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2015 Pics - 2nd half







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 ACHS '58 - Part1  (Pics from our 4 years at ACHS; grade school pics; fraternity & sorority pics; 20th to 45th Reunion pics and special pages for the Margate Kids, the Ventnor Kids & the Atlantic City Kids)


 ACHS '58 - Part 2  (Old pics of AC; more pics from our ACHS & grade school days; Countdown to 50 Weekend; Holiday Party and pics of classmates from 2003 to 2005))


  ACHS '58 - Part 3  (Countdowns 2, 3, 4 & 5 pics; 50th & 55th Reunion pics; More pics from long ago; and pics of classmates from 2005 thru 2015)





Visiting Lucy the Elephant!




Lynne (Detweiler) & Bill Bowersock visited Margate's Lucy the

Elephant with their daughter and grandsons on December 26, 2015.

Afterwards they all had dinner at Oyster Creek in Leeds Point.





A 55th Wedding Anniversary!




Here are Jerry and Shirley (Bailey) Levine

on the coast of Cambria, CA, celebrating

their 55th wedding anniversary in

mid-November of 2015.  (that's a lot of

years, Guys!)




Tavern on the Green & Christmas Shopping in New York




Terri (Talarico) Horner: "Here  I am with my niece Joan Hunt at
Tavern on the Green in New York City then on to the Christmas

Kiosks at Columbus Circle to shop !   What fun!"   (December 3)    





Relaxing in Portugal



Tony and Dianna Silvagni: "Here we are in Carvoeiro, Portugal on

December 4 in this beautiful town in the Algarve on the southern coast.

We wish everyone in the Class of '58 a wonderful holiday season!"




Christmas Season in New York




Steffi (Friss) Kay and Lee Rosky in front of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center and at the Whitney Museum in New York City

in December.  Steffi said, "Both sites were splendid!"






Grandmom & her Grandkids




Terri Talarico Horner: "Here I am in LA with my

grandchildren. Finn just turned 2 yrs. old and my

granddaughter, Rowe, is just 1 month old.  Happy

Thanksgiving to all!"    (November 25)





The Grand Canyon by Helicopter




Cathie (Tort) Kane: "Ed and I just got off a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour down into Grand Canyon.  So exciting!  It certainly is a GRAND CANYON!"

(November 22)




Cruise from Istanbul, Turkey to Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Joan (Leeds) Mojecki: "Jack and I took a cruise from Istanbul to Dubai

stopping at various middle east hot spots along the way. To the right is

Asia (Yemen), to the left is Africa (Djibouti). We flew from Dubai last

night and are awaiting our flight back to St. Louis this morning.

Security is tight everywhere and I'm glad we got to see some of the

more peaceful Arabic countries." (November 22)



Let's Go Fox Hunting!




 Marcie Myers Markey: "My oldest daughter Jen Grier

 was out fox hunting this morning.  She just sent me this

to let me know how much she and her horse enjoyed the

day.  It was in the 30s when they set out." (November 21).







Jimmie Peeler honored for service to New Jersey Human Relations Council


Mayor of Cherry Hill: "My sincere congratulations go to Cherry Hill resident Jim Peeler, a longtime friend of the Township who was recently honored by the New Jersey Bias Crimes Officers Association of New Jersey for his years of service to the New Jersey Human Relations Commission. According to a statement by the Association, Peeler's Honorable Service Award was in recognition of his "tireless effort to provide leadership in the mobilization of community involvement to resolve problems related to bias and prejudice, and for reminding us that it is never to late to give up your prejudices." Jim served as a member of the statewide committee for a number of years, including a stint as its chairman, in addition to holding positions on both the Township and County Human Relations Commissions. Please join me in congratulating Jim on this well-deserved recognition, and in thanking him for his work to promote equality and combat bias and prejudice in Cherry Hill and across New Jersey." (November, 2015)





Lunch with a Classmate in Pennsylvania



Lynne Detweiler Bowersock: "Joan Mueller White and I

got together for lunch on October 13 at the William Penn

Inn in PA.   Joan and I went through Brighton Avenue

school together and lived in Providence Court in Chelsea




Lunch with a Classmate in California



Jean Batch Ford: "Terri Talarico Horner and I had a chance

to have another wonderful time together in mid-October as

she came out to California to await the birth of her new

grandchild. We had lunch at Joe's Restaurant in Venice, CA.

It was a great day filled with fun, food and friendship!"





Visiting Jerusalem, Israel!




Chuck Miller: "Beth and I were at the Western/Wailing Wall in Jerusalem on 9/21/15.    May the start of the Jewish New Year bring

with it health, happiness and peace to all in the class of '58!    We observed Yom Kippur in Rhodes, Greece.   Today (Sept. 26) we

are in Istanbul, Turkey and we will be flying back to Boston tomorrow."





Their 46th Anniversary!




Nancy & Jimmie Peeler celebrated their 46th Anniversary on September 6, 2015.





Grand Manan Island



Abbie (Marder) Banks: "In mid-September Don and I returned from a birding/nature trip to Grand Manan Island --- an island

off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada.  It is rather remote with only one ferry crossing to get to the island.   We

had a great time and met some really nice folks from all over the USA. 

It is a natural and beautiful place to visit   It is right on the Bay of Fundy."  (I'm on the far right in the green shirt.)





