Favorite Hobbies & Pastimes

Abbie Marder - Art and creating, Internet selling, writing poetry, bicycling, riding on the back of Don's Harley, dancing and music, theater, concerts AND traveling.

Bert Schott - (1) Old Cars: Model A Fords (í29 Roadster & í30 Town Sedan). I am more of a driver/maintainer than a restorer and active in the Model A Club. We have driven from Chicago to Green Bay, WI, Dearborn, MI and St. Louis MO. (2) Golf: I donít play very well at all but I have a compulsion to frustrate myself. If I ever break 100 I will die and go to heaven. (3) Working out: I used to exercise everyday but havenít done it since July when we moved; itís a new years resolution. 4) Volley ball: Again, something I havenít done for a while. (5) Another New Years resolution: Volunteer, perhaps habitat for humanity.

Blanche Bunting - (1) I love old movies--yes, black & white are the best. Stars like John Garfield, Jimmy Stewart, tough guys and cowboys I dont care. No one was better than Betty Davis, Barbara Stanwick and Joan Crawford. Now I satisfy myself with Clint Eastwood and Richard Gere---I have so many of Clint's movies that I positively will not share them with anyone. I have watched Richard Gere's "First Knight" and "Unfaithful" atleast 20 times apiece. (2) I do find time to write poetry and reflections of my past growing up in Atlantic City. (3) All that and holding down a little job at a elementary school. Total retirement doesnt set well with me, I have to keep my mind & body as active as possible. (4) Oh, I did forget to mention that I go to a fitness gym 5-6 days aweek at 3:45am BEFORE work to keep my blood pressure and whatever little issue the Doctor is trying to get rich on, in check. Now I am trying to keep my muscles from bulging. Hey...maybe I will be the first in our class to go on the circuit as Senior Mrs. Bodybuilder---who knows.

Bob Subranni - (1) Playing the piano. (2) Singing, (3) Sailing, (4) traveling and (5) exploring Mayan ruins in Mexico.

Brenda Shapiro - (1) Going to the gym 5 days a week, (2) yoga, (3) scrapbooking, (4) spending time with friends and (5) being with my 6 grandchildren.

Bunny Lang - (1) traveling, (2) spending time with my granddaughter, (3) knitting and (4) reading.

Cathie Tort - My hobbies are socializing and walking most and then, reading, boating, swimming, beaching, learning, traveling, yoga and I guess computer. I walk 5 to 6 miles a day. I also play golf and tennis but am not able to really get too good. I have especially enjoyed being a Grandmother so I guess that is a hobby too. My biggest hobby is just LIVING LIFE WITH ENTHUSIASM.

Chick Lehrer - (1) Hit the gym every day, esp. for the step classes (cause I think I'm dancin'), (2) Work on the history and language of my Sicilian forebears (I'm a genealogy freak), (3) Continue to build my dream HO train layout ( Lehrer's Law: a guy's gotta have trains, boats, real estate, or cars), (4) Live for the movies (gotta have 2 per week) and (5) Bop out the Blues on my 2 synthi-keyboards with young and old.

Davida Gardner - (1) Going to the JCC gym, (2) cooking & baking, (3) growing Orchids (gardening outdoors in season), (4) taking photos and organizing albums (currently copying old family photos for my kids), (5) enjoying the beach and boardwalk, (6) movies, (7) taking Hebrew and religion classes and (8) spending time with our three terrific grandchildren!

Dina Metzgar - (1) Genealogy. Fascinating hobby. Been doing this for many years. Am hoping to publish some of our family history--someday! (2) Love non-fiction, especially history. (Enjoy Book TV on CSPAN 2 on the week-ends) (3) Travel although I haven't done much lately. (4) Enjoy crossword puzzles (5) Hope to expand on all of this when I finally retire this year.

Ed Doughty - (1) Working on the computer & maintaining websites, (2) Dining out, (3) growing Roses, (4) Electric Trains, (5) keeping photo albums and (6) keeping up with current events.

