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2016 Pics




The most recently submitted pics will usually be placed at the top of this page.   There are now over 2,450 pics on our three class websites!   What a great class we have!



 ACHS '58 - Part1  (Pics from our 4 years at ACHS; grade school pics; fraternity & sorority pics; 20th to 45th Reunion pics and special pages for the Margate Kids, the Ventnor Kids & the Atlantic City Kids)


 ACHS '58 - Part 2  (Old pics of AC; more pics from our ACHS & grade school days; Countdown to 50 Weekend; Holiday Party and pics of classmates from 2003 to 2005))


  ACHS '58 - Part 3  (Countdowns 2, 3, 4 & 5 pics; 50th & 55th Reunion pics; More pics from long ago; and pics of classmates from 2005 thru 2015)






Helen Hopson & friend from Class of '54




Lynn Gallagher Silton & Family


This is a Birthday Bash we throw every year. There are our four sons, their wives or significant others, our three grandsons, Rich’s sister and brother in law and ourselves having fun! We hope to continue this tradition as long as possible. Time flies away so fast.

Lynn and Rich Silton ( Gallagher)




Abbie Marder



Grand Daughter Danielle Peterson visiting her grand mom in

Florida. We are having fun on Boca Grande beach in SW Florida.




Ed Kane




Cathie Kane






Ed & Cathie Kane









Mike & Linda Miller




Linda and I are having a nice steak dinner here in Grand Cayman after a beautiful day sitting on

the beach watching all the electronic fund transfers.




Tony Silvagni



We just returned from 3 weeks in Portugal and two in India. Amazing trip.

We saw several hundred patients in a tribal area of Gujarat India the last week.









The Terrific Trio




         Judy Amole, Ed Kane & Cathie Tort Kane






3rd Anniversary




Lou Vilensky: "October 20 was Lance's Birthday and our Third Wedding Anniversary.  We always do something on October 20th with friends who are also celebrating their wedding Anniversary.  The photo was taken at the Japanese Gardens in Phoenix."







     Skip Mayall & Grace Whitehead having dinner at

Estia Greek Restaurant on September 28, 2016
before going to The Academy of Music to see the

Opera Turandot in Philadelphia  !







             Sterling & Florence (Carr) Schoonover




       Florence & her daughter, Rebecca.





Dinner at LB One



Lee & Anne (Dunn) Herndon joined Ed & Jane Doughty for dinner at LB One

on September 12, 2016.




In Heidelburg and Frankfort, Germany




                            Cathie Tort Kane & Hart Schwarzkopf





   Ed & Cathie Tort Kane and Hart Schwazkopf and his daughter, Alexandra






Lunch in Santa Monica


Jean Batch Ford and Terri Horner having lunch.   Terri is in Santa Monica visiting

her son and grandkids.




Terrific Trio



     Judy Amole Schwartz and Ed & Cathie (Tort) Kane




Helen's Daughter & Friends




Helen McDonald Hopson's daughter, Leslie Hopson, DVM, 2nd from right.




Helen McDonald's Cousin from Michigan


Paternal cousin and I met at Howard University.  One

out of undergrad, (Helen), cousin entered medical school. 

Today we live 8 minutes apart.




Our Own Abbie



I took a two day work shop of African dun dun drum

and dance, djembe drum and African dance. This pic

is me with my bugaraboo drum and mallets in the

African drum class.  It was great fun!





Lou Vilensky and Lance in Alaska




Here are a few shots taken in Alaska between August 2-10.  This is our fourth trip there, and as before, it was over our anniversary (the 43rd this time).  The first photo (on the dock) was across Lake Lucille from Sarah Palin's home in Wasilla (duh!)  No,we  never saw her or Russia, and it's just as well. 


                                                       On a boardwalk in Seldovia. 



            Lance and I were in Talkeetna, Alaska on the road to Denali National Park.



Me and two close friends (a little too close) taken in the Anchorage Airport. I wasn't really worried about being eaten since the two of them were already stuffed.





Daughters Visit



Daughters, Chris & Sue, flew up from Charlotte, NC to visit Ed & Jane Doughty

for the weekend.  Above are Jane, Chris, Ed & Sue having dinner at LB One on

August 20, 2016.





Janet Miller Rosenthal






                          Janet at her Yoga Class.





                             Chick Lehrer



                           Chick at Malibu Beach






The Levines Visit Alcatraz





Here are Jerry and Shirley (Bailey) Levine at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, 

\with their son, Jeff, and grandsons, Daniel, 15, and Alec, 13, (visiting from Ohio)

 at the end of June 2016.




Lynn & her Family



Lynn Gallagher Silton and Rich Silton with son John and two

grandchildren Julian 13 and Ronan 8. Having tapas dinner in Palo Alto.




Tony & his  Grandkids



Tony Silvagni with his grandkids, , Mia and Lucas,  near

Milford, PA at the Malibu Dude Ranch on July 18, 2016.



Best Friends



        Rita Schweitzer & Sandi Harvey




Belly Dancing - Abbie Marder




Dancing at another Hafla (belly dance party) in Englewood,

Florida in early July, 2016.  My friend Brenda on the left

and me on the right.  I am always the oldest in all the classes ---

Can you believe that?





