Barbara Frolow Remembers


Great pictures. Brings back many memories. Like putting a penny on the trolley track at vermont ave. and and seeing what happens to it.

Going to steel pier, when my parents wanted to get rid of us kids and going through the horror house time and time again. What my older brother (Dave) went through because he had to take us there. (my younger brother too. ) Listening to the big bands playing at Steel Pier, ie., Tommy Dorsey, etc., where my parents went in the evening to dance.

Taking care of Marion Hackney, when I worked on staff at Atl. City Medical Center) (the diver from the horse at Steel Pier) when she was suffering from cancer and eventually passed on.

Going on the boardwalk with my grandparents and riding the horses on the beach and buying peanuts from Mr. Peanut.

And going to the DuPont exhibit and learning some many things from that show, that interested me immensely. Wow, could we live without them.

I can bet you that there wasn't a day in the summer that I and friends didn't end up at Captain Starns just to look at the seals, and see the fishing boats come in with their catch of the day and watching them clean the fish for the market.

Thanks Ed and Jane for sharing those pictures.

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