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2015 Pics - 1st half





 Once again the most recently submitted pics will usually be placed at the top of this page.  There are now over 2,350 pics on our three class websites!  Let's keep that number growing in 2015!





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Our Major Class Reunions:

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Our 55th Reunion:




Dinner Surprise!




Dale Giberson Lonkart: "Had dinner at Bonefish Grill with my family tonight

(June 20) and who should be seated next to us but Joyce Anderson, our Margate

8th grade teacher!  What an amazing woman!  When I told her my name, she

immediately said I was in her 8th grade class in 1954!!" (note: after teaching in

Margate, Joyce went on to become a college professor and the author of 5 books)




Big Time in Barcelona!




Joan (Leeds) & Jack Mojecki (on the right) were joined by Joan's brother, Rob,

and his wife, Susan, for a 15-course tapa meal in Barcelona, Spain while on a

vacation there in June of 2015.  Let the good times roll!




Visiting from California




Jane & Ed Doughty welcomed Jane & Jay McCracken, who were visiting from

California on May 23, 2015.  The California couple had flown east to see their

granddaughter's University of Maryland's lacrosse team play in West Chester,

PA.  They drove down to the shore on Saturday and joined Ed & Jane for

dinner that night at the Atlantic City Country Club.




Lucy the Margate Elephant -  Then & Now



Irv Tannenbaum sent in these pics showing our beloved Lucy the Margate Elephant in 1921 and the 2nd pic taken from Irv's condo deck in 2014.    A lot changes in 93 years!




Granddaughters are Great!




Cathie (Tort) Kane with her granddaughter Catherine Patricia in early May, 2015 --- and with her youngest grandchild

Mary and her daughter Kate Emily.





The Aquarium at Pier 39 in San Francisco.




Lynn (Gallagher) Silton: "This pic is of Rich and me, our son John (a Plastic

Surgeon from Texas) and his two sons, Ronan and Julian, on March 18, 2015."



Fun in Arizona




Lou Vilensky: "Check out a shot of me 'pigging out' at a recent Phoenix Pet Expo.  No, I didn't take the little fella home and eat

him --- I keep Kosher (not).  Here's another pic with Lance and me at Canyon Lake, Arizona.   Pics were taken in early May, 2015."





We also made a quick visit to see my buddy Elvis at the Elvis

Presley Chapel in Apache Junction.  There are lots of great stuff

to do in Arizona even if you're only here for a short visit!   




Visiting Kids & Grandkids in Charlotte, NC


  Ed and Jane Doughty flew down to Charlotte, North Carolina on April 30, 2015 for a 4 day visit with their three kids,

daughter-in-law, son-in-law and two grandkids.  They had a fun time!



            Ellie Doughty, age 2, is a cutie!                          Grady Doughty, age 10 months, got his very first haircut on May 2.



       Jane & Ed and their family had lunch outside at Braswell's.       Daughters Sue & Chris, Jane & Ed, Jenny & son Ed after dinner at Del Frisco's.




Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach, SC




Florence (Carr) Schoonover: "On April 19, 2015 Sterling and I went

and held the animals. What an awesome experience!  Today we go to

the Tiger Preserve to play with the animals for about three hours.  I

am so excited!"




                                        "Hold that Tiger!"


Lou Vilensky's Birthday Train Ride!




"To all of you "kids" out there in High School Land, today I turn 76 (don't ask how that happened) and yesterday Lance

Motta-Vilensky and I took a beautiful four hour trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad (in central Arizona).  In August we're

returning to Alaska for the third time and next January we're sailing the Eastern Caribbean with friends.    Life is good!"





April in Paris




Cathie (Tort) and Ed Kane spent part of April, 2015 in Paris.

Here Cathie is in front of the Monet Water Lillies.




                        And there's Ed Kane, too!



A 75th Birthday Surprise Party!




Florence (Carr) Schoonover:  "My husband, Sterling, and my daughter, Toni, gave me an awesome party at the

Crab Trap with 50 family and friends on March 22, 2015.   It was a complete surprise and we all had a great time!"





Daughter Toni,  her husband Pelon and Florence & Sterling Schoonover.




A Bucket List Dive Vacation in The Maldives by Irv Tannenbaum


Republic of Maldives is an island nation in the Indian OceanArabian Sea

area, consisting of a double chain of twenty-six atolls,




                                            15' Manta Rays


Irv Tannenbaum relates:  100' depths ---

ripping currents ---
living on a boat for a week in the Indian Ocean ---
23 hour travel time each way ---

finding out the State Dept. has issued a travel warning the prior week!





                          25' Whale Sharks




            And a great variety of moray eels and fish!





Greetings from Ecuador!




Greetings from Ecuador!   Dianna and Tony Silvagni were bird watching

in the Andes in Ecuador on Friday, March 20, 2015.




Happy Thoughts!




Cathie (Tort) Kane: "Our dog Ruby and I send happy thoughts to our

wonderful special Class of 1958!  Happy spring!"





A Trio of '58'ers in Sunny Florida




Steffi (Friss) Kay, Sandi (Harvey) Bloomberg & Joyce (Shenkman) Kean had

lunch together in Florida on March 20, 2015.  They were at the Turnberry

Golf Club in Aventura, Florida.




Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Honor Jack McAvaddy




Jack & Marcie McAvaddy and their kids & grandkids.  Jack was chosen "Man of the Year"

by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick on March 7, 2015.



St. Patty's Dinner Party at Atlantic City Country Club!




On March 14, 2015 a couple of '58'ers and some other ACHS grads gathered at Atlantic City

Country Club to celebrate St Patty's Day (which falls on March 17).  Above are Skip Mayall,

Judy Reilly ('59), Ed & Jane Doughty, Roger ('60) & Maryanne Steedle and Ken ('56) and

Betty Hall ('62).  Decorations and gifts were supplied by Bob Subranni.  'Twas a Fun Night!




Grandkids in Sea Caves, Michigan




Patti Gleason Olson's Granddaughters, Jesse and Taylor, enjoy the Sea Caves

in Michigan on March 6, 2015.





Patti's daughter, Kelly Olson Reinicke, and her family at Sea Caves.   Patti

says: "They were up there March 6th & 7th ....driving back to their homes in

bucolic Wisconsin today. That's why we are in Florida.....Wisconsin is a great

place to visit.....spring, summer & fall!"      (Jesse, Taylor, Rhett & Andrew)





Havin' a Drink in Tampa!




Paula Merendino and Leo Polisano at Leo's favorite watering hole in Tampa,

Florida!   (March 6, 2015)




Big Snow in Massachusetts!




Chuck Mille: "I'm standing in front of our home --- not

in Antarctica ---but in Amesbury, MA!"   (Feb. 2015)





Happy Valentine's Day!




Grady (Edward O'Grady Doughty II) & Ellie Doughty on

Valentine's Day 2015.  Grady turned 8 months old on this

day and Ellie is 23 months old.  Their parents are Jenny

and Ed Doughty.  They all reside in Charlotte, NC.





Civil War Buff




Marci Meyers Markey:  "Last Thursday I spent 2 hours with 5 home schooled children

and their 2 moms.  They were studying the Civil War, and I had a wonderful time telling

them what it was like for those who lived in the village and surrounding farms.  The picture

was taken under the main tower of my church in The Plains, VA on January 29, 2015. 

It was built in 1918 and replaced the 1855 one.  The kids youngest to oldest were Forest,

Katie, Samuel, Jack and Michaelia."







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