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2013 Pics - 2nd half


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Awesome Australia


Diana & Tony Silvagni: "Fish and chips

and BBQ prawns at Doyle's in Watson

Bay, Sydney, Australia on December 28,

2013. We celebrated Christmas in Sydney.

Happy, Healthy New Year to all!"



Journey to Japan


Joyce (Shenkman) and Herb Kean in Japan in front of the famous Tori Gates

in October, 2013.



    Herb and Joyce lunch at the famous Tofu Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.



Joyce and her son John with Joyce's new grand-daughter, Maya, who was born December 12, 2013.                       Maya Libby Mozenter


Joyce's son John and her grandkids Sammy & Emma

at the Petting Zoo in Santa Monica, California in

December, 2013.


Christmas with the Grandkids


Barbara (Frolow) Pallotta with her grand-daughter, Maddison, her grandson,

Matthew and Maddison's friend, Drew, on Christmas Day.  Matthew is a

Marine who will be deployed shortly.



Here is Barbara with her grand-nieces, Emily and Julianna, on Christmas Eve,



Philadelphia Pops Christmas Show


Skip Mayall, Mrs. Claus, Judy Reilly, Santa Claus, Lynn (Detweiler) and Bill

Bowersock at the concert on December 14, 2013.


Christmas Show on the Ocean City Music Pier


Bill & Linda Gussie, Ed & Jane Doughty, Skip Mayall, Judy Reilly, Bob                          It was a fun show with great Christmas songs and smooth dance routines!

Subranni and Grace Whitehead at Clancy's Restaurant for drinks and snacks

after the show on December 13, 2013.


December Holiday Dinner Party!


On December 7, 2013 a group of '58'ers and their spouses gathered at East Bay Crab & Grill

for a real enjoyable evening that included great dinners, good conversation, jokes and the

traditional singing of our Alma Mater and our ACHS Fight Song.  It was a great way to

start the Holiday Season!


       Bill & Lynne (Detweiler) Bowersock drove down from Pennsylvania.


            Nancy & Jimmie Peeler drove down from Cherry Hill.


      Skip Mayall & Judy Reilly wouldn't miss an ACHS Dinner Party!


Ed & Jane Doughty enjoyed the evening as well!  The Dinner Party ran for over

3 hours and our group "closed the place" (we were the last people to leave).


Cruise thru the Panama Canal


Tony & Dianna Silvagni took a cruise from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego via

the Panama Canal. They left on November 12, 2013 and arrived on November

27.  This couple loves to travel!


Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations


Simone (Shirley Bailey) Levine: "In this pic Jerry and I are

celebrating my 73rd birthday in Southern California on

September 6, 2013.  We were treated to a great gourmet

lunch at the restaurant at Herzog Winery by my brother,

Steve Bailey, and his wife, who live permanently in Israel.

They happened to be visiting in the U.S. at the perfect time

to celebrate this occasion.  In one week we will be

celebrating our 53rd wedding anniversary at a boutique

hotel in Cambria, CA !!!!!"


Content at a Concert


Mike Miller: "Here’s a pic of Linda and me at a concert at Lehigh University

on November 2, 2013.  Hey, the tux still fits!  You probably know Matthew

Morrison was one of the stars in “Glee”. He was supported with a 65 piece

orchestra. We were joined by a daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters

who live in the Allentown area near us. The concert was great. It included a

lot of songs from the 50’s and 60’s – probably because it was an older audience."



Adventures in Africa

Joan (Leeds) Mojecki tells us, "Our trip started in Cape Town, South Africa,

went thru Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and ended up in Dar es Salaam,

Tanzania. We flew to Amsterdam on Sept 24, 2013 and picked up the flight

for South Africa there. We flew back from Tanzania on Oct. 12. Temperatures

ranged from 36 in South Africa to 98 in Zimbabwe."


Joan: "Jack and I are in Zimbabwe in this picture taken in early October.

These are male lions about 20 months old and ready to be released into the wild."



Joan: "We took a train trip from Cape Town to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

The train was named Rovos Rail --- the Pride of Africa.  Here we are in their

beautiful dining car.  The train had 42 cars!"


Adventures in Argentina


Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane at Iguasu falls in Argentina.  Cathie said, "We were

in Argentina for 2 weeks from late September thru early October. It was a very

interesting trip.   Fabulous country!    We were mostly in Buenos Aires and

Patagonia. We saw water falls, snow capped Andies mountains and Glaciers."



Ed & Cathie went to church --- listened to wonderful singing --- and had a great

Italian dinner at one of their very nice restaurants after a cold, wet day at the



Think Pink


Abbie (Marder) Banks said, "My friend had a big breast cancer

fund raiser at her dance studio in Englewood, Florida. It was

called 'Think Pink'. As you can see I got in the pink groove. It

was a fun day with people donating their services and wares.

They raised a lot of money --- dollars for mammograms."



Two Months in Israel

Frank DiBianca wrote: " Hi, Ed,  Just wanted to let you and our classmates

know that Kay and I have almost completed a two-month trip to Israel.  We

have been volunteering for Bridges for Peace, an organization that distributes

tons of food every day to poor people in Israel.  I load food on pallets for

shipment and sometimes help deliver the food to the neighborhood

distributors.  Kay works in the office helping with computational problems

(computers).  For more info and pix, please see our blog at
We hope all are in good health and spirits!" (sent Oct. 20, 2013)



Frank & Kay.  Frank writes: "To visit the Holy Land is a gift.  To pray at the

Western Wall, to breathe the cool evening air, to look across the Kidron Valley

to the hills surrounding Jerusalem, to visit the very places that Yeshua walked

-- all of these things have touched our spirits and energized us."



