The Short Stories of Edward R. Doughty

A Typical Tuesday Morning

It was a cloudy October Tuesday morning in Emerson, New Jersey and Max was already reading the morning paper at the breakfast table. Gwen was still taking her shower, which usually ran for the better part of twenty minutes. Their kitchen was bright and cheery even on a cloudy day like today. Max would always get up an hour early to make sure there would be time to read the paper. Gwen slept later and usually just gave the paper a faster read. Max had almost finished the front section when Gwen finally entered the kitchen fully dressed.

"Good morning, Love!" said Gwen.

"Good morning, Sweetheart", was Max's reply. A short kiss on the lips followed.

"What's new in the world, Max?"

"Another two soldiers killed in Iraq. Bush opposes gay marriages. Ashcroft defends the Patriot Act. And old Mr. Finniker died yesterday".

"It's a shame about the two soldiers and old Mr. Finniker --- but Bush and Ashcroft can go to hell as far as I'm concerned."

"I hear you. And I agree."

"Do you want some more coffee, Hon?"

"No thank you. I'm already on my second cup." Gwen poured herself a cup of coffee, added some cream and sat across from Max. The two of them had been together for eight years now and both were very much in love. Gwen was a pediatrician and Max was a high-powered civil defense attorney. Between them they made somewhat more than a decent living. They could not have children but they had occasionally talked of adopting two or three. But like so many couples they were really into their respective careers at this time. Gwen's practice was growing every month and Max was with a good law firm and was in the third week of a jury trial. They both drove nice cars and they both had their own computers with all the related gear. They both enjoyed having dinner parties, dining out and fine wine. Some people said they made the perfect couple. They never fought. There wasn't really much there to argue about. They had no children --- they had no money problems --- and they were both Liberals with no strong religious convictions. Gwen had gone to Cornell and Max had gone to Yale. This was clearly not a pair of dummies.

They had met at a hotel cocktail lounge frequented by singles on a Friday night. They had dated fairly regularly for about a year before they decided to make the relationship permanent.

"Where do you want to dine this weekend?" inquired Max.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe the Golden Greek on Friday night and the Captain's Thumb on Saturday night. How do they sound?"

"Sounds great. Do you want to ask Bobby and Mike to join us?

"Sure --- why not"

"Okay --- I'll call Bobby after I get to the office."

Gwen was buttering some toast that she had just made when she said, "You know something strange happened the other day.

"What was that?"

"Well, I was shopping at the Acme yesterday and I overheard two of my patient's parents talking about me".

"Well --- what did they say?"

"They said it was hard to believe because I was so attractive."

"Well, you are attractive. Everybody says that."

"No --- you know what they meant!"

"Honey --- just forget it."

"I guess you're right"

"Okay, you make the dinner reservations and I'll call Bobby and tell him it's party time."

"Fair enough". Gwen was putting the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher now while Max got their coats. It was late October and the mornings were chilly.

"Good luck with your trial today, Honey!"

"Thanks. You have a good day, too, taking good care of those little kids."

A goodbye kiss was exchanged and they each left the house and walked to their respective cars. They were the prefect couple. Dr. Gwen Nancy Farrell, age 33, was off to her office to see her little patients. Maxine Elizabeth Golden, Esquire, age 34, was off to the County Courthouse to continue her trial. It was just a typical Tuesday Morning.

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