QUOTES from Classmates on our Website

Abbie Marder - I have looked at the entire site...late last night. It is a very nice site so, keep up the good work.

Ada Eberhardt - Ed, Thanks for the web site. It is wonderful. I really just got a chance to view it. It is fabulous! Thanks!

Al Glenn - Ed-great Website!!!!!!! Missed both events and seeing the pictures,etc, really brought back many fond memories about all our '58 classmates. GREAT JOB ED !!!!!!! WITHOUT YOUR INTEREST AND DESIRE TO SUCCEED, WE WOULD NOT ALL BE TOGETHER. HOPE YOU LIVE ANOTHER 39 YEARS OLD !!! (GRIN) -- AL

Al Riley - Great to hear from you. Just checked out your websites. You've outdone yourself! Browsing these sites brought back a lot of good memories of both Ventnor and ACHS. You've done a great service to us all, by bringing these names and faces from the past together again on your websites.

Anne Dunn - I'm really enjoying the site. Great fun. Loving the ACHS webpage and all the news. Thanks for your efforts on it.

Bunny Lang - Your web sites are amazing! Keep up the good work.

Barbara Bolte - I also want you to know that I am really enjoying your website and look forward to all the new pictures and articles. You are doing a great job!

Barbara Cohen - I just got your web site info from Bobbie Jean Sooy. Great job! Please add me to your list. Thank you for your putting everything together. You have created something so incredible. Thank you so much. AND thank you again and again for all you do.

Barbara Frolow - Wow..........how great of you to take the time to get all this together! Really enjoyed seeing all the pictures and memories from the greatest class 58. Must of taken you forever to gather all this. GREAT JOB!

Barbara Katz - I guess it's time I shared my thanks to Ed for bringing us back together. Ed, keep up the fabulous job you're doing. Just a note to say I really am enjoying all the pics. Thanks for keeping the site active.


Barbara Weiner - I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the website you set up. How did you find all the memorabilia? Bravo!! You've done an outstanding job in reorganizing the class website! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed checking out each new update. But Ed, I'm sure your math is wrong - we can't possibly be "that old". Where have all those years gone so quickly? I still feel "young at heart"! The pics were great. You do an amazing job with the web site!

Barry Leeds - Ed-I think I look great with my sign! I have absolutely no time to sit and enjoy the site. As soon as my chaotic life gets calmer I will spend hours! I love the site and the pixs! WOW- You missed your calling. I will keep trying to get a moment to send you pixs.

Ben Whitehurst - You have a "great" deal with you e-mails in keeping everyone update. The one from the young lady who received e-mail about her father was touching. You were born to write and especially the way you are doing it now.

Bert Schott - That's a great web site, I'm impressed! Please add me to your list. Alice and I moved to St.Louis from Chicago in July, 2004. We are now retired and live within 25 minutes of all of our children and grandchildren. Life is good. Thanks for all the great work you do for the class of ’58.

Betty Barker -Thank you so much Ed---- I just spent 2 hours going over pictures and wishing I had been there----this is the next best thing thanks again-----Betty

Blanche Bunting - Hey there, Ed, I checked out the website---it's great! Oh yes, the pictures are great. I will send you some of my shots soon.

Bob Beuttel - I am receiving your e mails,and loving them. They bring back wonderful memories of ACHS. Thanks for all you effort on the site. Thanks again for all the time you put into our website. We are all so grateful to you.

Bob Somers - Hi Ed, Been checking your additions to your ACHS website quite often. Great work and a lot of it. Just wanted you to know that the old pictures people send to your website are appreciated. Keeping the site up to date is a lot of work.

Bobby Jean Scull - It is so great to hear from other classmates. Please keep on with the news. It is great!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this website. It is great, love the pictures especially for our 50th.

Bunny Lang - Ed, I receive all of your e-mails and enjoy reading them. Thanks for taking the time to put together this web site.

Butch Friedman - Keep up the great work!

