Atlantic City High School's Class of 1958

Atlantic City High School's Class of 1958
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Our class knows how to party!


The Winter of 1957 brought our Junior Year Elections and the Spring featured the Junior Prom - "Younger Than Springtime". The fall of our Senior Year brought our first half Senior Year Elections. In the winter it was time for --- Co-ed Capers --- then the Senior Prom - "An Affair to Remember" --- and 2nd Half Senior Elections --- then the spring brought --- the play Pygmalion --- Class Night --- Kiwanis Night and finally --- Graduation! We could've never guessed back then how each of our lives would unfold over the next 47 years. As they say --- life is what happens when you're planning something else!

Junior Year Elections and Student Council Election

The "We Care" ticket: Standing: Jimmie Peeler, Jay Gerber & Richie Warner. Seated: Joyce Hunter & Vicky Barsky.

The Junior Prom - May , 1957

Ed Doughty, Joan Leeds, Bob Subranni & Ronnie Gibbons before the Junior Prom

Ed Doughty & Joan Leeds after the Junior Prom

Luzanne Baggs & Bob Somers after the Junior Prom

Carole Camp & Bob Hall after the Junior Prom

On the Beach: ?, Carole Camp, Barbara Gottlieb, Carole Mathews, Cathie Tort, ?, ?, Bobbi Jean Scull, ?, Ronnie Gibbons & ?.

Remember the Atlantic & Absecon Drive-Ins? I bet you do!!!! You dog!

1958 was the peak year for Drive-In Movies --- there were over 4000 across America! Today there are less than 100 remaining --- and there were none at all in New Jersey for the past 13 years. But the Delsea Drive-In in Vineland re-opened in July of 2004.

Senior Class Elections - First Half

A FLECS Ticket floater

Another FLECS Ticket floater

We had FLECS floaters!

A couple different ones for every day of Campaign Week!

The FLECS ticket: Steve Schiffer, Chris Young, Liddy Baker, Frank DiBianca & Ed Doughty

FLECS Campaign meeting: Dale Giberson, Ed Doughty, Steve Gottlieb & Joan Leeds hold up some of the FLECS posters

FLECS Campaign Meeting: Liddy Baker, Dale Giberson, Joan Leeds & Chris Gilmore hard at work!

Senior Class Officers: Steve Souder (Sgt. at Arms), Barry Leeds (Treasurer), Ed Doughty (President), Chris Young (Secretary) & Frank DiBianca (Vice President).

Mary Etta Cobb was elected President of Student Council . The Absegami Dance Club held their Annual Christmas Dance at the Chalfonte-Haddon Hall

GALS "Twilight Time" Dance on November 9, 1957

CAPS "Harvest Holiday" Dance on November 29, 1957

DELTA's "Mistletoe Kiss" Dance on December 27, 1957

DELTA's "Mistletoe Kiss" Dance on December 27, 1957

The Press gave some publicity for "Co-ed Capers" which was performed on February 15, 1958.

The Senior Prom - March 1, 1958

Bob Somers, Judy Lee Throshel, Joan Leeds & Ed Doughty before the Senior Prom

Judy Lee Throshel & Bob Somers after the Senior Prom

Joan Leeds & Ed Doughty after the Senior Prom

Chris Gilmore & Ruth Valentinsen after the Senior Prom

Jay Gerber, Steffi Friss & Shirley Gerstenfeld after the Senior Prom

Steffi Friss showing off after the Senior Prom.

Back: Pete Sill, Jeff Latz & Steve Gottlieb; Front: Judy Oxenberg, "Rebel" McConnell, Shirley Gerstenfled, Thelma Turner, Denny Irons, Joan Leeds, Bob Somers & Judy Lee Throshel; Very front: Bob Subranni. This crowd felt no pain!

A party at the 500 Club after our Senior Prom. Standing: Barbara Cohen, Merrill Hunt, Frannie Spano & ?. Seated: ?, ?, Ginny Damiano & ?. Can anybody identify the others? (picture submitted by Barbara Cohen)

Senior Class Elections - Second Half

The Missile Mob Ticket

Joan Leeds & Ed Doughty on the Atlantic City Boardwalk during the Spring of '57


Our Class Varsity Football Players did us proud! Back Row: Sam Mathis, Ted Burns, Frank Klimeke, Jay McCracken & Don Brown. Front Row: Ray Shirk, Steve Schiffer, Al Glenn, Dick West & Nick Russo. The team's record was 4-2-2 our Senior Year.


Front Row: Beaver Robinson, Paul Slutzker, Ray Green, Leo Polisano, Winston Reynolds & Sam Sawyer. 2nd Row: Gus Sarkos, Danny Keating, Gerald McNeeley, Jimmy McNeeley & Stan Bergman. Back Row: Mr. Thomas Barker, Mr. Bernard Swartz, Mr. Raymond Huber, Coach Bill Swain & Manager Bob Somers. The team's record was 21-1 our Senior Year! We lost the final game to Linden because Leo Polisano was hurt and couldn't play. Later, Leo was selected for the All-State team! This was arguably the best basketball team ever produced by ACHS.

Pete Sill, Jeff Latz, Vic Stickle, Bob Somers, Ed Doughty & Chris Gilmore on a camping trip to Gravelly Run

"Pygmalion" was the big play that Spring.

The Cast

Our Graduation Program --- We'd made it!

Special Graduation Tickets & Passes!

Here come those Princeton Tigers!

Princeton Bound: Ed Doughty, Jay Gerber & Don DeBrier

They all went on to become lawyers.

Back: Steve Gottlieb, Jeff Latz, Bob Somers & Bob Hall; Front: Dick Stanton & Ed Doughty on a Guys Night Out the last week of the summer before college.