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ACHS CLASS OF '58 - Part 1

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Here's a page for the Ventnor kids!   But you Ventnor guys have to send in more pictures for this page!   Let's go, you proud Ventnor guys!   This page also contains Fraternity & Sorority pictures --- and pictures from our 20th Reunion.


Ventnor Avenue School - 1953

?, Gloria Leiken, Barbara Fisher, Thelma Turner, Liddy Baker, Shirley

  Rettberg (deceased), Gayanne Riddle, Sue Moore, ? & Catherine Paoli.

Jerry Johnson, Bill Dyer (deceased) & Owen

Rogal - Ventnor Avenue School - 1952

Back Row: Linda Karp, Jeri Leonard & Gayanne Riddle. Front Row:

Shirley Gerstenfeld (deceased) & Owen Rogal - Ventnor Avenue

School - 1953.

   Elliot Nehmad & Don DeBrier - Ventnor Avenue School - 1953.

Shirley Rettberg (deceased), Gayanne Riddle,

Janet Miller & Sue Moore - Vennor Avenue School - 1953.

Shirley Rettberg (deceased) & Dorothy Bach


                                      Ellie Backer's Sweet Sixteen Party in December, 1956

Front row: Leah Bloomfield, Ellie Backer, Judy Drasin (Phila.), Judy Caplan, Steffi

Friss & Joyce Shenkman. Middle row: Paula Hoffman, Libby Goldblum, Marilyn

Ottenberg, Liddy Baker, Thelma Turner & Rita Shumsky. Back row: Sandy

Jacobson, Ruth Craven, Melina Brooks, Linda Karp, Jeri Leonard, Shirley

Gerstenfeld and Judi Oxenberg.



The Center Follies of 1955

Butch Friedman, Jay Gerber, Larry Wachs, Don DeBrier, Jerry Rich & Steve Solomon.


Ellie Backer gets a Mu Del Award from

Carl (Chuck) Workman.

Larry Clofine gets strangled by Joyce Shenkman

(who later dispenses justice as a Judge)

Beaver Robinson & Step Souder ham it up!

MU DEL Fraternity in our Senior Year

In the front row of this fraternity picture you can see John Dintenfass, Jerry Rich, Jay Gerber,

Butch Friedman, Don DeBrier, Lew Vilensky and Donald Kahn. In the 2nd row you can spot Chuck

Workman, Owen Rogal, Larry Wachs. Chuck Miller, Richie Chazin and Harry Rosenberg. In the

3rd row Al Matez is near the middle. Steve Schiffer is in there, too. If any classmates can spot any

other '58's --- please advise.


SAGS Mother-Daughter Luncheon - 1957

Bunny Hoffman, Judy Ginsberg, Harriet Lorenstein, Barbara Fogel, Steffi Friss, Liddy

Baker, Debbie Kornblau (deceased), Judi Oxenberg, Davida Gardner & Mimi Weitz.



DOBS Mother-Daughter Luncheon - 1958

Paula Hoffman, Ileene Roth, Jeri Leonard, Shirley Gerstenfeld (deceased), Ellen Langerman,

Melissa Brooks, Ellie Backer, Joyce Shenkman, Ruth Craven, ?, Marilyn Ottenberg, Janet

Miller, Linda Karp, Joyce Renshon & Sandy Harvey. Top Row: Rita Shumsky.


PEGS Mother - Daughter Luncheon - 1956 (submitted by Barbara Katz)

Front Row: Judi Perr, Barbara Katz, Shelley Mamlin, Bunny Lang, Barbara Kramer,

Cynthia Miller, Laura Wilkinsky,Roz Liebowitz, Rita Rubenstein & Anita Williams. Back Row:

Cecille Dayan & Shirley Bailey (plus mothers).