Carm Colaianni - You're out of control. But I do love your web pages, they keep me entertained. Thanks for doing such a great job and keeping us all informed. It is fun to hear from you. You do a fantastic job with the web site.. You're the glue that keeps our class together

Cathie Tort - I HAVE BEEN ROLLING ON THE GROUND LAUGHING! What a great job you are doing. I think we are all looking better now. I am so into all this now. I am going to try to find my old scrapbooks. I am spending more time on this Website than I ever imagined. I can't wait to see (or hear) what is new. I am so enjoying all the old pictures etc. Thank you so much. I love the Margate stuff. It is amazing how you have brought this class together! IT IS AMAZING WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR OUR CLASS AND OUR MEMORIES. YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Charlyne Williams - Ed, Great idea for the class of '58 to have a Website! Thanks for the great job you are doing. We do have a fantastic class. Thanks for all you do to keep the class together and updated. You continue to do a fantastic job keeping our class together.

Chick Lehrer - The recent pix of you and the gang are just dynamite!

Chris Gilmore - Loving the website! It's fantastic! Ed, the website is amazing. Limitless possibilities. (Chris died in June of 2004)

Chris Young - You've done a lot of work and it looks good. You're doing a great job with the site. I really enjoy getting your messages. Keep it up! Terrific!!!

Chuck Workman - Ed - what a nice thing you did. Thanks for all the memories.

Dale Giberson - Hi Ed - Nice job with Website!

Danny Fischer - This is great! I hope you're going to keep it up. Keep up the great website! Go, go 58'ers! Thanks for all the great stuff on the 58 site. Stay well and keep us informed.

Dave Pincus - I love your website!

Davida Gardner - Hi, Ed, Glad you are still a character! Marty and I love the website - yes, I will be dancing at our 50th. You've done a wonderful thing in creating the ACHS website. Old friends have re-connected. Sounds as though we all are enjoying being "seniors" !! Yes, our class is an exceptional group, and we still support each other. The website looks terrific.

Denny Whitworth - The web site is outstanding. Thanks for sharing it with me. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of our grade school teachers. I think of them now and then but could not picture them in my mind.

Dina Metzgar - Holy cannoli - your website is fantastic! Thanks for doing this great project for us all. I think you saved even more stuff than I did, which is really saying something. Hall passes? I can't believe it. I do have the floaters from school elections. Maybe I have some you missed. I just looove your websites! Thanks for your hard work! What a great job you're doing. This must be a full time job for you. No wonder you retired! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the websites. I've been hearing from friends I haven't seen in many decades. Thanks again for all your efforts. Thanks for the good wishes and for all the HARD WORK you do for all of us throughout the year. What a difference you have made. Just seeing the messages back and forth re Lynn's son proves the many ways your work is important to us. Thanks for caring so much! Wishing you a healthy & happy 2005!

Don DeBrier - Wonderful memories, Ed. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Ellen Freet - Your website is delightful. I designed a much simpler one for an aircraft restoration club that we belong to, so I have an appreciation of the great amount of time, patience and talent that you've put into your worthy project. I've just reprinted and stuffed some old AC photos in an envelope addressed to you. They'll snail-mail out Monday morning fom Las Vegas to Linwood. Please don't feel obligated to scan the pics on your awesome Class of '58 website, although you certainly are welcome to do so. Do with them as you please; I just hope you get a kick ot them and it's my small way of thanking you for your generous efforts.

Ellen Langerman - Please keep me in the loop. I really enjoy all your efforts and all the pictures, information etc that the web site provides.

Ellie Backer - I checked out the site today and it's GREAT! You did a bang-up job! This was a crack-up. I loved it!! I have to tell you again that you are doing a great job with the website. It's nice to have so many of our memories logged in one place. Thanks again for helping all of us reconnect. It's been wonderful! Thanks again so much, Ed, for keeping all of us in contact with each other. I know you enjoy doing it, but still it's a lot of work and we all appreciate it. You've really become our historian and also the conduit for keeping more of us in touch in the future. Wow, Ed, what an amazing ride this has been since last summer. It's been wonderful and all your time and energy is greatly appreciated by all of us. The website and all the effort you have put into it has really brought a lot of us much closer and that's so nice.

Ellis Peopples - Nice website and a great idea.

