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ED & SKIP's PRE-REUNION PARTY - August 15, 2008

 On the Friday night before our 50th Reunion, Ed Doughty & Skip Mayall threw a

Pre-Reunion Party at Doughty's house in Linwood.  Here are some pics from that party.


Here is the bar which was set up in the Doughty's kitchen.  There was all kinds of stuff to drink.


Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Skip Mayall, Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy, Sue (Moore) & Randy Richards.


Glenn Riddle, Charlyne (Williams) Monroe, Errol Browne, Skip Mayall & Step Souder.


Phil & Chris (Young) Munafo, Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Sue (Nordheim) &

George Sabol & Jane (Walshe) McCracken.


Charlyne (Williams) Monroe, Barbara (Katz) Gordon, Barry (Leeds) Dulany,

Jane Riddle & Ellis Peopples.


    Ben Whitehurst, Glenn Riddle, Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz & Step Souder.


Jean (Dempsey) Lippencott, Cathie (Tort) Kane, Carm (Colaianni) Beckner,

Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy, & Sue (Moore) Richards.


Jerry Gordon, Paul Zatz, Nancy (Steelman) Van Dyke & Jane (Walshe) McCracken.


Evelyn Severino, Charlie Costello, Al Glenn & Jay McCracken with the

football from the 1957  ACHS - Holy Spirit game, which we won 27 to 0.


                             Jane Doughty (Hostess) & Chick Lehrer


                        Charlie Costello, Al Glenn & Jay McCracken.


  Jane Doughty, Skip Mayall, Chris (Young) Munafo, Jane Riddle & Charlyne (Williams) Monroe.


Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz, Al Pierce, Sue (Moore) Richards, Rita (Shumsky)

Schweitzer & Barbara (Katz) Gordon.


Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer, Jim Habern, Janet (Miller) Rosenthal & Jay McCracken.


Ben Whitehurst, Ellis Peopples, Errol Browne, Sue (Moore) & Randy Richards.


Joan (Leeds) & Dick Graviss, Bob Subranni & Nancy (Steelman) Van Dyke.


                      Barbara (Katz) Gordon, Chick & Nancy Lehrer.


   Chris (Young) Munafo, Cathie (Tort) Kane & Jane (Walshe) McCracken.


       Nancy Peeler, Lisa Peopples & Barbara Whitehurst (Class of '60).


      Dina (Metzgar) DeAnnuntis, George Peppas, Rodger & Sandy Mingo.


         Bob Subranni, Cathie (Tort) Kane, Anne (Dunn) & Lee Herndon.


Janet (Miller) Rosenthal, Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer, Evelyn Severino & Charlie Costello.


Jimmie Peeler, Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer, Charlyne

(Williams) Monroe & George Peppas.


Jean (Dempsey) & John Lippencott, Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton & Step Souder.


Barbara (Katz) Gordon, Mary (Knapp) Tatum & Judy (Van Horn) Reilly (Class of '59).


Jean (Dempsey) Lippencott, Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton & Luzanne (Baggs) Pierce.


                Rodger Mingo, Chick Lehrer, Morris Murray & Nancy Lehrer.


                 Randy & Sue (Moore) Richards & Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy.


                                         Cathie (Tort) Kane & Al Glenn.


Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Mary (Knapp) Tatum & Carm (Colaianni) Beckner.


Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Barry (Leeds) Dulany & Carm (Colaianni) Beckner.


Sue (Nordheim) Sabol, Ed Doughty, Mary (Knapp) Tatum & Barry (Leeds)

Dulany --- Ed's three Grade School Loves.


The crowd poses for a group picture after singing our Alma Mater & the ACHS Fight Song!


Another part of the crowd. In front are Chick Lehrer, Judy (Amole) Schwartz

& Lynn (Gallagher) Silton


Pat (Howard) Hart, Jane Doughty, Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz & George Peppas.


                    Another shot of the crowd.  75 people attended.


                                     Still another shot of the crowd.


     Chick Lehrer, Herb Kean, George Peppas & Joyce (Shenkman) Kean.


Luzanne (Baggs) & Al Pierce, Lynn (Gallagher) Silton, Don DeBrier, Jay Gerber & Ellie (Backer) Miller.



