pic. In the 1st

row are Judy Caplan, Vanessa Browndorf, Sandi Harvey and Ellen Kripitz.  Joyce Shenkman is in the 2nd row,

3rd from the right. Judy Oxenberg is in the 3rd row, 5th from the left with the necklace. To her left is Ellie Backer.

To Judy's right is Rita Shumsky.



Remember the "Younger Chicks"?

Here are some of the nice looking girls who were one or two years behind us in school.   The pictures here are all of Margate girls when they were in 7th Grade at the Granville Avenue School ---- except for Carole Camp who was only in 6th grade back then--- both Phyllis Geraldine & Carole Camp went on to become Miss Atlantic City in later years.


         Andrea Norman                                           Mary Lou Munyan                           Sandy Hall                                          Gail Doughty



            Marilyn Gardner                                        Elaine Lanning                                   Carole Camp                              Phyllis Geraldine & Ed Doughty



Our Lady Star of the Sea in 1947

Chick Lehrer: "Yes, it's 1st Holy Communion at Our Lady Star of the Sea Parochial School back in 1947.

We 2nd-graders were all out at the shrine on the side of the church when my Dad snapped this one for posterity".



1965 in Marine Dress Whites


Jay & Jane McCracken attending Jay's brother's wedding back in 1965.  At

the time Jay was a First Lt. in the U.S. Marine Corps.   He was discharged as a Captain.



Graduation Pictures in the AC Press from June 24, 1962





Pages of the Program from Our 10th Reunion in 1968







St. James 8th Grade Graduation in 1954

Bill Reed sent this pic in.  He said that those in the pic (besides himself) include Carm Colaianni, Mary Knapp, Sue

Nordheim, JoAnn Santabuono, Ruth Valentinsin, Pat Gleason and Jim Waters.



St. James First Communion in 1948

Bill Reed also sent in this pic which includes himself as well as Jo DeBiasi, Carm Colaianni, Ruth Valentinsin and

could that be Bill Dyer on the extreme right?  And maybe Hugh Clark on the far upper right?



Indiana Avenue School (1947)

1st Row: (L to R) Sandy Brown, James Webster, Gerald McNeely, Norman Bartee, James Stewart, Doris White,

Geraldine Fitzgerald and ?.  2nd Row: Barbara Woodall, Maxwell Miller, Joseph Loften, Earl Davis, Jean Smith,

James Williams, James Costen, ? and ?.  3rd Row: James Nance, Ronald Ayo, Paul Trusty, Robert Tinsley, ?, ?

and James Burroughs. 4th Row: Annette Bayton, Stella Donaldson, Gloria Mitchell, Rodger Mingo, Barbara Phillips

and Pat Monroe. Their 2nd Grade teacher (in the back) was Ms. Wilson.



Indiana Avenue School (1946)

This is a photo of Ms.Wrights 1st grade class at Indiana Ave. Elementary School  (1946).   Rodger Mingo is on the

far left, Morris Murray is on the far right and in the back row, left to right are Pat Monroe , ?, ? , Helen McDonald,

Ernest Ellerbee, Melvin Parks, Stella Donaldson and Barbara Phillips.


                  Rodger Mingo and his sister, Arleen (age 1), in 1944.


  Rodger Mingo, his Mom & his sister, Arleen, in 1944.


   Rodger Mingo all dressed up on a Sunday in 1944.



A 4th Grade Class from the Oxford Avenue School

This pic includes (not in order) Jay McCracken, Janet Miller, Alvin Riley, Peggy Reif, Nancy

Hamilton, Barbara Fisher, Cathie Paoli, Sue Moore, Carole Hersohn, Jerry Johnson, Susan

Bears, Jane Walshe, Hugh Clark, Bill Dyer, Barbara Hughes, Mike Sobel, Vanessa Browndorf and

Allyn Seel.   Janet Miller is the girl on the far left in the white blouse & plaid skirt.  Their teacher was

Miss Shuman.



On the Beach a Long Time Ago

Dolly Eastburne Somers (ACHS '59) is on the far left and Step Souder is wearing the lifeguard

shirt in this classic pic from about 1951 or 1952, which was taken on the Pennsylvania Ave. beach

with the Steel Pier in the background.



In Memory of Ray Green

Ray Green, one of our class' great varsity basketball players, died of cancer in the year after our

graduation.  The class of 58' wanted to memorialize him and decided to plant an evergreen tree on

the grounds of ACHS in his honor and identify it with a bronze plaque that included the phrase

"A Viking courageous to the end" . The dedication took place in the fall of 1959.  The tree was

planted on the north side of the school near the flagpole.  Pictured left to right are: Charlie Favazzo,

Step Souder, Principle Albion Hart and Ray's mom and dad. In the background is Tom Sullivan,

our class adviser.  When "our high school" was demolished the tree and plaque were two

other things that were now gone forever but not forgotten.



The Organ Players

From front to rear: Chick Lehrer, Kathy Gaffney, Stanley Johnson, Ella

Gaulman and Robert Heath (teacher).   All 4 students could play the great

organ in our ACHS auditorium.



Our Senior Prom in 1958

Top pic is Al Schlenger & his date and Ron Shelhamer & Phyllis Calabro before our

Senior Prom in 1958.  Bottom pic is Phyllis & Ron after the prom at a party at Don

Reiff's house.



St. Andrews Lutheran Church - 1954

This is the confirmation class and the pic includes Al Schlenger, Ron Shelhamer, Hart

Schartzkopf, Chris Cannon, Evelyn Elwell, Caroline Rudolph and Jean Caddell.

  - April, 1954



A Snow Day in 1945

Ed Doughty & Jim Dugan (ACHS '59) when Ed lived on south

Pennsylvania Avenue in Atlantic City during World War II.



In the Boy Scouts in 1952

Ronnie Apfelbaum, Dr. Ed Doughty (Scoutmaster), Denny Whitworth, Jackie Cohen & ? in 1952.


Standing: Bob Subranni & Mr. Warren Whitworth (Denny's father & Scoutmaster). 

Seated: Ed Doughty & Earl Jeffries. 1952.



Queen Esther Contest - 1956

Jeri Leonard, Janet Miller, Eileen Weinstein ('59), Joyce Shenkman, Leah Bloomfield ('59), Gail

Livingston, Carole Braverman ('59) and Sandi Harvey at the Jewish Community Center in 1956. 



Belly Dancer, Anyone?

Morris Murray with a belly dancer at a rooftop

bistro in the Istanbul Hilton in Istanbul, Turkey

around 1961.


            Morris dances with the belly dancer.   Oh, to be young again!



Chick Lehrer Many Years Ago

It's October 9th 1948 in my backyard in Chelsea Heights, and I had just hit age 8. And dig those air-filled tires on my new bike! But get this: My friend Ronnie had just told me that my bike was cool, so I reached over and touched the center of my handlebars, and Ronnie was right, those handlebars are freezing. Gotta get me a pair o' gloves!


Sometime in the Spring of 1958: This kid's got game! He's getting ready for a rehearsal in Convention Hall. Soon, Miss French and Miss Mekaskie will be tutoring him (aka kicking ass), together with Frank, Carol, Debbie and Judy in the art of walking out onto the stage verrry sloowwwly. No wonder we guys were 'all shook up' on graduation night!



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