Errol Browne - Ed, Just viewed the most recent set of pictures. Fabulous! Evoked lots of good memories! Thanks, you're doing a fantastic job! What fabulous memories!!! Thanks to all who have contributed pictures, etc., and especially to you, Ed, for compiling this treasure trove of memories. Happy birthday to US, and kudos to Big ED for making it all possible!!! Thanks BIG GUY!

Florence Carr - Hi, I love the website. It's great to see all the pictures. Boy, your web site is really growing and so interesting. Thank you for all your work. I am enjoying your web site immensely!

Frank DiBianca - I checked out your website. Looked great to me! Did you notice we were all better looking then?? You are turning me into an ACHS '58 Website junkie! Your efforts with the web page have really been instrumental in bringing a lot of us old timers together again! Thanks for the (computer) memories.

Frannie Rando - yes, I did find the website and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I look forward to seeing more. When I get up north where my pictures are I will send some in. Until then keep up the good work because everyone loves it.

Gayanne Riddle - Ed, thank you so much for doing the website. I'm having so much fun reading all the e-mail from our class. Let me know if you are going to do something this summer. I would love to come. I had so much fun looking at the Ventnor girls pictures.


George Peppas - You really are to be congratulated for that spectacular website! I have some memorabilia I'll scan and send to you as I locate them.

Gloria Leiken - Got your website info from Barbara and Jan and finally logged on. I enjoyed the photos.

Harry Rosenberg - Thank you for including me on your email list. You are doing a great job and it is certainly appreciated.

Herman Strauss - Ed, thanks a lot for the great sights, you guys really have done a ton of work on them. I retired in 1995 as postmaster of Clearlake, California, a small town in northern Calif that is now the upper part of the Napa Valley wine region. So we packed up and moved to Yuma, AZ. Thanks for all the good information on the class of 58. You're doing a great job. Well after 35 years out west it looks as though we will be moving to St Augustine, Flordia, so expect Doris and I at all the parties that you guys are having. I will let you know when we move and the new street address. We will probably leave Yuma in mid-October.

Irv Tannenbaum - Nice going Ed! Now you've gone and done it.... Until I visited the site my memory of all of you was locked in 1958. Who are all these geriatrics? Are they our parents? While I realize it's a labor of love, thanks for all you are doing.

Ivy Givens - Glad the Xmas party was a success. Ed, your the greatest!

Jack Bernstein - By the way your sites look great. You must play with your computer 24hrs a day. Do not have any pictures at hand, if I find any I will send them to you.

Janet Miller - Lou Vilensky gave me your website which I promptly checked out. It is so great and brought back many memories. Thanks again so much, Ed, for keeping all of us in contact with each other. I know you enjoy doing it, but still it's a lot of work and we all appreciate it. You've really become our historian and also the conduit for keeping more of us in touch in the future. Your website is great!!!! It is so wonderful to be able to"visit" things of yesteryear and to find out what happened to our special friends and to recall events of our past. This website is great, you have done a fabulous job and I know all of us appreciate your efforts. Ed, for the upteenth time I think the website and all of the work that you have done has been fantastic. I feel so connected with the class; there is just something special about seeing and being in touch with old friends!

Janice Rubenstein - Just a note to let you know how much your website is appreciated! You are amazing! Thanks for keeping us all informed and "together"! My husband, Ron has really enjoyed all the class of '58 info as much as me!!! Many thanks for all your hard work!

Jay Gerber - Jay's original comments were not printable --- but the gist of it was that I should make it a "pay website" and feature pictures of certain naked female classmates. Later, he added: "Keep up the good, no make that GREAT work!......Jay"

Jay McCracken & Jane Walshe - We really appreciate all the work you have put into the website. It's been great! On the other hand, it is disturbing to hear when various members of the class of '58 pass on.

Jean Dempsey - I have been having a ball looking at the ACHS page....thank you so much for contacting me. It is great to see some of the "young" and "old" pictures of our classmates.

Jeanette Norton - Ed, you have done such a great job of getting the class back in touch. I really enjoy seeing the pictures and reading about our classmates. We are so lucky to have you!!!

Jeri Leonard - I am really enjoying your web site! And thank you so much for reconnecting me with all my classmates! As far as our web site , it is really wonderful! You deserve much credit!