"The drive through the Judean wilderness was stunning.  We passed Qumran,

where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.   Along the way, we stopped for a

camel ride, an experience neither of us thought we would ever have.  

Sushee the camel seemed totally unimpressed with our riding abilities."


Take Me Out to the Ballgame!


Rip Miller (Ellie's husband): "The Siltons and Millers at the San Francisco Giants

final game on Sept. 29, 2013.   Four good friends at an incredible celebration and

then dinner at the venerable Fog City Diner. Thank you, Ed, again for your

website that brought Ellie and Lynn together. Four close friends now for years."

(above: Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton and Ellie (Backer) & Rip Miller)


50th Wedding Anniversary!


Lynne Detweiler Bowersock reports: "We made it!!!! 

Bill and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on

September 21, 2013.   Can't believe we have been

married that long!  We feel very blessed."


In School at Cornell Adult University


Mike Miller said: "Here is Linda and me taking a one week

class on “Social Networking – Keeping Up With the Kids”.

Watch out, we’re dangerous!  The picture ended up on the

front cover of the catalog for the next summer’s classes."


Lovin' the Leaves


Marci Myers Markey's 18 month old great grandson,

Zeek, enjoying the first autumn leaves.


Old Friends out for Dinner

Lynn (Gallagher) Silton and Ellie (Backer) Miller and their

husbands got together for dinner in California on August

11, 2013.  Ellie's husband, Rip, said, "We always have a

good time with lots of laughing".


Old Friends out for Lunch

Rita (Shumsky) Schweitzer and Sandi (Harvey) Bloomberg met for lunch at a

Long Island restaurant on July 31, 2013.  Sandi said "We had a lot of

catching up to do!"


50th Wedding Anniversary!


Jane (Walshe) and Jay McCracken celebrated their 50th Wedding

Anniversary on July 20, 2013.  Here's their wedding pic from 50

years ago!    And they haven't changed a bit!


Perfect in Portugal

Rodger Mingo: "Sandy and I on the Guadiana River (the river that separates

Portugal from Spain).  Sandy is actually steering the boat.

It was a wonderful time, in a wonderful country filled with helpful, friendly

people.  We took day trips to multiple cities, and stayed in different locations

in the north and south of the country. We also toured the west of Portugal,

the side that borders Spain.  We arrived in Lisbon, Portugal on June 19th

and departed on July 2nd, 2013."


Rodger and Sandy at the holy site in Fatima, Portugal.


      Rodger and Sandy with Antonio, Maitre'd at Hotel Marriott Lisbon.


Night in Venice (in Ocean City) - July 20, 1913

Host & Hostess Ed and Cathie (Tort) Kane hosted their almost annual "Night

in Venice" party for several hundred people.  Among the invitees were eight

'58'ers.   There was delicious food and drinks galore, as well as a great band! 

It was a fantastic evening and lots of fun!



A large number of decorated boats paraded by the party site.  Ed & Cathie's

patio & dock were beautifully decorated as well!


Some '58'ers included Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Skip Mayall, Sue (Nordheim)

Sabol, Ed Doughty, Mary (Knapp) Tatum (who just moved from Arizona to

Margate, NJ permanently) and Carm (Colaianni) Beckner.


               Bobbi Jean (Scull) Sooy was also among the guests.


                    Ed & Jane Doughty enjoyed the festivities.


Carm (Colaianni) Beckner, Sue (Nordheim) & George Sabol, Mary (Knapp)

Tatum and Dabney Beckner.


                Bob Schwartz, ACHS '57 and Mary (Knapp) Tatum.


Jane Doughty, Judy (Amole) Schwartz, Skip Mayall, Bob Schwartz and Judy

(Van Horn) Reilly, ACHS '59.


                         Sue (Nordheim) Sabol and Jane Doughty.


                        George Sabol and Carm (Colaianni) Beckner.


Farewell Party


Mary (Knapp) Tatum: "Here is one of the photo’s from my Farewell Party at

the dojo/Scottsdale Martial Arts Center…..left to right are Sensei Frank,

Christina (student), Traudi, Sabrina (National WKF Kumite Champ-Youth

Division), Sensei Mary, Roger (student)….taken July 9th, 2013- 100 of my

karate family were there!" Mary moved from Arizona to Margate permanently.


Cowboy Mark


      Mark Hyman in his cowboy outfit.   Mark resides in New Mexico.


Horsing Around


Marci Myers Markey: "Here is my 18 year old grandson, Alex James, and his

horse 'Good Friday' (he was born on Good Friday).  Taken at an event near

The Plains, VA. where I live on July 5, 2013."


4th of July - 2013


Abbie Marder: "July Fourth was spent at the Nokomis Drum Circle,

Nokomis Beach, Florida.  Fabulous fireworks shot off from Venice

jetty seen on the beach!   I am with my good friend, JoEllyn Bavosa.

OK --- so I get a little carried away!"  





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