Happy Jack, Butch and I usually hung out at DanceLand when we had nothing else to do. DanceLand was just outside of our town on Route 42. They played recorded music on weeknights and featured live bands on Friday and Saturday nights. There were three oval-shaped bars and a big dance floor inside. Tonight was Tuesday night so there was only recorded music being played.

“Not much going on tonight”, said Happy Jack.

“Not so you’d notice!” said Butch.

“Hey, it’s early, you guys”, I remind them.

“Friday night is when this place gets some life!” says Happy Jack.

“Yeah, that’s the night that rocks!” says Butch.

“Remember the night we met those chicks from Shreveport in here?” asks Happy Jack.

“Oh, how sweet that was!” says Butch.

“Chicks at nine o’clock!” says Happy Jack. Our three heads turn to the left and we see three chicks entering the bar. They take bar stools at our bar --- just across from us. They order bottled beer, just as we have in front of us. The girl in the middle is a knockout! She has long blonde hair and a knockout figure. But her two friends are scaggs! One is fat with red hair and the other is a little skinny wench with no boobs that are visible to the naked eye. But the blonde is one fine specimen. She’s even better looking than those Shreveport girls --- and they were nice looking.

“Man”, says Happy Jack, why couldn’t there be three good-looking chicks instead of one?”

Butch replies, “I wouldn’t screw that fat one with your dick!”

Happy Jack says, “That blonde is a trip! What I wouldn’t give to spend a night with her!”

The bartender stops in front of us and we order three more beers. When the Shreveport girls were here we sent a round over to them and that got things started. But none of us are prepared to send beers to those two scaggs. We don’t want to start anything with them. The fat girl appears to be the laugh maker. Whenever she says something the other two laugh. It’s nice that she has a good sense of humor because she sure doesn’t have much else going for her. When the blonde smiles or laughs she is even more beautiful.

Happy Jack says to me, “I’ll bet you twenty bucks you can’t make it tonight with that blonde!” I consider the proposition. I am a fairly good-looking guy and I usually end up with the best-looking women. But pulling this blonde away from her two buddies might be difficult indeed. If her friends were reasonably attractive, Happy Jack and Butch could move in on them and either ball them or at least entertain them while the blonde and I drive down the road to Sam’s Motel. Our crowd has a standing deal with Sam. Rooms are normally $40 per night. But if one of us goes there to just get a room for a couple hours, Sam only charges us ten bucks --- provided we don’t break any furniture, steal any towels or make and drink any coffee from the Mr. Coffee set up in the bathroom. No, this would be very difficult. “Would you guys move in on her two friends?” I ask.

No friggin’ way!” says Happy Jack.

“You’re on your own on this one, baby!” says Butch.

“Okay”, I say, “You’re on for twenty bucks!” In truth, I don’t think I would’ve made this bet if I hadn’t already had two beers. But what the hell --- it was a challenge and challenges like this were fun. I take another swig of my beer and then I get up and start walking around to the other side of the bar where the three girls were sitting. The girls are now ordering their second round. There are about a hundred people in the bar now and about twenty of them are out on the dance floor doing the twist --- which is the rage in the early sixties.

I approach the three girls and stand between the blonde and the fat girl. I don’t look at the blonde right away but I say to the fat girl, “You must have a great sense of humor because you seem to keep your buddies here laughing it up!” The fat girl says, “Well I just like to tell jokes.” I say, “Well, you must tell them well because I can see you’re keeping your friends in stitches. My name is Dave.” The fat girl is smiling now and she responds with, “I’m pleased to meet you, Dave, I’m Trish and these are my friends Marty and Lillian.” “Pleased to meet you, girls”, I say, can I buy you a drink. “No thank you says the fat girl, we just ordered another round.” “Would you care to dance, Marty?” I say. The blonde looks at me, smiles and says, “Sure, I love to twist!”