Jo DeBiasi - Thanks for all your work on the ACHS website, it's amazing and cleverly done. You're good!! I appreciate all your efforts in bringing members of our class together and love hearing all the news. You are amazing, Ed!!! You have done such a wonderful job with the Class of '58 Website. I am truly amazed at your computer talents and your dedication to our class. Though I haven't written or sent photos ( when I go through the endless boxes of pics I will send some) I have read most of your E-mails and have truly enjoyed learning about our fellow classmates. There were tears in my eyes when I read Paul Slutzgers' daughter's letter. Amazing what miracles can happen in this age of computers.

Jo Paparone - Ed. I've been receiving & reading your e-mails on a regular basis. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping us all informed and up to date.

Joan Leeds - I think you're doing a great job keeping everybody in the loop. I am quite impressed with all our classmates' accomplishments but more with what nice human beings they turned out to be. I'm really enjoying hearing about everyone's lives thru the website.

Joyce Shenkman - Ed, You are the best. It is so nice hearing from you and knowing that we can all stay in touch. Thank you. This web site makes me feel connected to the past and helps to make our lives come full circle. Thanks again for keeping this going. I think that we should have another reunion before the 50th. For all of us who missed the last one, the web site has brought us all together. thank you.

Judi Ginsburg - I am in Texas and saw the website. Do you have nothing else to do in your retirement? Only kidding, it is GREAT! Thanks for letting me know! Look forward to our next reunion.

Judy Perr - You are doing a great sevice for the class of '58. Now I am really glad I voted for you! Your time and dedication are appreciated; especially by me. Thank you for all your hard work.

Judy Amole - I have been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy the web sites and say hello to everyone. I guess now you are in line to become a web site designer. I promise to get my box of pictures out of the attic and look for some for the site. Great work on the site, this is better communication then we had in high school. Keep up the web page, I was able to show the folks I teach with what I looked like in eighth grade. They all were impressed that I had a high school class that still kept in touch. Thanks again, Ed.

Judy Caplan - Website is great, enjoyed it!

Judy Oxenberg - I love this stuff, read the letters, look at the pictures. I’m trying to locate a picture of our Richmond Avenue School third grade production of “Hansel and Gretel” (I was the witch in an example of excellent casting). Thank you for putting the website together, and a belated happy, healthy new year to you.

Kathy Gaffney - Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures and the web site you have designed for us. Thanks so very much for setting up the web site. We really had a unique class. You guys are special. THANKS!

Larry Clofine - You are doing a great job -- sent the website to a few people from the class ahead of us and they loved it. I think everyone is having a great time on the website, and enjoying all of the communication with old friends and aquaintances. You are doing a wonderful job (for a retired gentleman) and a service to all of our class. Keep up the good work. You might even get paid ---- in accolades --- of course --- that is a new currency !!!!!! I marvel at the accumulation of pictures that have come in from our class ------ what a way to keep in touch with not only the past, but the present. I can't wait until I retire to have the time to put up a website, but I want to do an X rated one ----- even though it won't do me any good !!!!!!!!! We are all having great fun with yours!

Larry Wachs - Hi Ed- Clofine mailed website info to me. Its fabulous!! Let me add voice to those who have indicated how much they enjoy the website. It is simply amazing how it brings back warm and pleasant memories. Thank You. Love the pictures. They sure do bring back great memories.

Laura Wilkinsky - It certainly was lots of fun looking at the pictures from the reunion and other items that folks shared with you. I guess I'll have to try and install my scanner. When/if I do I will send you some pictures. Thanks for all your time and effort in putting together such a nice website. You are doing a great job! I, too, extend my thanks to Ed for the effort he has put out in bringing us all together.


Linda Starkey - I really appreciate all the work you are doing with your web site. The pictures are great! Everything is looking great. I really enjoy hearing that you've added new things. Once again you've done a grand job putting together the web site. I love the dancing letters(names). Keep up the good work. You alone are responsible for melding us together. Thank you so very much.