Night in Venice in Ocean City - July 16, 2016




Cathie Tort Kane (hostess) & Bob Subranni enjoy the festivities!




Bob Subranni, Bobby Jean Scull & Skip Mayall

in back row.   Judy Amole Schwartz & Cathie

Tort Kane in front.




Reunion in Los Angeles



Ellie Backer, Joyce Shenkman & Carol Weiner ('56)




A Trio Meets in Philadelphia



On May 11, Linda Karp, Janet Miller and Rita Shumsky met in Philadelphia.

They said it was a great mini reunion!



A Proud Grandmom




Abbie Marder - "We went to Virginia in May to celebrate my youngest grand daughter, Alexis Bowen's,  graduation from UVA as a bio medical engineer. We were enormously proud of her accomplishment".




Breakfast in Shanghai





Tony Silvagni - "Dianna and I were in China in April. This is a photo taken in Shanghai on April 17. We had a traditional Chinese breakfast at this restaurant. Great dumplings!"





77th Birthday in Arizona







"Just spent my 77th hitting some interesting old Arizona sights; the "London Bridge" in Havasu City and Oatman, Arizona.  Oatman was founded in 1863 as a gold mining town. Skip ahead, when the miners left, they left their burros there to fend for themselves. The offspring of these burros have survived until this day in the wild. They are very friendly and they have free rein of the old town as they look for tourists with carrots and alfalfa cubes."- Lou Vilensky




Their 5th Wedding Anniversary




Wayne & Naomi (Steelman) Purul celebrated their 5th Wedding Anniversary in Sarasota, Florida on March 20th.   Naomi says: "On the right is my friend Sue from Michigan... She was born on my first birthday and we've been friends ever since... She and her husband Bob come to Florida for the month of March every year and we  get together... This is at Tommy Bahamas in Sarasota the halfway point between us... A wonderful time was had by all!"





Lunch with a former ACHS Teacher



Irv Tannenbaum: "Yesterday (March 19) I had lunch with one of our Phys Ed teachers and the coach of ACHS, Group IV, championship Track Team, Jack McKnight. 
'The Hammer' is the uncle of one of my close friends, so I have the pleasure of visiting with him once or twice a year.

Jack just turned 89, is quite active, walking or biking several miles a day and even jogging a bit.   He of course loves to reminisce about 'his boys' on the track team, and would be delighted to chat with anybody who is so motivated.   He is living at Brandywine Senior Living in Linwood, NJ.  His phone is (609) 553-4044."



Valentine's Day at Maggianos




Jimmie Peeler took his wife, Nancy, out for a delicious Italian Dinner at

Maggianos Restaurant in Cherry Hill on February 14th --- Valentine's

Day.   Jimmie is so smooth!




A Western Caribbean Cruise






Lou Vilensky:

"Lance and I just returned from a Cruise to the Western Caribbean (Jan. 31 - Feb. 7).  We went to Cozumel, Costa Maya and Grand Cayman Island. The photos (in order) are of us being greeted as we exit our ship in Costa Maya; Lance and I at the Mayan Ruins of Kohunlich; Lou holding his new girlfriend, a 50 pound sting Ray and then kissing his new girlfriend.  Lou say's, "Wow, what a kisser"! What fun we had at Sting Ray Sandbar in Grand Cayman!"




Monte Carlo Night




Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer ran her Temple's Monte Carlo Night in

Port Washington , NY on February 6.   Here she is standing next to

her favorite game of chance!




Rum Point in the Cayman Islands



Mike Miller: "My wife, Linda, and I have been having a great time

sitting on the beach watching the electronic fund transfers for the

500+ banks that are here in the island."  (January 16-30, 2016)




At the Nutcracker




Cathie (Tort) Kane: "During the Christmas Season I was at the Nutcracker at the Academy of Music in

Philadelphia with my daughter Kate, her mother-in- law Patty Harron Imbesi and two of our

Grandchildren, Rose age 11 and Mary age 6.  Patty and I love being Grandmothers together and knew

each other growing up in Margate."





There's snow in Norway!




Tony Silvagni: "If you wanted snow pics we have them.   Diana and I are returning home tomorrow (Jan. 16) from 2 weeks in Norway on a

quest for the northern lights.   Fortunately we were able to see them several times.  Unfortunately, getting pictures of the lights is very difficult.

The picture above is at the North Cape of Norway on January 9th.  The North Cape is the most northern point in Europe. The second picture

is us warming up after we went dog sledding near Hundesledekjoring on January 8th.  The last picture is the dogs that pulled our sled." 





Happy New Year from Norway!




Dianna and Tony Silvagni in Bergen, Norway on

January 2, 2016 "wish the Class of '58 a Happy

and Healthy New Year."  This couple likes to travel!



A Trio of Classmates in California



Lynn (Gallagher) Silton, Ellie (Backer) Miller and Judy (Amole)

Schwartz got together in late December, 2015 when Judy flew out to

visit Lynn and Rich.



Old Friends at a Christmas Party




Marci (Myers) Markey: "This is Kay Phinney and me.

We've been friends for 46 years.  Taken at her

Christmas party on December 19, 2015."



A 40th Wedding Anniversary




Rich & Lynn (Gallagher) Silton celebrated their 40th

Anniversary on August 24, 2015.  Here they are at a party

in Margate to celebrate the occasion.









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