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ACHS '58 - Part 3 (Countdowns 2, 3, 4 & 5 pics; 50th & 55th Reunion pics; More pics from long ago; and pics of classmates from 2005 thru 2014)




A Proud Grandpa



Skip Mayall: "My grandson, Kyle Irwin, graduated Upper Moreland High

School, PA this month with honors. He was also first team Shortstop in the

All Suburban Philly league.  Here he is receiving the Presidents Academic

Achievement Award."



50th Anniversary Cruise



Betty Barker O'Connor: "Our family cruise to celebrate 50 years on Aug22,

2014.  We are so blessed!!!"



A Son Gets Married!



On May 31, 2014 Bob & Alicia Erney's son, Robert Erney, Jr. , was married to his lovely wife.




Mike Miller's Grandkids



Mike: "Here's our oldest daughter on the right and a

granddaughter.  The granddaughter is going to

Elon University in North Carolina."


Mike: "Here's another granddaughter (on left). She's

going to Pitt.   Her younger sister is on the right."



Mike: "Our Grandson is steering Duke 'O Fluke off of

Somers Point on our Avalon vacation last week in late





Steffi & Lee's Grandson Graduates



Steffi Friss Kay: "Lee & I celebrating grandson, Stanley

Kay's graduation from Medill School of Journalism at

Northwestern University."


Laura & Paul's Granddaughter Graduates



Laura Wilkinsky Zatz: "Paul and I proudly sharing our granddaughter Katherine's

graduation from the Kogod School of Business at American U.  In September

she will be moving to Tokyo where she will be living and working for a company

called Rakaten. They are the Japanese equivalent of Amazon, only larger. Also

in the picture is our daughter Rachel , her husband Jonathan, his dad, and

granddaughter Elizabeth who is attending the College of Charleston."



Carm & Dabney's Granddaughter Graduates



Carm Colaianni Beckner: "Our Granddaughter Jordan

Meyer graduated from Seneca High School with honors."




Rita & Mel's Grandson Graduates



Rita Shumsky Schweitzer: "On June 26 we celebrated my grandson Jacob's graduation.
He attended high school in Port Washington NY. Their nickname is "The Vikings!"
From left to right - me, grandson TJ, daughter Wendy, Jake, son-in-law Tom, grandson

Michael and daughter Debbie.  It was a wonderful day."



Terri's Grandson



"Here is a picture of my first grandson Finn Roland Horner.

He was bon Nov 19 2013.  My son and daughter-in-law are

in Calgary Canada. I am here visiting!!!   Finn is now 7

months old. This sweater I made for my son when he was

a baby".....Terri Talarico Horner (June, 2014).




A New Book Reading



Sandi (Harvey) Bloomberg tells us, "This is a Book reading of "ME, MYSELF,

and OY!" on Friday April 25th at Huntington Arts Council with my good

friend Rita Schweitzer.   (Sandi is holding her new book)



Birthday Boy Lou Turns 75!




"Here's how I managed to reach the age of 75 (on April 6), probably ahead

of most of my classmates.  It's all in the eating, and specifically Subs, Deli

Sandwiches and Ice Cream. Eat your hearts out all of you youngsters! 

This also clearly shows why I have such a big mouth!   By the way, my

hobby horse's name was Silverstein - what else?" - Lou Vilensky






A Travelin' Couple



Herb & Joyce (Shenkman) Kean in the Rain Forest of Costa Rico in March,

2014 during a trip to Central & South America.





Herb & Joyce in Cartegna, Columbia during the same






Cher at a Rock Party


Abbie (Marder) Banks recently went to

a Rock Party dressed as Cher.


St. Patty's Day Dinner Party


On March 15, 2014 a group of '58'ers gathered at Clancy's Restaurant (the old Harry's Inn)

in Somers Point to celebrate St. Patty's Day Weekend.  (L to R): Judy (Amole) & Bob

Schwartz, Jane & Ed Doughty, Skip Mayall, Judy Reilly and Nancy & Jimmie Peeler.




