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ACHS '58 - Part 1 (Pics from our 4 years at ACHS; grade school pics; fraternity & sorority pics; 20th to 45th Reunion pics and special pages for the Margate Kids, the Ventnor Kids & the Atlantic City Kids)


ACHS '58 - Part 2 (Old pics of AC; more pics from our ACHS & grade school days; Countdown to 50 Weekend; Holiday Party and pics of classmates from 2003 to 2005))


ACHS '58 - Part 3 (Countdowns 2, 3, 4 & 5 pics; 50th & 55th Reunion pics; More pics from long ago; and pics of classmates from 2005 thru 2014)



New Year's Eve in France



Joan (Leeds) Mojecki - "Jack and I were in Auvers sur Oise,

France, with Vincent Van Gogh on New Year's Eve.   Happy

New Year to the great Class of 1958!"




New Year's Eve at Atlantic City Country Club



Maryanne Steedle, Ed & Jane Doughty, Roger Steedle ('60), Skip Mayall and

Judy Reilly ('59).




New Year's Eve in India



Happy New Year from India!
Seeing patients in Ahwa, Dang District of Gujarat. 10 medical and 3 dental students and other physicians from the U.S. A tribal area with very limited medical resources. An amazing way to spend the holidays! 

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy new year!    Dianna and Tony Silvagni







Holiday Party at Bob Subranni's




                           Jane Doughty, Judy Reilly & Bob Subranni.




                                           Judy Reilly & Ed Doughty




                                    Bob Subranni & Grace Whitehead




               John ? , Bob Subranni on piano, Grace Whitehead & Skip Mayall.





Palm Restaurant at the Bellevue, after the Philly Pops Christmas Spectacular.




Bill Bowersock, Judy Reilly, Skip Mayall & Lynne (Detweiler) Bowersock.





Halloween Parties




Cathie Tort Kane: "Here we are at a Halloween party for our daughter

Victoria. She is in the red outfit.   Ed is with mask. He is dressed up as

himself.  I am in black roaring 20's look. Tori looks like me."




Abbie Marder Banks: "Don & I went to several

Halloween Parties this year and had a blast!"




"Magician" by Carl (Chuck) Workman



             Carl (Chuck) Workman & Ellie (Backer) Miller


Ellie (Backer) Miller:


Rip and I attended a Film Festival showing of Carl (Chuck) Workman's new film... "Magician"... which

was wonderful and very well received.  

For your information, here is a URL for some info about this interesting and insightful film that highlights the work of Orson Welles.   

Those interested in seeing this should check Film Festival showings around the country as I know it's highlighted in many of them.

Below are some photos of us at the Mill Valley, CA event...








Touring All Over Japan




Joan (Leeds) Mojecki: "From September 10 to 28, 2014 Jack and I

traveled in Japan to Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, and Hiroshima. This is

a traditional ryokan where we wore Yakuta , slept on mats, and

enjoyed hot spring bathing. I have a broken left arm which made the

trip challenging."




Budapest to Munich




Joyce (Shenkman) and Herb Kean traveled in Europe extensively.   The pics above and the first one below show

the couple in Budapest and Munich from August 8 to 17, 2014.   The other pic below was taken in late September

at a cooking class at a winery.   The couple then went to Paris until October 7.






Ireland Forever!




Jay McCracken: "Jane (Walshe) and her sister Anne

recently spent about ten days in Ireland.  Both if them

discovered Guinness and they loved it!"





Cruise to the Baltic and Northern Europe




Judy (Amole) Schwartz: " Here are a couple of pictures of the cruise Bob

and I took recently to the Baltic and Northern Europe.  The picture above is

from St Petersburg, Russia (which was Leningrad last time we were there).




     Judy: "Here is me in Berlin, Germany.   It was a great trip!"





Visiting French Polynesia




Cathie (Tort) Kane: "A toast to all from Brando Island in French

Polynesia in the South Pacific!" (Yes, that's Cathie relaxing.)




                                Cathie; "It's a beautiful island!"





Visiting South Dakota & Wyoming



          Lou Vilensky (on left), Lance (on right) and 2 friends.



                            Lou relaxes next to a  mountain stream.



Lou in front of Devil's Tower in Wyoming.




Lou: "Despite the fact that none of my classmates ever voted for me

for Class President, look at me now!   Eat your heart out, Doughty,

and the rest of you!"



Lance & Lou in front of Mount Rushmore

in South Dakota.




Dinner Party by the Sea



A Dinner Party took place at Bob Subranni's house on the tip of Longport

on September 7.  Above are Annie Martin, Betty Hall ('63), Tom Subranni

('59), Ed & Jane Doughty, Bob Subranni, Grace Whitehead, Skip Mayall

and Judy Reilly ('59).   'Twas a fun night!




Visiting Normandy, France




Steffi (Friss) Kay: "Lee & I were in France in July.  We visited the

Memorial to Soldiers at Normandy.    It was so moving!





Shopping at Walgreens



Lynn (Gallagher) Silton: "Rich & I had no travel

plans for Labor Day Weekend so we just went

shopping at Walgreens."  (Aug. 31, '14)





Dining in Peru




Tony Silvagni: "Dianna & I are currently in Lima, Peru on vacation.

Voted best food in the world!   We are trying it all to see if we agree.

So far we do!"  (August 27, 2014)



Tony: "Here's me and Dianna on August 29,2014 in the gardens at

the Larco Museum in Lima, Peru." 



Deep Sea Diving




Irv Tannenbaum: "Just another week under the waters of Cayman

Brac during July, 2014."




