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ACHS CLASS OF '58 - Part 2

We're coming back together now!














Here are some pictures of "Old Atlantic City" sent in by Rodger Mingo




                      Atlantic City Boardwalk and Steel Pier in 1910




                                       An Atlantic City Beach in 1915




 The Atlantic City Beach. How many of you guys were lifeguards?

How many of you girls ever dated a lifeguard?

Remember the diving bell on the Steel Pier?   Did you ever go on it?

    Remember the stores on the Atlantic City Boardwalk?

Remember Hackney's Restaurant in the Inlet? Did your

parents ever take you there for dinner?

   More stores on the A.C. 'boards

Of course you remember the High Diving Horse on the

Steel Pier!

Click your Refresh Button to see the Diving Horse in action!

Remember talking to Mr. Peanut when you were a kid?

Did you ever eat at Captain Starn's in the Inlet?

    The Old Ambassador Hotel.

  The President Hotel

Historic AC Buildings

The Diving Collegians at the end of the Steel Pier

Tony Grant's "Stars of Tomorrow" on the Steel Pier

The Knife & Fork Inn still exists and re-opened a few years ago.

Of course we all remember the Million Dollar Pier!

We probably all ate at Kent's Restaurant on Atlantic Avenue

at one time or another.

And a number of you went to church and/or school at St. Nick's.

Remember the elegant Traymore Hotel?

The Atlantic City Boardwalk

The famous Steel Pier. Remember all the fun we could have

there for a couple bucks?

The Steeplechase Pier - with a lot of good rides!

Ed Doughty & his sister Gail ride a Fire Engine

on the Steeplechase Pier during the Summer of


Remember the Atlantic City Race Track?

Next-door Ventnor City also had (has) nice beaches

Down in Margate was (and is) Lucy the Elephant.

There was (and is) the beautiful Margate Parkway section

of Margate.

And, of course, Margate had (and has) its beaches, too!

Chick Lehrer sent in these old pictures. Thanks, Chick!

A train pulls into the A.C. Station

The Old Atlantic City Train Station

A Trolley Car pulls up near the Steel Pier

The Last Trolley makes its Final Run


Ellen Freet submitted these great photos. Thanks, Ellen!

On May 6, 1937 the airship "Hindenberg" flew over Atlantic City just a

few hours before it burst into flames and crashed at Lakehurst Naval Air

Station. In the photo you can see the Mass. Ave. School, the Breakers

Hotel and the St. Charles Hotel. And if you look closely you can see the

swastikas on the airship's tail fins.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk when we were freshmen. (only kidding,

guys! This was taken in the late 1800's.)

       The Atlantic City Lighthouse in the late '50's.

                   Pennsylvania Avenue & the Boardwalk in 1948.

     Kentucky & Pacific Avenues in the Summer of '54.

The Starn's Inlet Sailboat leaving the Inlet in the late '50's.

ACHS at Night! What a terrific picture!     

Davida Gardner's husband, Marty, contributed these pictures of AC after the Hurricane of '44.


Barbara Frolow looked at the above pictures & shares these memories with us. To read those memories


World's first Boardwalk -- opened in 1870.

Steel Pier, the world's premier amusement pier -- opened in 1898.

Salt Water Taffy. Originated in 1883 on the Boardwalk after a storm flooded a candy store.

Postcards. The first-ever picture postcards were color views of Atlantic City.

Rolling Chairs debuted in 1887. The chairs are now a permanent attraction for visitors and an excellent way to travel the Boardwalk.

Monopoly. If the street names sound familiar and you've never been to Atlantic City, it's because the game of Monopoly was developed by Charles Darrow in 1929 using the city's streets. It went on to become the most popular board game ever.

"Airport." The word was first used in Atlantic City in reference to the city's flying field.

Miss America. The pageant has made Atlantic City its home for over 80 years and today is the largest scholarship program for women in the world. The first Miss America was crowned in 1921.

BEST SPOTS to PARK & MAKE-OUT in the Late Fifties (not in order)


1. The Point at the End of Longport

2. The Seawall at the Inlet

3. Ventnor Heights at the very end of Dorset Avenue (also called "The Spot")

4. B.A.B. in Margate next to the Bay

5. The Atlantic Drive-In

6. The Absecon Drive-In

Do you remember any other good spots, you old rascals?

A member of the Class of '59 has just added these "spots":

7. The tennis courts at Albany Ave. just over the bridge from the high school. Numerous parking spots. Spent many an hour there.

8. In warm weather, the beach. In particular, near (or under) the Margate Pier.

9. In cool weather, any dead-end beach-block street where there were no resident homes - just out-of-towner's vacation homes. There were lots of these from Longport to Margate.

10. In Ocean City, virtually ANY beach block street, if you were dating an Ocean City girl, as I did on several occasions.

Skip Mayall added this "Spot":

11. Harrisburg Ave & the bay, at or around the White Estate...not as famous, or infamous, but ...close for some...often timing is everything. (you got that right, Skip!)

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