The Princeton Tigers:  Jay Gerber, Ed Doughty & Don DeBrier.   Ed: "Those

other two guys are richer than me --- but I have more hair!"


Skip Mayall, Vicki Gold (Class of '59), Joyce (Shenkman) Kean, Butch

Friedman, Larry Clofine, Larry Wachs & George Peppas during the 2nd

singing of the Alma Mater & the ACHS Fight Song.


Rich Silton, Ellie (Backer) Miller, Rita (Shumsky) & Mel Schweitzer, Steffi

(Friss) & Lee Rosky &  Dina (Metzgar) DeAnnuntis.  (Rip Miller is in between

Steffi & Lee in the background)


Ben Whitehurst, Errol Browne, George Peppas, Glenn Riddle & Mel Schweitzer.


      Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Chris (Young) & Phil Munafo & Bob Schwartz.


             Nancy Peeler, Jane Doughty & Randy Richards chow down.


                            Barbara (Katz) Gordon & Chick Lehrer


            Chick Lehrer & Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz (a/k/a Ms. Sophisticate)


                                      Cathie (Tort) Kane


                                        Ed Doughty laughs it up!


                            Joan (Leeds) Graviss & Chick Lehrer


                                  Dick & Joan (Leeds) Graviss


                         George Peppas & Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz


                     Charlyne (Williams) Monroe & Ben Whitehurst


                             Chick Lehrer & Janet (Miller) Rosenthal


                                   Pat (Howard) Hart


                  Sue (Nordheim) Sabol & Carm (Colaianni) Beckner


              Carm (Colaianni) Beckner & Barry (Leeds) Dulany


                               Ellis Peopples & Pat (Howard) Hart


                                                  Jane Riddle


                       Jimmie Peeler, Ellis Peopples & Pat (Howard) Hart


                                                     Morris Murray


                                  Morris Murray, Chick Lehrer & Rodger Mingo


Some of the crowd poses for a group pic!   A number of guests hadn't even arrived yet.


                 Chick Lehrer, Vicki Gold (Class of '59) & Larry Wachs


                                                    Jay Gerber


Luzanne (Baggs) & Al Pierce, Charlyne (Williams) Monroe & Dina (Metzgar) DeAnnuntis


                Dick & Joan (Leeds) Graviss & Jane (Walshe) McCracken


                        Nancy (Steelman) Van Dyke & Barbara (Katz) Gordon


                                Ben Whitehurst & Errol Browne


                              Randy Richards & Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy


         Lisa Peopples, Barbara Whitehurst, Sandy Mingo & Step Souder


Errol Browne, Phil Munafo, Skip Mayall, Ed Doughty, Step Souder, Chris

(Young) Munafo,  Jane Riddle & Glenn Riddle.


                                               Morris Murray


Errol Browne, Morris Murray, Step Souder, Judy (Van Horn) Reilley (Class of '59) & Ed Doughty


Jane Doughty, Skip Mayall, Chris (Young) Munafo, Ed Doughty & Jane Riddle


Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Errol Browne, Morris Murray, Step Souder, Ben

Whitehurst, Ed Doughty & Glenn Riddle


       Morris Murray, Ed Doughty, Step Souder, Jane Doughty & Al Glenn


Lisa & Ellis Peopples & Barbara (Katz) Gordon with Step Souder & Glenn Riddle in the background


           Errol Browne, Charlie Costello, Evelyn Severino & Step Souder


Ed Doughty, Jean (Dempsey) Lippencott, Jay McCracken, Jane Doughty,

John Lippencott &  Cathie (Tort) Kane


    Jay McCracken with the football from the 1957 ACHS-Holy Spirit game.


                             Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz & John Lippencott


                           Janet (Miller) Rosenthal really enjoys the party!


                                    Lee & Anne (Dunn) Herndon


                                     Jane (Walshe) & Jay McCracken


                          Nancy Friedman, Larry Wachs & Lee Rosky


                Sue Glenn (our helper), Jane Doughty & Ben Whitehurst.


Ed Doughty, Jean (Dempsey) Lippencott, Jay McCracken, Jane Doughty,

John Lippencott, Cathie Tort & Jane (Walshe) McCracken.


Lisa & Ellis Peopples, Paul & Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz and Barbara (Katz) Gordon.


              Ellis Peopples, Glen Riddle, Ben Whitehurst & Errol Browne.


