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2012 Pics - 1st half

This page will feature recent pics received in the first half of 2012 --- but not necessarily taken during that period.   The most recently submitted pics will usually be placed at the top of this page.  2011 was a good year for our class and let's hope that 2012 follows suit.  Please keep sending in both your old pics (which will go on a different page) and your recent pics.   Let's keep having dinner parties and get-togethers and let's all try to stay in touch.  



A Cute Great Grandson


Marci (Myers) Markey is quite proud of her great grandson,

Zacchaeus Raymond James.  He is a cute little guy!


Playing the 'ole Violin in 2012


Judy (Amole) Schwartz:  "Here is a picture of me playing the violin

at a recital.   I am taking lessons again after stopping in high school."


Singing in a Cabaret


Naomi (Steelman) Purul singing in a cabaret in Florida in May, 2012.  She said it was great fun!


On their way back to New Jersey from Florida Naomi & Wayne (on right) stopped in Georgia to

visit with her second daughter, Kim, and Kim's husband, Tom.   Naomi & Wayne are now back in

New Jersey.   Oh, those snowbirds!


Trip to Ireland


Leo Polisano & a friend in Kilarny, Ireland during his recent trip to the Emerald Isle.



Leo (in the white shirt) at a whiskey tasting in Jameson Brewery in County Cork, Ireland.



Leo & another friend going thru the Gap of Dunlow in Ireland in a horse drawn carriage.




On May 1, 2011 ACHS' 1957-1958 Basketball Team was inducted into Atlantic

City High School's Athletic Hall of Fame.  Leo Polisano is the only surviving '58'er

who was on that great team.   The picture of that team is in Part 1 of our website.


A Cruise to Bermuda


Dave Pincus, his wife, Mildred, their daughter, Elizabeth, and their son-in-law, Patrick, took a cruise

on Carnival Cruise Line from Baltimore to Bermuda in 2004.  Here they are in one of the ship's

dining rooms.



Dave's daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Patrick, on the deck of the ship which was in Bermuda.


Sisters in Mexico


Mary (Knapp) Tatum and her sister, Toni

Todd, in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico on

April 13, 2012 on an annual family vacation!


Bull Run Mountain


Marci (Myers) Markey: "This pic is one of the few pictures I have to represent 13 years of doing my skit

as Sara Noland and just came out last week.  I make my own costumes by the way. This was taken last

November but came out in the April issue of "Prince William Living". The article, on page 8, was about the

Bull Run Mountain Conservancy and can be viewed at   We have a program

called the Old Homes Tour, and I do the speech twice a year at the breakfast choosing different dates from

1850 into the Civil War era.  I just did the spring tour today and talked about what it was like around here

in The Plains area in 1863.  I live in Fauquier County, VA but the mountains are in both Prince William and



Visiting the USS Midway


On April 9, 2012 Jane (Walshe) and Jay McCracken went aboard the USS Midway with a couple of their

grandkids.  USS Midway (CV-41) was an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, the lead ship of

her class, and the first to be commissioned after the end of World War II. Active in the Vietnam War and

in Operation Desert Storm, she is currently a museum ship at the USS Midway Museum, in San Diego, California.


Hiking in Arizona


Lou Vilensky and Butch Friedman before the hike on April 10, 2012.  Four days earlier --- on

April 6 --- Lou turned 73.   We're all gettin' up there, Gang!



First Anniversary


Wayne & Naomi (Steelman) Purul (on the left) celebrated their First Anniversary in Punta Gordo, FL

with Naomi's life-long girlfriend, Sue, and her husband, Bob, on March 19, 2012.   Their actual

anniversary was on the next day --- March 20th.    Congratulations, Guys!


'58'ers' St. Patty's Day Dinner Party!


On March 17, 2012 eleven '58'ers & spouses gathered at East Bay Crab & Grill to celebrate St.

Patty's Day.  The evening included "wearing 'o the green" --- drinks & great meals --- several toasts

--- picture taking --- many laughs --- and the singing of our Alma Mater and the ACHS Fight Song.



Nancy & Jimmie Peeler drove down from Cherry Hill and wore plenty of green.   Jimmie had on a

red wig under his hat --- while Nancy had a necklace of lights that flashed on & off!    Nancy also

had her left arm in a sling having very recently undergone a total shoulder replacement!