Irv: "My friend and dive buddy Wayne is founder of Aggressor Fleet,

a legend in dive industry.   Next trip is the Maldives then back to the

Galapagos."    (Irv is the old guy on the left)




Here Irv races a very large sea turtle.   Irv just loves deep sea diving!





A Kayak Tour



Anne (Dunn) Herndon: "Here is a photo of me on a recent kayak tour

of Spa Creek in Annapolis.    Great exercise and beautiful scenery!"



Trip to Scotland & London




Joan (Leeds) Mojecki: "This is a pic of Jack and me on the Isle of Skye.

It's not a great picture but the rainbow is cool.  We took a two week

family trip to Scotland and London from August 3 to 16."




Joan: "Here's a pic of my granddaughters and me from the same trip."




Tufts Lacrosse Player




Cathie Tort Kane: "Kane Delaney is

Team Captain, an All American and

a Scholar All American. He is shown

after last win holding up the trophy."




Maryland Lacrosse Player




Jay & Jane McCracken: "Here is our son-in law Billy,

our daughter Sarah and our granddaughter Emily Kift

who as a freshman was the backup goalie for the

Division 1 National  Champion Maryland Terrapin's

Women's Lacrosse Team. She will get to meet our

President at the White House this fall. This year she

should start. Maryland (along with Rutgers) has left

the ACC and is now in the 14 school Big Ten Conference."



August Dinner Party




Judy Reilly & Skip Mayall at the Doughty's house on August 9 for a

dinner party that was originally scheduled for East Bay --- but East

Bay went out of business a week earlier.



               Ed Kane and Rich & Lynn (Gallagher) Silton.




                  Skip Mayall, Judy Reilley and Cathie (Tort) Kane.



                                   Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz.




  Cathie (Tort) Kane, Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy and Jane Doughty.



Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Ed Kane, Rich Silton and Skip Mayall.



                        Bobbie Jean (Scull) Sooy & Ed Doughty.





Another Proud Granddad



Tony and Dianna Silvagni took their nine year old

granddaughter, Mia, to Chicago and Lake Geneva,

Wisconsin with them in July.




A Proud Granddad




Skip Mayall: "Okay, so far my favorite pic from the

World Series in Washington St.   Kyle had the game

winning RBI in the first game and awarded Player

of the Game in the 2nd.   But here this little guy,

Reed, made Kyle his favorite player in the tournament.

Kyle gave him his Mid Atlantic Champs Tee Shirt

(he'll get another) and had this pic taken."




Our Class Belly Dancer




Abbie (Marder) Banks: "My new addiction is

Belly Dancing and I take a multitude of different

classes.  This outfit was one of the two I wore in

a recent hoffa.  A hoffa is a belly dance party

and show.  I just love the music and the moves.

I guess the Russian gypsy in me is coming out!"




Cruise to Mexico




Shirley (Bailey) Levine: "Our son & daughter-in-law and our grandsons

are visiting us in California.  The boys are here for a month and their

parents for 2 weeks.  They all went on a cruise to Mexico.   Above is our

son Jeff, his wife Katarina (from Finland) and grandsons Daniel, 13, and

Alec, 11."




A Granddaughter's Wedding




Wayne & Naomi (Steelman) Purul attended the

wedding of Wayne's granddaughter, Christina.



Cycling in France




Bob Subranni: "Here I am cycling in En Provence, France on top of Mt. Ventoux.

I'm cycling with a German Group called Rotalis.   It's my 11th trip with them and

I'm the oldest one on the trip by 11 years!   As Nietzsche said 'What does not kill

me makes me stronger.'" This trip was in May of 2014.




A Grandson Graduates



Marci Myers Markey: "Here is my grandson Alex James

and me.   He  graduated on June 19 and will be going to

Christopher Newport University in Newport New, VA."



Marci: "Here is me and my great grandson

Zeke (Zacchaeus).  It was taken on July 4,

2014.  Zeke is 2 years 4 months old."


Playing the Pipe Organ



Bob Subranni: "In the late 1990's I played the pipe organ and led a    

choir at a AME Methodist church in Key West.  Here is me

standing next to the pipe organ and my choir."




Heat Wave



Lou Vilensky: "So you want a Summer Photo?

Here we are, Lance and I, enjoying the

beautiful "cool" Arizona summer.  Wish

you were here (and I was there)!"




Life Long Friends



Helen McDonald Hopson: "My life long friends since

high school (college classmates/professional connections

-50 yrs +).  Our times together , often.  We are leaving

for the Salamander Resort  and Inn in Middleburg, VA..

One of our hobbies is visiting Inns of America.  (I am 3rd

from the right )"





Helen: "Here's my husband, Christopher, who is

enjoying his retirement from his dentistry practice

and his 81st year."




Chick Wiping His Mouth




Chick Lehrer: "Here I am at Brent's Deli in Thousand Oaks. I've just
wolfing down a Pastrami Reuben Sandwich, and Nance has

caught me in one of those rather embarrassing moves that street

photographers live for. Can't a guy just wipe his mouth in peace?




A Cousin's Wedding




Lynn Gallagher Silton: "My cousin Michael had a June wedding in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and it was a lovely event.
Here are some of my second cousins.  Their  dads and moms were the 'bridesmaids' and ' groomsmen' in the wedding picture ."




Doughty's Grandkids




Ed & Jane Doughty flew down to Charlotte, NC in late June to visit their 3 kids and 2 grandkids.  On the left Ed sits with his granddaughter,

Ellie (age 15 months) and new grandson, Grady (age 2 weeks), who's full name is Edward O'Grady Doughty II --- named after Ed's Dad.  On

the right Ellie enjoys a bubble machine.  It was a great visit!







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