Lou Vilensky - I can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying the website and how much I appreciate it that there is an Ed Doughty out there doing these kinds of things. Wow, what a fabulous place to go for one's entertainment and enlightenment. Because of the website (especially since I didn't make it to the 45th reunion), I have been able to get back in touch with some good friends. Many of our old relationships are once again "standing tall," and all because of you, the friendship STUD! Keep it coming! We ARE having fun thanks to YOU. Please live until you are at least 92 years old; that seems to be the age at which many in my family seem to kick the proverbial bucket.

Lynne Detweiler - The website is wonderful. It brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart with fond memories. Loved the picture of the 8th grade play. Ed, you certainly have given a gift to our class with the website. Please know I appreciate all the time and effort you put in to this accomplishment. Many thanks.

Lynn Gallagher - What a perfect time to start a website and conact old friends. I look forward to connecting with many classmates on the website. Again, Thanks for doing this. I second Ellie Backer's sentiments about your efforts on behalf of the class. The website is great. We were all so cute! And the recent pictures were so nice to see as well. Looks like it was a good party. Thanks for all your work on this. Looks like your having a good time at it; we are enjoying it too. The old AC pictures are wonderful! All the pictures are really great. You do a lot of work. Thanks. You are doing a great job. I wish I knew more of these people when we were in High School, they sound so special. All the best.

Mark Hyman - I'm presently in Albuquerque, NM. Thanks for the Web Site, it brings back fine memories. Many thanks to you for maintaining this great web site.

Mary Etta Cobb - Ed, I am really enjoying your website!

Mary Knapp - You are so extra special.......the site is fabulous.....I will try to locate pictures. I check the website each day....and I am loving each moment and each picture. Estatic to see web site Class 1958 is growing by leaps and bounds!....was there ever a doubt!!!! Ed, this site has allowed us to all be together again.....45 years later.....and you know, we are all still the same beautiful, wonderful, loving friends/classmates we always were! Ed, my thanks for the opportunity to communicate each day with the great, wonderful Class of 1958....I know you receive many thanks for the site....add mine to it! Kudos, again and again to you for bringing us all together.....the Class of 1958 was certainly blessed...golly, we were, and are, great! Something made us all, 1958'ers fantastic, super, dynamic, special, extraordinary.....and thanks for your continued hard work on ACHS 1958 Website...you're fantastic!

Mike Mash - Great job on this website. You are definitely a master at web site design and implementation. This is much more fun than Ms. Gallia's history class. It was great looking at those old photos of AC. And remembering the Steel Pier. How about that diving team of "Russ Dotson and his Diving Collegians"? It is great to hear from the great gang from the ACHS class of '58.

Mike Miller - The Part 1 pictures, memories and jokes were great. You made me smile. I'm looking forward to Part 2.

Mitchell Cohen - Ed, What a fantastic web site. Many great memories of a time long ago. Just had web site forwarded to me by Ellen (Freet) Greenspan. We currently live in Las Vegas(Summerlin). My wife and I have both retired and love it out here. Sorrywe couldn't make the reunion but hope to make the 50th. Can not believe all the work that went into this project. Absolutely fabulous,funny,entertaining and all that!

Nancy Steelman - Thanks for the website...it's really great!...it's good to go down memory lane. Thank you so much for working so hard on the web site. We're all enjoying the fruits of your labor and appreciate it so much.


Paul Longo - By the way this group is quickly becoming the envy of other classes. Keep up the good work.

Rae Carole Anderson - Dear Ed, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading our web site. I sent a copy of your web pages to my cousin and she was impressed with the format you have created. I told her our class is a cut above, now she believes it...I do not read the paper however your reporting is the first email I open. Thanks for all you do, I know it is a large undertaking for you. We all know you are well qualified that's why we voted for you so long ago. Proud to be your classmate.

Penny (Dunbar) Birnbaum - Ed..I loved it ...It's PRICELESS..It makes me want to dig up some old pictures from the Chelsea Heights Gang ... Barb Benner, Ruth Clethro, Me. You did a great job, but I didn't know you were such a party person (a glass in every hand) but still had time to be so smart!! Thanks!

Richard Weinroth - I have only had time to look through the fresman/sophomore years...what a trip! Great pictures and memories. I take one exception to the list of greatest sub shops, I thought the Super Sub Shop was the best for subs and certainly milkshakes.