Mary (Knapp) Tatum had sent Ed Doughty Irish Drinking sunglasses and an Irish green bow tie to wear for this occasion!   That called for a drink!




Skip Mayall and Judy Reilly were also decked out in green ----- as were Nancy & Jimmie Peeler.    Jimmie also sported his traditional Red Wig!




Jane and Ed Doughty enjoyed the festivities which included good dinners,

plenty of drinks, jokes and the singing of our Alma Mater & the ACHS Fight Song!





A Big Year for Lou Vilensky!


In August, 2013 Lou and his partner, Lance Motta, went on a Princess Line

Alaskan Cruise where they celebrated their 40th Anniversary!  They were joined

by their friends, Ty and Tony Montano.  Lou: "Just think, when all of us were

eighteen years old and in high school, Lance was only 4!  Yikes!"   




Figuring that a honeymoon of 40 years was long enough, Lou and Lance (now Lance Motta-Vilensky) were married in Palm Springs, California on October 20,

2013. It was also Lance's 60th birthday, but Lou says he's still only getting one present each year unless he produces an heir.  It was a small, intimate wedding

and some close friends from Arizona and Florida were there to help celebrate.    Congratulations, Lou, from your ACHS '58 classmates!




Lou: "On February 22, 2014 Lance and I had just returned from a Western Caribbean Cruise to Cozumel, Belize and Rohatan Island (Honduras).  Great fun, except

for a hair raising (yes, even MY hair) encounter with some Pirates of the Caribbean!"




Lou: "Have any of you ever petted and kissed an iguana?  They are very gentle and friendly, but unless you like alligator-type skin next to you in bed you might want

to consider taking one by the tail and using it as a backscratcher.  They're great!" 



Grandma's a Hippie!


Shirley (Bailey) and Jerry Levine went to a 60's fundraiser dance on March 1, 2014

in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Jerry refused to go in costume (optional), but here's Shirley.



'Frisco to Hawaii


Betty (Barker) & Joe O'Connor spent 15 days cruising from San Francisco to Hawaii and back in February, 2014.  They love to travel!


California Meets Florida - Feb. 16, 2014


Lynn (Gallagher) Silton said, "We had a wonderful dinner last night in warm,

gorgeous Florida and thought we'd share a picture. We were also in New York

several days back with Judy (Amole) and Bob Schwartz."  Above are Cathie

(Tort) Kane, Lynn & Rich Silton and Ed Kane --- all fun people!


A 600th Dive Celebration!


Irv Tannenbaum (center) celebrated his 600th dive aboard the Aggressor

floating off Grand Turk Island.   Irv has been deep sea diving for many, many

years and he enjoys it immensely!


An Interesting Reunion


Shirley (Bailey) Levine: "Jerry and I were married at Teplitzky's Hotel in

Atlantic City in 1960.  On January 17 we met up with Chef Terry Teplitzky

(who was the grandson of the original owners of Teplitzky's Hotel) in Marina,

CA (north of Monterey).  We had a great lunch and ordered the Atlantic City

Sub Sandwich ---just like the ones from White House Subs.  It was delicious!"


New Year's in London


Joan (Leeds) & Jack Mojecki spent New's Year's Eve and Joan's birthday in

London.  Here is this traveling couple in Regent's Park on a rare sunny day.

They returned home to St. Louis to a foot of snow & minus 9 degree weather!


Happy New Year!



"Hi Class of '58!  We went to Carmel, CA for
New Years. We wish  everyone a Happy New
Year. Thinking of everybody who is not well.
We all will walk this path as time passes.
Blessings to all." - Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton



Happy New Year from Florida


Abbie (Marder) Banks: "Don and I enjoying a great dinner

with friends at a local restaurant on New Year's Eve in sunny

Florida.   Happy New Year to ALL!"




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