PEGS Blue Sky Dance - 1955 - Freshman Class (submitted by Barbara Katz)

Front Row: Shirley Smith, Barbara Katz, Rita Rubenstein, Roz Liebowitz, Barbara Kosden,

Judi Perr & Madelyn Wagner. Back Row: Barbara Wallenstein, Shelley Mamlin, Gloria

Leiken, Myra Stalberg, Bunny Lang, Ellen Freet, Diane Lokich, Barbara Kramer, Maxine

Selkow, Laura Wilkinsky, Cynthia Miller, Judy Schwartz & Barbara Silver.


SAGS Sorority's Winter Dance in our Senior Year.

Standing, l. to r: Elissa Bauman, Rita Rubenstein, Mimi Weitz, Steffi Friss, Barbara Fogel,

Judy Oxenberg & Davida Gardner. Seated, l. to r.: Bunnie Hoffman, Sue Volpin, Judi

Ginsburg, Sue Bears, Brenda Shapiro & Barbara Cohen. (picture submitted by Barbara



SAGS June Fantasy Dance in 1958. Front Row: Liddy

Baker, Judy Oxenberg, Mimi Weitz, Janice Rubenstein,

Roberta Morris & Sue Volpin. Back Row: Debbie

Kornblau, Harriet Lorenstein, Carole Hersohn & Steffi

Friss. (submitted by Roberta Morris)

DELTA OFFICERS in our Junior Year

Front Row: Mary Zauner, Brenda Foster, Lois ?, ?, & Linda Lawson.   Back Row:

Joyce Hunter, Luzanne Baggs & Peggy McGee.


The Delta Girls

     Carole Mottola, Nancy Feyl, Maria Mazza, Lynne Detweiler, Florence Carr & Jo

DeBiasi going for a ride.


DELTA Installs New Officers

Lynne Detweiler, Brenda Foster, Carol Bankhead, Jo DeBiasi, Judi Foster & Judy Heath.


Florence Carr & Natalie Daigle before Delta's Mistletoe Kiss Dance.


Jeri Leonard, Janet Miller, Ellen Weinstein, Joyce Shenkman, Leah

Bloomfield, Gail Livingston, Carole Braverman & Sandi Harvey.



Front row: Kathy Mahoney, Judy Paoli, Verona DeBeer & Marge Kelley. Back row: Sunny

Reardon, Sue Auchter, Ginny Glaser, Luzanne Baggs, Judy Amole & Nancy Shute.


Caps Girls plan an event.

Our 20th Reunion - 1978

Our 20th Reunion was held at Smithville Inn's Quail Hill on June 24, 1978. A gala cocktail party in one room was followed by a sit-down dinner in their main banquet room. Various awards were given out along with numerous door prizes. Dale & Mary Etta and their Committee organized the event and did a superb job!

Chris Gilmore & date and Bob Subranni & date

     Dolly & Bob Somers and Jane Doughty

Barry (Leeds) Dulany, Carm (Colaianni) Beckner &

Carole (Mottola) Keating

                   Rob & Shelly (Mamlin) Sax

Lynn (Gallagher) Silton at our 20th Reunion.

The pictures below were submitted by Morris Murray. They are scanned copies of Polaroids.

                              This shot was taken early.

            Veronica & Morris Murray with Barbara Frolow.

  Ellis Peopples, Barbara Frolow, Fred Kramer & Jimmie Peeler.

Annette Bayton, Ellis Peopples, Barbara

Frolow & Brenda Shapiro.

Ellis Peopples. Ella Store, Morris Murray, Mary

Kyles & ? Laws.

    Veronica Murray, Ella Store, ? Laws & Mary Kyles.

                                   Thomas Vice & Jimmie Peeler

       Nathan Durette dancing with his wife.

                  Pat Howard, Connie Childs & Jimmie Peeler

           Ellis & Joann Peopples with Jimmie & Nancy Peeler.

                Rodger Mingo, Ellis Peopples & Jimmie Peeler.

Brenda Shapiro, Barbara Frolow, Gerald Clark &

Morris Murray.

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