  Lisa Peopples, Barbara Whitehurst, Chris (Young) Munafo & Step Souder.


          Ben Whitehurst, Rodger Mingo, Errol Browne & Ellis Peopples.


                              The Crowd was having a great time!


                          Everyone was game for the crowd photo!


                                       Here are a lot of happy '58'ers!


                                        It was a great night!


                        Lisa Peopples with Nancy & Jimmie Peeler.


                                 Rodger Mingo, Ellis Peopples & Errol Browne.



Hosts, Skip Mayall & Ed Doughty strum a couple guitars after everyone else had gone.




OUR 50th REUNION at the CLARION HOTEL on AUGUST 16, 2008.

205 classmates, spouses & dates turned out for this big event --- more than at our 45th Reunion!

Mary Etta Cobb Loggi, Dale Giberson Lonkart and Chris Young Munafo headed up the Reunion Committee.

There was a DJ --- dancing --- food --- a Class of '58 cake --- and plenty of booze!

Everybody seemed to have a great time! 


       Our Welcome sign & our Disc Jockey Gerald McNeely, class of '59

            Nicole & John Dintenfass, Carol & Fred Dodd & Vic Stickel.


Chris (Young) Munafo, Carole (Hersohn) Braha, Dale's daughter & Dale (Giberson) Lonkart.


        Florence (Carr) Foster, Jill (Tartar) Burley & Barbara (Bolte) Kroger.


                  Alan & Nancy (Shute) Gersh, Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz.


  Lou Vilensky, Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer, Fran (Lustgarten) & Sam Davis.


                                Mary Etta (Cobb) Loggi & Jane Doughty.


  Dick & Sharon West and Leo Polisano & deceased classmate Jimmy Water's wife, Carol.


                                            Donna & Terry Byrnes.


                                Charlyne (Williams) Monroe & Errol Browne.


                      Jay Gerber, Connie Childs-Abdulla & Ben Whitehurst.


                         Geraldine (Llewellyn) Oliver & Ron Dunn.


                                Judi (Perr) Harris & Morris Murray.


        Jane (Walshe) McCracken, Linda Starkey & Barbara (Katz) Gordon.


Brenda (Shapiro) Kramer, Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy & Barbara (Cohen) Crawford.


                    Skip Mayall, Jay Gerber & Judy (Caplan) Schwartz.


First 2 names withheld by request, Joan (Leeds) Graviss, Ed Doughty & Anne (Dunn) Herndon.


    Rich & Lynn (Gallagher) Silton, Jerry Levine & Judy (Van Horn) Reilly.


  Don DeBrier, Hart Schwartzkopf & Larry Wachs.   Hart came all the way from Germany.


      Judy (Van Horn) Reilly, Lee & Anne (Dunn) Herndon & Chick Lehrer.


           Nancy Lehrer, Joan (Leeds) & Dick Graviss and Jane Doughty.


Barry (Leeds) Dulany, Dabney Beckner, George & Sue (Nordheim) Sabol,

Cathie (Tort) Kane &  Mary (Knapp) Tatum.


Barbara (Curry) Abdus-Sabur, Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer ) & Toni (Spencer) Clayton


             Larry Wachs, Harris Berman, Richie Chazin & Larry Clofine.


                                    Nancy Peeler & Lisa Peopples.


Sue (Moore) Richards, Terry Byrnes, Betty (Barker) O'Connor, Judy (Foster)

O'Donnell & Vic Stickel.


 Sue (Moore) Richards, Judy (Foster) O'Donnell & Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy.


Geraldine LLewellyn, Jimmie Peeler, Ellis Peopples, Bobby Turner, Rodger Mingo & Morris Murray.


                                Mary Jo & Charlie Favazzo.


Paul Zatz , Rita (Stumwasser) Twain, Laura (Wilkinsky) Zatz & Kay DiBianca.


                  The '58'ers sing the Alma Mater & the ACHS Fight Song.


                                  More of the '58'ers singing in a circle.


Paul Longo & Jay McCracken hold the football from the 1957 ACHS-Holy

Spirit Game, which we won, 27 to 0.


        Ellie (Backer) Miller, Charlie Costello, Evelyn Severino & Rip Miller.


