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ACHS CLASS OF '58 - Part 2

We're coming back together now!




STILL MORE RECENT PICTURESOkay, Gang!   You've all been so good at sending in recent pictures that we've filled up the first two pages. So here is our 3rd page of recent pics.   Let's keep each other up to date on what we're doing these days. Your latest pics will usually appear on the top of this page.

Abbie Marder Banks swings from a cable in Costa Rica in January, 2005. Go for it, Abbie!

Abbie Marder Banks and her daughters, Elissa & Deborah with Elissa's

dog, Frostine.


On April 9, 2005 Lynn (Gallagher) & Rich Silton hosted a gathering of West Coast '58'ers at their home in Palo Alto, CA. Ellie (Backer) Miller helped with the planning. Drinks, dinner & a good time were had by all! Some of this group will be back for Countdown 2 this June.

Back row: Dave & Elissa (Bauman) Subin, Don & Nancy DeBrier, Rip & Ellie (Backer) Miller

and Jay & Jane (Walshe) McCracken. Front row: Rich & Lynn (Gallagher) Silton and Chick

& Nancy Lehrer.

                                  Don DeBrier & Ellie (Backer) MIller

                                      Dave & Elissa (Bauman) Subin

                                   Don DeBrier & Jane (Walshe) McCracken

                      Ellie (Backer) Miller, Lynn (Gallagher) and Rich Silton

Don DeBrier, Jane (Walshe) McCracken, Nancy DeBrier & Elissa (Bauman) Subin

                                       Jay McCracken & Dave Subin

                                                Nancy & Chick Lehrer

                 Ellie (Backer) & Rip Miller, Rich & Lynn (Gallagher) Silton

                                    A delicious meal was had by all!

                                           Boy!   This is good!

                      Some of the crowd around the beautiful dinner table.

                           Checking out Chick's book on the history of AC.

                   Dave & Elissa (Bauman) Subin enjoying themselves!

                      Checking out our old Graduation Yearbook --- "The Herald"

                                             The West Coasters!


Joan (Leeds) Graviss' Family in Mexico in March of 2005. Back row: Son-in-law Jim Farber

& Meliisa Graviss (married & live in Frisco), son-in-law Chris Dornfield, granddaughter

Madeline, age 2. Front row: Joan, Daughter Jennie Graviss, granddaughter Alexandra, 6

months old, granddaughter Marley, age 14, and husband Dick. Son Richard is not in the picture.


Ernie Lehrer (Chick's brother) & Chick Lehrer in NYC during the

Summer of 2004.



Ben Whitehurst

Ben Whitehurst (on right) in Istanbul, Turkey in 1991. Ben spent his

career in the army and has traveled all over the world.

Ben Whitehurst & his wife Barbara (ACHS Class of '59) in Israel in 1992.

                Ben & Barbara Whitehurst in Turkey in 1991.



Let's Go to South Africa

Lynne (Detweiler) & Bill Bowersock in South Africa in February, 2005. Lynne reports

they loved the country!


Rodger Mingo

Rodger Mingo at his retirement party in February

of 2003. A picture of Rodger in his ACHS days is

on the right.

                         Rodger & his wife, Sandra.

Rodger & his old track coach, Jack McKnight, at Rodger's retirement party.



Let's Visit New Zealand

Jerry & Shirley (Bailey) Levine at a local wine

tasting establishment with their tour group on

their recent trip to New Zealand. (Jerry &

Shirley are on the far right)


Christmas Time in New York City

Bob & Judy (Amole) Schwartz in front of the Rockefeller

Center tree in NYC during Christmastime in 2002.


Ed Doughty and Classmates

Ed Doughty, Lynne (Detweiler) Bowersock, Jane Doughty & Bill Bowersock

enjoying dinner at Jonathan's in AC on January 10, 2005. Lynne & Bill were

visiting from Nevada.

Herman Strauss & Ed Doughty got together for lunch on January 11,

2005. Herm was visiting from Florida.

Lee & Anne (Dunn) Herndon & Ed Doughty on January 7, 2005.

Jane Doughty & Anne (Dunn) Herndon on January 8, 2005.

Skip Mayall & Ed Doughty on New Year's Eve 2004.

Visiting the Grandkids over the Holidays

Betty (Barker) & Joe O'Connor visiting with their grandkids Connor

(age 2) & Regan (3 months) in Dallas, Texas in December, 2004. Betty

& Joe reside in San Mateo, CA.

Get-Together at Starbucks


Davida (Gardner) Ross, Steffi (Friss) Kay, Barbara (Weiner) Kirch, Ed

Doughty & Marty Ross met for coffee & a pre-holiday get-together at

Starbucks in Margate on December 6, 2004.

Ed & Jane Doughty and Cathie (Tort) & Ed Kane at East Bay Crab &

Grill on November 23, 2004.

Jay & Jane (Walshe) McCracken wished our class a Merry Christmas

when they sent this recent photo.

Anne (Dunn) Herndon & friend around Halloween.

Denny Whitworth, Bob Subranni & Nancy Whitworth in Fort Myers, Florida on

December 16, 2004 when Subranni paid the Whitworth's a visit. Nancy died

in October, 2011.


An Old Margate Friend

Joel Lanken when he was a lineman for the Florida State Seminoles------ and Joel today residing in Atlanta & running his own consulting firm.   Joel attended Granville Ave. School from K thru 6th Grade with us "Margate Kids".


Connie Childs-Abdullah & her husband Mikal with their son

James during his graduation from the University of Miami.

A proud Mom & Dad, indeed!

Judy (Amole) Schwartz & Nancy (Shute) Gersh are among the partiers on this boat

during Night in Venice in 1999.

Leo Polisano & Charlie Favazzo at Leo's son's wedding in April, 2004.


Going Ape!

Shirley (Bailey) Levine just monkeying around

on their recent trip to Australia.


Beer Tasters in St. Louis

Dick & Joan (Leeds) Graviss at a recent beer tasting

fundraiser for Joan's Crossroads School at Schlafly's

Restaurant in St. Louis on Nov. 16. '04. Joan reports

they tasted 6 different beers & ales.   All for a good

cause, of course.    Slurp!!!


Luzanne (Baggs) Pierce checks in!

Luzanne's son, daughter, herself & her husband, Al, enjoying a wedding

& the New Hampshire weather in September of '04.

Jane & Ed Doughty, Skip Mayall & Judy (Van Horn) Reilly enjoying dinner

at the Princeton Hyatt-Regency on Oct. 22, '04. They were there for the

Princeton-Harvard game.

Ellis Peopples with Ralph Hunter at a Lecture Series at Wash's Grand Ballroom.



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