Bob (ACHS '57) & Judy (Amole) Schwartz were there --- seen here with Nancy Peeler.



Also attending were Bobbi Jean (Scull) Sooy and Judy (Van Horn) Reilly (ACHS '59).



                          Of course Jane & Ed Doughty were there.



Jimmy Habern & Janet (Miller) Rosenthal had driven up from Virginia for this event.   They are

pictured here with Jimmie Peeler (with his wig & hat).  Janet wore earrings that flashed on & off.



  Skip Mayall rarely misses a party and is pictured here with Jane Doughty.



Here are the attendees from the great ACHS Class of '58: Jimmie Peeler, Skip Mayall, Ed Doughty,

Bobbi Jean (Scull) Sooy, Judy (Amole) Schwartz and Janet (Miller) Rosenthal.   It was a fun night!


His One and Only Grandchild!


Destinee Wilkes is Morris Murray's grand-daughter.   The pic on the left is Destinee at age 6 months.   The pic on the

right is Destinee shortly after her third birthday, two days before Christmas 2011.   Methinks Morris is very proud of her.



Another 50th Anniversary!


Cecille (Dayan) & Larry Spivack celebrated their big 50th Anniversary

on August 27, 2011.   They reside in Tigard, Oregon --- near Portland.

After 50 years it looks like their marriage might work.



Here's the happy couple with their daughters, Janine (on left) & Sheryl.                      Republic's Only Horse

Sheryl lives in Scarsdale, NY and Janine lives in Republic, WA.  Cecille

says, "Republic is a 1 horse town in northeast Washington State." 


Let's Do Dinner in Key Largo!


Seated: Rich Silton, Cathie (Tort) Kane & Lynn (Gallagher) Silton.  Standing: Ed Kane.   This foursome

were vacationing together by spending 2 nights in Kay Largo, FL and a night in Palm Beach.   In this pic

they are all having dinner at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo on Saturday night, March 3, 2012.



Dinner at Ram's Head Inn


Naomi (Steelman) Purul: "Here's a pic of Wayne & me last night (Feb. 16, 2012) at Ram's Head Inn

with a high school buddy of Wayne's & his wife...they hadn't connected in many years...a fun time was

had by all!"   (Naomi & Wayne are on the right)



Why Not Visit Cuba?   Fidel won't mind!


Joan (Leeds) Graviss visited Cuba from Jan. 13 to Jan. 25, 2012.   Joan said, " It was an

educational/volunteer trip.  Why?  Because I speak Spanish and was able to interact with Cubans all

day long.   Plus I could drink a lot of mojitos!"  In this pic Joan is in Trinidad, Cuba, at a sugar mill.



Jack Mojecki & Joan on the beach in

Destin, Florida on New Year's Day, 2012.


50th Anniversary in 2012!


Dabney & Carm (Colaianni) Beckner celebrated their 50th Anniversary at the

Capital Grill in  Philadelphia on January 6, 2012.    Congratulations, Guys!




Carm & Dabney's grand kids Skylar, Jordan and Jake

in Spring Lake, New Jersey.


Christmas with the Grandchildren - 2011


Tony and Dianna Silvagni with their grandchildren, Lucas and Mia, over Christmas.


New Year's Eve in New Jersey - Welcoming 2012


Ed & Jane Doughty hosted a New Year's Eve Dinner Party.  Above (L to R) are Janet (Miller)

Rosenthal, Judy (Van Horn) Reilly '59, Jimmie Peeler, Jane Doughty, Skip Mayall, Jimmy Habern

and Nancy Peeler.  The evening featured drinks, a great dinner, many jokes, the ACHS Fight Song,

hats & noisemakers and a lot of fun!   A great way to ring in 2012!



                 Here's the same crowd with their leis, hats & noisemakers.



                  Nancy Peeler, Ed Doughty and Janet (Miller) Rosenthal.



New Year's Eve in Florida


Don Rippeon and Abbie (Marder) Banks at the Elk's Lodge in Englewood, FL.



Here's Abbie on stage with the band playing the

bongos and later her African djembe drum (whatever

that is!).   But it was a great time!



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