Linda (Karp) Snyder, Mary Etta (Cobb) Loggi, Davida (Gardner) Ross & Chris (Young) Munafo.


                                  Sharon & Dick West cut a rug.


                                          Butch & Nancy Friedman.  


                                    Chick Lehrer & Don Kahn


Ed Doughty signs up Don Kahn for our Website Group as Don's wife, Jackie,

looks on.   Ed got a number of new classmates to sign up.


                      Don DeBrier, Jackie & Don Kahn & Chick Lehrer.


                                              Chick & Nancy Lehrer


Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy, Brenda (Shapiro) Kramer, George Peppas & Barbara (Cohen) Crawford


                                      Jane (Walshe) & Jay McCracken


                                      Nancy & Butch Friedman


                             Janet (Miller) Rosenthal & Butch Friedman


                            Betty (Barker) O'Connor & Cathie (Tort) Kane


Sandi (Harvey) Bloomberg, Larry Wachs, Lew Vilensky & Barbara (Cohen) Crawford


                           Charlie Favazzo, Jay Gerber & Mike Lange


Ada (Eberhardt) Evans, Connie Childs-Abdullah & Blanche (Bunting) Stanford


                      Joan (Leeds) & Dick Graviss and Ed & Jane Doughty


Frank DiBianca, Steffi (Friss) Rosky, Larry Wachs & Judy (Caplan) Schwartz


Nancy Friedman, Don DeBrier & Butch Friedman with Vic Stickel in background.


                           Mary (Knapp) Tatum & Terry Byrnes dance it up!


Geraldine LLewellyn, Carole (Hersohn) Braha, Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy,

Mary Etta (Cobb) Loggi, Judy (Foster) O'Donnell, Dale (Giberson) Lonkart,

Florence (Carr) Foster, Carol & Fred Dodd.


                               Nancy (Steelman) Van Dyke & Jane Doughty


                                       Helen (Damiano) Olive


Gayanne (Riddle) Bristol, Sue (Moore) Richards & Janet (Miller) Rosenthal


     Linda (Karp) Snyder, Barry (Leeds) Dulany & Janet (Miller) Rosenthal


                       Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz trip the light fantastic!


               Francine (Lustgarten) Davis & name withheld upon request.


                                            Jane & Ed Doughty


                               Nancy & Chick Lehrer dance up a storm!


                       George & Sue (Nordheim) Sabol rock n' roll!


                    Davida (Gardner) Ross & Barbara (Cohen) Crawford


   George Peppas traveled all the way from Greece to get to our 50th Reunion!


Carole (Hersohn) Braha, Terry (Talarico) Horner, Dale (Giberson) & George

Lonkart and Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer.


         Alice Schott, Peggy (Clark) Schott, Morris Murray & Bert Schott


                                     A beautiful cake, indeed!


               Gloria (Leiken) Caplan with Ruth (Craven) & Harry Waters 


               Steve & Alice Kalish and last 2 names withheld upon request.


          Paul Longo, Barry (Leeds) Dulany, Don DeBrier & Leo Polisano



                                      Herb Kean & Jerry Levine


          Joyce (Shenkman) Kean & Larry Wachs - High School Sweethearts!


    Ellie (Backer) Miller, Al Schlienger, Charlie Costello & Evelyn Severino


              Don DeBrier, Steffi (Friss) Rosky, Chuck Miller & Rip Miller


                                   Marty & Davida (Gardner) Ross


                    Beth Miller (Chuck's wife) and Doris & Herman Strauss



                         Judy (Amole) & Bob Schwartz and Phil Munafo


                               Jerry & Sandi (Harvey) Bloomberg


                      Charlie & Jane Sear and Ethel (Carmen) Martinelli


              Frank & Kay DiBianca and Dan & Mary Etta (Cobb) Loggi


                                          Sue (Willetts) & Dan Smith


Charlyne (Williams) Monroe requests the '58'ers to gather around the dance floor by the count of ten.


Errol Browne, Charlyne (Williams) Monroe & Ed Doughty led the singing of

the Alma Mater & the ACHS Fight Song.


As the songs are sung, Barry (Leeds) Dulany dances in the center of the circle.


Atlantic City High School that is our name.  Fighting for victory, that's how we got our fame.


                                             Go, Barry, go!!!