Indian Country in New Mexico




Lou Vilensky: "On September 18, Lance and I toured the massive Chaco Culture National Historic Park near Farmington, New Mexico. 

We took an all-day, private tour led by an Archaeologist/Anthropologist and it was truly amazing!  The Chacoans inhabited this huge site

from approx. 850 to 1250 AD.  In time the tribes from this area spread out (including the Navajo) and inhabited other areas in New Mexico and Arizona."





Old Friends Meet in California



Jean (Batch) Ford was a member of our class but moved away and

did not graduate with us.  But she's still a '58'er!

Jean wrote: "I had a wonderful opportunity to see Terri (Talarico)

Horner in Santa Monica  a week ago.  She came out to California to

see her son, daughter-in-law and grandson and we were able to meet

for lunch.  We had a beautiful time and look forward to getting

together again soon as her daughter-in-law is expecting a second

grandchild in a month."    (August 31, 2015)



Montana - "Big Sky Country"



Tony Silvagni: "Dianna and I were in NW Montana for several days.

This picture was at Logan Pass on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in

Glacier National Park on August 24, 2015.  Lots of Mountain Goats.

Beautiful place but as you can see there was smoke from the

Washington and Idaho fires."




Beautiful Waterfalls & Scenery in Oregon!





Steffi (Friss) Kay & Lee Rosky hiked around these beautiful          Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  Mount Hood, above the tree line. Splendid!

waterfalls in Columbia Gorge, Oregon on August 19, 2015.

Steffi said there was "spectacular scenery!"





North to Alaska




Lou Vilensky: "We just returned from our third Alaska vacation.  We were there from Aug. 2 to Aug 9 and we had to 'suffer' through

70 to 75 degree days of sunshine and no rain.  Don't let the jackets fool you; when you're cruising glacier-filled fiords, it can get a

little chilly.   Above: Lance and I are checking out glaciers in the Kenai Fiords National Park outside of Seward.   Big ice cube there!"




"On Resurrection Bay at Seward, Alaska above --- and in Whittier, Alaska and Prince William Sound getting ready for more Whale,

Orca, Seal, Sea Otter and more Glaciers on our second cruise of the week.  I even got to pose with a reindeer!"





Our Very Own Belly Dancer





Abbie (Marder) Banks: "A few weeks ago my school, Dance Etc., Englewood (Englewood, Florida) had a huge packed house

hafla (a belly dance party/show).   Many of the surrounding area belly dancers and some drummers performed.  

I was in several dances at a belly dance hafla with my dance troupe, Anam Cara.  One dance was an African dance

and the other a Gypsy Celtic Fusion - so much fun.  I am the oldest person , of course, in the troupe."





"Good Morning America"




Terri (Talarico) Horner: "Here I am visiting 'Good Morning America'

with my daughter-in-law Fiona.   She is in George Stephanopolis' seat

which is elevated to make him look tall !   Also, I just celebrated my

75th Birthday on August 12!"





        Terri on a recent Caribbean cruise.




Just Stopping By




Sue (Nordheim) Sabol and her grandson Matt were

out for a bike ride on August 8, 2015. They stopped

by Bob Subranni's house at the Point in Longport

to say hello to Bob on the day of his 75th Birthday.




A 75th Birthday Party at Atlantic City Country Club!




On August 7, 2015 a dinner party was held at the Atlantic City Country Club to celebrate Bob Subranni's 75 Birthday.  Bob & Grace Whitehead.





     Skip Mayall with Ken (ACHS '56) & Betty (ACHS '61) Hall.                                                                            Jane & Ed Doughty.





Dinner in Stockholm, Sweden




Tony and Dianna Silvagni enjoying some great seafood on July 25,

2015 in Stockholm, Sweden!    It was part of their Baltic cruise. 

These guys like to travel!



Proud Grandmother of Twins!




Naomi (Steelman) Purul became the proud

"Mom-Mom" to twins, Mallory Elizabeth and

Matthew Somers, in July, 2015!



Night in Venice in Ocean City




On July 11, 2015 Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane hosted their almost annual           Skip Mayall, Bob Subranni, Ed Doughty, Judy (Amole) Schwartz &

Night in Venice Party.  Among the guests were five '58'ers.                              Cathie (Tort) Kane.





        Bob Subranni and Judy (Van Horn) Reilly (Class of '59)                                                 Ed Doughty and Judy (Amole) Schwartz




              Judy Reilly, Skip Mayall and Jane Doughty                                                                                     Jane and Ed Doughty




Vacation on the Outer Banks




Leo Polisano with his daughter and grandson while

on vacation in Corolla, NC on July 3, 2015.  Leo

said, "Great time on vacation on the Outer Banks!

No sharks!"



Save the Salton Sea



Lou Vilensky: "On June 14, on our way to Palm Springs, California, Lance and I attended an event in Mecca, CA to help support the saving of the Salton Sea (the largest lake in California)).    We even had Salton Sea T-shirts made for the occasion.  One special exhibit was sponsored by an Owl Rescue organization and I formed a bond with a very special barn owl named 'Corazon'.  Yes, I'm definitely for the birds.  Our next favorite birds are Bald Eagles which we'll be seeing plenty of when we take our third Alaskan adventure in August."







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