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Countdown 5 Pics

 On the Saturday night of June 26, 2010 thirty-one people gathered at Ed & Jane Doughty's house for a really fun evening!  The group included 18 classmates.  Besides delicious food and plenty of drinks there was the usual singing of the Alma Mater and the ACHS Fight Song.  Below are the pictures from that event.


The Night Before Countdown 5

Getting a jump start on the weekend --- Lee Herndon, Jane & Ed Doughty

and Anne (Dunn) Herndon had a Friday night dinner at Caroline's in Somers Point.



The Countdown 5 Party

Ed Doughty shows off the Atlantic City High Vikings plate on their front door.  The plates were used

for decorations in the house as well.  There were also ACHS Vikings napkins.  Some of the plates

and napkins were taken home for souvenirs by some classmates.


                         The 18 Classmates from the great ACHS Class of '58!


                                        Same group --- different pose.


Jane Doughty, Lee & Anne (Dunn) Herndon and Judy (Van Horn) Reilly, '59.


Jane Riddle, Peggy (Clark) Schott, Charlie Costello and his girlfriend Evelyn Severino.


Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy, Janet (Miller) Rosenthal & her boyfriend Jimmy Habern.


                              Cathie (Tort) Kane & Skip Mayall.


           Mel & Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer & Judy (Amole) Schwartz.


Glen & Jane Riddle --- brother & sister.  Glen died less than 3 weeks later on

July 15, 2010.  Glen was 73.


                                Ed Kane & Bob Schwartz, '57.


 Ellis Peopples, Emanuel Smith (at his first reunion party ever!), Lou Schott '57 and Lisa Peopples.


                         Ed Doughty, Step Souder and Ellis Peopples.


  Larry & Rosalie Clofine, Jimmy Habern, Janet (Miller) Rosenthal, Ellis & Lisa Peopples.


   Rodger Mingo, Skip Mayall & Judy (Van Horn) Reilly, '59.  Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy in pink.


                        Emanuel Smith & Ellis Peopples chow down.


              Lou Schott '57, Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy & Step Souder.


Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Judy (Van Horn) Reilly '59 and Skip Mayall enjoy

the delicious sandwichs, Cole slaw & potato salad from Romanelli's.


                Rosalie & Larry Clofine enjoyed the delicious food, too.


                                Nancy Peeler and Lisa Peopples.


Dina (Metzgar) De Annuntis and Mel Schweitzer didn't miss out on the food either.


      Jimmy Habern, Janet (Miller) Rosenthal and Nancy & Jimmie Peeler.


               Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy, Jane Riddle and Rosalie Clofine.



The Sunday Afternoon Party

Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane hosted this outdoor party at their lovely Ocean City

home on the Bay on  Sunday of Countdown 5 Weekend.  A dozen people

attended including 7 classmates.


Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz, Bobby Jean (Scull) Sooy and Jane Doughty.


Skip Mayall, Step Souder, Cathie (Tort) Kane and Judy (Van Horn) Reilly '59.


                                      Jane & Ed Doughty.


                                     Larry & Rosalie Clofine.


Judy (Van Horn) Reilly '59, Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz, Bobby Jean

(Scull) Sooy, Jane Doughty and Ed Kane in the forefront.


Sailboats & motor boats went past us and it was a hot but beautiful Sunday.

  Countdown 5 Weekend was enjoyed by all the '58'ers who attended!





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