Ellen Freet - (1) Playing with three electric train layouts in our garage, (2) Helping to restore a WWII Stinson aircraft to flying condition, (3) Working a crossword puzzle-a-day and reading a book-a-week, (4) Annoying our grandkids with "When I was your age" stories and (5) Pampering our Mickey, the world's best cat.

Janet Miller - (1) Quilting, I have made over 60 quilts and all of them are done by hand. I do my own designing and when I can pin my son down will have him scan them so everyone can see them. This is my first love. (2) I am an avid walker and walk at least 2 miles everyday. (3) I go to the gym three days a week which I enjoy. (4) I am taking Hebrew lessons, which I thoroughly enjoy although mastering this is quite a challange. (5) I still enjoy baking especially making bread (5 hour process). (6) talking with people. (7) Since this website came into existence checking this out has also become a hobby.

Jerry Levine - (1) Singing in a barbershop quartet, (2) playing competitive ping-pong and (3) computers.

Joan Leeds - (1) tennis, (2) traveling and (3) hiking (but no overnights-I don't do tents).

Judy Amole - work and walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City during the winter while all the "visitors" are home in Phila.

Laura Wilkinsky - (1) Love to read, (2) travel, (3) Fitness is very important. I play racquetball at least once a week; step aerobics twice a week; lift weights twice a week; walk 3 miles the other two days (and I still battle the bulge-- LOL) (4) Dining out (diametrically opposed to #3) and (5) Relay for Life -- Paul ('55) and I are Co-captains of this fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. (Paul is a nine year survivor of prostate cancer.) We have been participating for the last seven years. Last year our team raised more than $16,000.

Linda Starkey - (1) reading (good mystery novels) (2)gardening in season, (3)doing crossword puzzels, and (4) I collect handkerchiefs from all over the world. If they are embroidered with the name of the country all the better. I am the owner of some beautiful ones all edged with lace. (5) I am a Titanic buff and have alot of Titanic Memorabilia. I have two books, Firsthand Accounts from the Survivors , they are copywrited 1912 just after the disaster. Some of my material was loaned out to a local restaurant which hosted THE LAST DINNER ON THE TITANIC night. the tickets were $75.00 a person and everyone dressed in period costumes.

Lynn Gallagher - (1) writing a fantasy novella for kids, probably girls, with my brother, Bill class of 65, (2) making silk art banners featuring the Hebrew Alphabet, (3) reading mysteries, (4) cooking 'gourmet' dishes from around the world and (5) Collecting glass globes.

Rodger Mingo - (1) I collect and drive (not fix) old English sports cars, (2) keep up with military aviation and am a member of several Warbird museums. (3) I spend two months a year in France where I also take French lessons and enjoy interacting with the French in the cities and the countryside. I love history, religion and interacting with different cultures, and am a part-time consultant training managers and executives in Diversity and Model Work Environment. (4) I collect diecast modal cars (1/18 scale) and (5) I love the movies old and new, I must have seen Casablanca and the Maltese Falcon (two of my favorites) a hundred times. (6) I'm not much of a dancer, but I'm thinking about taking Tango lessons, (7) I try to walk 4 miles a day, but my stomach hasn't gotten the message, I think it's holding out until the day that I decide to give up all this 'exercise stuff.'

Sandi Harvey - I'm like the old woman who lived in the shoe, I have so many hobbies, I don't know what to do! I sing in my Temple choir [soprano], I take oil painting and pastel classes, I write children's books {one published and one on the way} I take a writer's workshop, write poetry and short stories, and still choreograph for my "Red Hot Mamas", a senior dance line of women ages 50 - 82. They have been on TV and perform all over New York in their spangles and feathers. I am also vice president of the Huntington Arts council, on the board of trustees of my Temple, and just elected to the board of directors of the Rockette Alumnae Association. I do library, and book store readings for children with my book, and bring the story to life with creative movement with the kids dancing the parts. Keeps me feeling young! In my spare time, I have fun with my six grandchildren. I have written a book for each of them, and hope to have them all published in the near future. Any literary agents or publishers out there?

Shirley Bailey - (1) traveling, (2) mah jongg and (3) gourmet cooking club.

Steffi Friss - (1) tennis, (2) golf, (3) working out, (4) traveling and (5) reading.

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