So the blonde and I walk to the dance floor and proceed to join in the twisting as the speakers blare out “Twist and Shout”. After a few minutes the music slows down and we are now slow dancing to “An Affair to Remember”. Marty is a damn good dancer. As I pull her a little closer she offers not the least bit of resistance.

“What do you do, Dave? Marty asks.

“I’m a junior at Princeton and I’m just home on spring break. How ‘bout you, Marty?”

“I’m a sophomore at Bryn Mawr and I’m also home for spring break.”

We then proceed to discuss college life, our respective schools, our majors and what we plan to do after college. The dance ends and the speakers are now blasting out “Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer”. “Hey, Marty --- it’s getting kinda hot in here. Do you want to go outside for some fresh air?”

“Sure --- let me get my beer and I’ll meet you outside.”

So I return to where Happy Jack and Butch are sitting with big grins on their faces. “How’s it going, Stud?” asks Happy Jack. “I’m working on it, boys! I’m working on it!” I say. With that, I grab my beer and head for the door. Fifteen seconds later Marty comes through the door and together we walk out to the parking lot. “Marty, I gotta tell you, you are one very attractive woman!” “You’re pretty good-looking yourself, Dave!” Marty says. “Do you want to sit in my car instead of standing here?” I say. “Sure, why stand when we can sit?” Marty replies.

So we walk to my ’57 Chevy and I open the passenger door for her. As Marty climbs into the car I notice that her legs are fantastic looking. After closing her door, I walk around the car and get into the driver’s seat. We open the front windows and we continue to drink our beers as we talk. Marty lives in the next town over --- the one whose high school used to always beat the hell out of us in football. Then Marty is telling me that she’s been to Princeton twice with different dates for football games. Marty has two sisters and I have a brother and a sister. As we finish our beers we throw them out the window.

Now we are kissing and embracing. God, is she a good kisser! But I don’t want to really get into the sex thing with her here. “Marty”, I say, “I would really like to make love to you tonight, but not here.” “Then where?” says Marty. “Well, there’s this very nice motel about five minutes down the road.” “Do you have protection?” she asks. “Yes --- yes I do”, I reply. “Okay then”.

With that I put the key in the ignition and start the Chevy. I pull out of the parking lot and on to Route 44. In five minutes I am pulling up in front of the office for Sam’s Motel. As I turn off the ignition I say, “I’ll just be a minute, Marty”. Sam greets me by name. I fork over the ten bucks and Sam hands me the key to room seven. There are only ten rooms in the whole place. I leave Sam’s office and open the car door for Marty. As she gets out I again notice her terrific legs. We enter room 7 and I turn on one bedside lamp. Marty kicks off her loafers and lies down on the bed. She is not the least bit shy. I sit on the edge of the bed, untie my sneakers and kick them off, as well. We then embrace and share a long, wet kiss. During the next one and a half hours we make love twice and lie back on the bed talking about the future in between.

Finally we are back on Route 42 heading towards DanceLand. “You really turn me on, Marty” I say “Yes, I kinda noticed that Dave.” Marty replied. “But let me ask you something”, she says, “and I want a truthful answer.” “Okay --- shoot”. “Did you bet your friends that you could make love to me tonight?” “Yes, I did, Marty --- no offense --- but I really didn’t need the financial incentive. You’re a great looking girl! Hell, after paying ten bucks for the motel room, I only cleared ten bucks on the bet!” “You’re a piker, Dave, I made the same bet with my friends and they bet me a hundred bucks!” Now we are both laughing.

We enter DanceLand once again and by now our four friends are all sitting together and apparently the fat girl is entertaining everybody with more of her jokes. We walk over to the group and they are all grinning. Sure, they have all lost money, but they have each seen their friend “score” with a very attractive person of the opposite sex.

“Okay”, says Happy Jack, “You two sex fiends are now buying the beers!” The fat girl says, “And you’re buying most of them, you Bryn Mawr slut!” Butch says, “The four of us never should have turned you two lookers on each other!” We join our friends in the laughter and Marty orders another round. Suddenly I’m looking forward to the summer.

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