                                    Sandy & Rodger Mingo


Errol Browne, George Peppas, Lee & Anne (Dunn) Herndon, Charlyne (Williams) & Jim Monroe


         Charlyne (Williams) Monroe & Geraldine (Llewellen) Oliver


                              Jim Monroe & Ed Doughty


Charlyne (Williams) Monroe, Ben Whitehurst & Sandi (Harvey) Bloomberg


John Lippencott (Class of '59), Nancy (Steelman) Van Dyke & Jean (Dempsey) Lippencott


Jay & Jane (Walshe) McCracken, Sue (Moore) Richards & Judy (Foster) O'Donnell


                     Rita (Strumwasser) Twain and Frank & Kay DiBianca


                            Kathy & Al Schleinger and Chick & Nancy Lehrer


              Geraldine (Llewellen) Oliver and Mary Anne & Nick Rifice



         Penny (Dunbar) Birnbaum and John & Frannie (Rando) MacDonald



                      Ethel (Carmen) Martinelli and Charlie & Jane Sear


Lisa Peopples, Barbara (Jackson) Brown, & Nancy Peeler with Ellis Peopples

& Rodger Mingo in the background.


Dan & Sue (Willetts) Smith, Jimmie Peeler, Terry (Talarico) Horner & Linda Starkey


                                    Nicole & John Dintenfass


                         John Dintenfass, Fred Dodd & Morris Murray.


     Vic Stickel, Ted Burns, Joyce (Shenkman) Kean & Steffi (Friss) Rosky.


  Rodger Mingo, Barbara Whitehurst, Bobby Turner, Geraldine (Llewellen) Oliver & Ron Dunn.


Standing from left to right are Geraldine (Oliver) Llewellen, Ada (Evans)

Eberhardt, Toni (Spencer) Clayton, Annette (Horne) Pate, and Barbara

(Frolow) Pallotta.  Seated are: Barbara (Jackson) Brown, Barbara

(Abdus-Sabur) Curry & ?.


                         The Class of '58 had a hellava great time that night!!!




The Reunion Committee chose to have a Sunday afternoon party featuring subs. 

Cathie Tort Kane volunteered to hold the event at her house.

Terry (Talarico) Horner , Cathie (Tort) Kane, Bob Subranni,

Mary (Knapp) Tatum, Carm (Colaianni) Beckner & Barry

(Leeds) Dulany enjoyed the festivities!


Cathie (Tort) Kane (Hostess) & Chick Lehrer with Jay McCracken in background


                                 Joan (Leeds) Graviss devours a sub.


                                                 Nicole Dintenfass


           Some of the crowd at Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane's beautiful patio.


                         Barry (Leeds) Dulany & Don DeBrier


                                      Chick & Nancy Lehrer


                      Don DeBrier (with Sue Nordheim Sabol on the left)


      Bob Schwartz, Lynn (Gallagher) Silton, Chick Lehrer & Jerry Levine.


Judi (Perr) Harris, Phyllis (Lum) Newman, Dina (Metzgar) DeAnnuntis &

Shirley ( Bailey) Levine.


                                  Jay McCracken & Skip Mayall


                     Carol & Fred Dodd, Jerry Levine & George Lonkart


                                   Donna & Terry Byrnes & Vic Stickel


Terry Byrnes, Vic Stickel, Charlyne (Williams) Monroe & Judy (Van Horn) Reilley


Judi (Foster) O'Donnell, Joe & Betty (Barker) O'Connor, Cathie (Tort) Kane,

?, Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy & ?


Charlyne (Williams) Monroe, Judi (Foster) O'Donnell, Betty (Barker)

O'Connor & Sue (Moore) Richards


Terry Byrnes, Judi (Foster) O'Donnell, Cathie (Tort) Kane, Skip Mayall,

Charlyne (Williams) Monroe, Sue (Moore) Richards & Jay McCracken


                               Ed Kane & Skip Mayall chat it up.


                          Phyllis (Lum) Newman & George Peppas relax.


               Dina (Metzgar) DeAnnuntis & Shirley (Bailey) Levine


                     Jane (Walshe) McCracken & Gayanne (Riddle) Bristol



John McCain, Barack Obama & Chick Lehrer all met up at the D.C. Airport

as Chick was travelingback to California after a great weekend.   A good time

was had by all!





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