The website brought back alot of memories. It made me feel young again (damnit). Living in Nevada now, but I still have sand in my shoes. I will try to make Countdown 2.

Rita Shumsky - Janet (Miller) Rosenthal and Davida (Ross) Gardner told me about the website. The website is fabulous! I loved the pictures, the stories and the comments from classmates. The web site is great. I look forward to the e-mails. Thanks for all your efforts.

Roberta Morris - I think you did an excellent job! Keep up the good work. Thanks Ed, the pictures are great, and I love your kitchen! Keep up this website, Ed, you are doing great!

Rodger Mingo - The website is great! I'm really glad that you're doing it. I'm going to try to scan some of the pictures that I have so that I can send them to you.

Ron Apfelbaum - I have enjoyed looking at the site and the email flow when I have the time. I'll be visiting my mother in Florida in June. She has some old pictures so I'll see if any are from the high school years.

Ron Glenn - Ed, where in the world did you get those pictures? Coats and ties on the 'Walk? They should be sent to the Historical Society! I love the pictures of the Margate gang. You're doing a great job. Those pictures of the Margate gang are a real treat. What were we doing in business suits in 8th grade? How times have changed.

Sandi Harvey - Larry Clofine sent me the website. I'm so glad he did! I just finished looking at it and think it's so great!. You did a fantastic job! Your website is amazing! Your jokes are hysterical! I didn't remember the photo at the Dobs mother/daughter luncheon. It was great seeing a picture of my dear mother next to me. It brought back wonderful memories of my mom and the close relationship we had. Thanks for all the time you have put into this wonderful website for our class. I'm enjoying it so much. I'm so happy that you have made this fantastic website to bring all of us together again after all these years. I've been in touch with Lou Vilensky and haven't seen him since we graduated. Also in touch with Linda Galvin and haven't seen her since 1958 either. Great job Ed! What a terrific thing you are doing for all of us!

Shirley Bailey & Jerry Levine - Hi Ed - can't believe you did all this!!! Also can't believe you have all those old pictures. I give you lots of credit for undertaking the website. Great job on the website! It's been fun looking at all the old pix and seeing some of the new ones. I'm enjoying all this info from our class!!! Thanks again for all your efforts.

Skip Mayall - It is truly great to see all these additions!

Stanley Miller - Glad that all of your work is resulting in so many people joining up. Thanks again. Stan.(Stan died in December of 2005)

Steffi Friss - It looks great! You guys have done an amazing job and I give thanks to you for making it easy for old friends to reconnect! Little did you know what great forces you unleashed by starting that website! Many thanks.

Step Souder - First, thanks! for all you've done in creating our Web Site, but even more importantly for providing the means to bring us together on a more regular basis then every 5 years.

Steve Kalish - Ed, I do enjoy the web site- thanks!

Steve Schiffer - You’ve done a great job with the web site!

Sue Moore - Just looked at your web site. It is hysterical! Good job! Thank you for all your hard work on the web site and with the emails. Someday I will get to the old picture request. They are buried somewhere. We have just downsized to a townhouse and not totally organized. Keep up the good work.

Sue Nordheim - You guys are doing such a great job---I love what I do receive. It`s so neat to hear about everyone! Keep up the good work!

Sue Volpin - thanks for the link, and the great 'photos! Fun to see those unlined faces again.

Suzanne Willetts - Dear Ed, Thanks for adding me to addresses;love the site.Being "a piney" from the yellow school bus crowd, I never saw earlier pictures or party pictures from the islanders. Always agreed,we had the best class ever. My husband Dan Smith ( a foreigner from Phila.) has loved attending the last two reunions and enjoying reading of the accomplishments of classmates. He just beams and agrees with us,"great". So proud to be part of the group and proud "we weren't bums". Plan to try to mail some on the list, to share a personal remembrance of them and why knowing them at the time meant something to me. Hope some others would do the same,share a kind memory with someone (and keep it clean,right?).

Terry Byrnes - Thanks for all the updates. I really enjoy the news. You've done a great job on the website!


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