Atlantic City High School's Class of 1958 Website - Part 1

Atlantic City High School's Class of 1958 Website - Part 1
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ACHS CLASS OF '58 - Part 1

The Class that loves to party!



OK --- the Margate kids got their own page --- so here's one for the Atlantic City kids. But this page must rely on those

kids (well they used to be kids) submitting photos from their schools. Keep sending those old photos in, Gang!

Frank DiBianca contributed this great picture from the Texas Avenue School - 1947

Back Row: ?, Robert Erney, Buddy Thomas, Ralph ?, Roz Liebowitz, Anita ?, ?, Laura Wilkinsky & Christine Polisano. Middle Row: ?, ?, Joe Merendino, ? Louise ?, Christine Cannon, Louis Rosso & Michaelene Jacoby. Front Row: ?, ?, Mary Etta Cobb,, Frank DiBianca, ? & ?.

Davida Gardner submitted these great photos:

Madison Ave. School Christmas Party - 1950

First Row: Marie Galso, Dabney Beckner, Barbara Scott, Donna Bertelin, Joanne Muha, ? , Barbara Scuillo, ?, ?, Nancy Curinga, ?, ? , ?, ?, Richard ?, Larry Wachs, & Alfred ?. Second Row: ?, Grace Mowbray, ?, Barbara Kolmetzky, ?, Andrea Cruz, Bob Linblad, ?, ?, Martin Brenner, ?, Danny Newman, Jack McAvaddy, Sandra Sutton, Lois Galso, ?, Elaine Kent, ? & Frances Corbett. Third Row: ?, ?, ?, ?, Jerry Sturgis, ?, ? Rush, Donna Downs, ?, Bill Miller, ?, Bob Steen & ?. Fourth Row: Al Headley, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jack Bernstein, John Cappuccio, Ben Brenner, Marie Zanghi, Nancy Westcoat, Carole Rose, Davida Gardner, Teresa Tamburelli, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Donald Brown, ?, & ?.


Madison Avenue School's 6th Grade Trip on Captain Starn's Boat

                        Madison Avenue School - 6th Grade - Miss Cole's Class.


Old Pictures supplied by Janet Miller:

Jay Gerber at Janet Miller's Sweet Sixteen Party at

the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1956.

Chuck Workman, Paula Hoffman & Jeri Leonard

Larry Wachs, Steffi Friss, Marilyn Ottenberg &

Jay Gerber

Rita Shumsky just submitted these great old photos from the Richmond Avenue School. Thanks, Rita!

The Richmond Avenue School Kindergarten Christmas Play on December 20, 1945. First Row (L to R): Paula Hoffman, ?, Dina Metzgar, Joyce Shenkman, Eileen ?, ?, Debbie Kornblau, Karen Black & Joanne Meredith. 2nd Row: Linda Raphael, Hank Dassey, Ruth Stavitsky, G. Petinga, Rita Shumsky, Don DeBrier, Judy Schlam, Howard Monblatt, Ellie Backer, David Satinover & Fred Dodd. 3rd Row: Carmella Mufferi, Alan Schlienger, Charles Bromberg, John DeSantis, Edward Ginsberg, ?, Skip Mayall, Steve Raab, Lee Scheide, ? & ?.

Richmond Avenue School - Miss Grahm's Kindergarten Class Playhouse. On stairs: (girls clockwise): ?, ?, Joyce Shenkman & Judy Schlam. Boys (from left) Paul Slutzker, ? & Larry Gettleman. Girls in rockers: ? & ?. Back wall: ?, ?, & David Satinover. Around table (clockwise): Karen Black, Rita Shumsky, Charles Bromberg & ?. Against the right wall: Nick Russo, Steve Raab & Nick Rifice.

Richmond Avenue School - "The Sleeping Beauty" - 4th grade play - 1950. 1st Row (L to R): Phyllis Freedman, Rita Shumsky, Donald DeBrier, Barbara Wallenstein, Charles Bromberg, Joyce Shenkman, M. Johnson, ?, Paula Goldberg & Francine Lustgarten. 2nd Row: Joanne Meredith, Steve Raab, Sandy Stone, Bobby Crimi, Nick Rifice, George Levin, Dina Metzgar, David Satinover & Jeffrey Trimble. Maryann Johnson was Sleeping Beauty (in the center).

Rita Shumsky's 8th Birthday Party at Shumsky's Restaurant (of course) in September of 1948. Standing (L to R): Donald DeBrier, Paul Slutzker & David Satinover. Middle Row (L to R): Francine Lustgarten, Joanne Meredith, Joey Manno, Patty Manno, ?, Joyce Shenkman, Ron Lieberman & Jerry Lieberman. Front Row (L to R): Sharon Levine, John Dintenfass, Susan Dintenfass, Judi Oxenberg, Ellie Backer, Jeri Leonard, ?, Sandy Feit & Barbara Feit. Rita Shumsky is surrounded by her aunts, her grandmother & her parents. 



These Massachusetts Avenue School Pictures were provided by Sandi Harvey. Thanks, Sandi!

The Mass. Ave. School Christmas Party in 1947. Sandi Harvey is on the upper right as "Little Bo Peep". 1st row includes Marjorie Hamilton, Joyce Sparano & Ellen Freet. 2nd row includes Roberta Morris & Richard Conover. 3rd row includes Ruth Craven, Elliot Nehmad & John Masterson. 4th row includes Brenda Shapiro & Maxine Frolow (deceased). Barbara Frolow is the 5th girl in the 5th row. 6th row includes Anita Williams (deceased), Judy Ginsburg & Janice Rubenstein. Bunny Lang is the girl on the right in the back row with the bow tie.

The Mass. Ave. School Halloween Party in 1951. Front Row: ?. Sandi Harvey, Marjorie Hamilton, Rita Rubinstein, ?, ? & ?. 2nd Row: ?, Bunny Lang, ?, Jerry Rich, ?, Richie Chazin, ?, ?, Anita Williams & Danny Fischer. Lou Vilensky is the skeleton in the back row. Right, Lou?



Dina Metzgar supplied these old pictures from the Richmond Avenue School & Central Junior High. Thanks, Dina!

Miss Grahm's Kindergarten Playhouse. L to R.: Debbie Kornblau, Joy ?, Joann Meredith, Hank Dassey, Dina Metzgar, Ruth Stavitsky, Alan Schleinger, John Walters, Jeri Leonard, Karen Black, Paula Hoffman, Lee Scheide & Donald Kahn.


Halloween in the Richmond Ave. School 3rd grade. Seated in the first row are: Rita Shumsky (nurse), Eddie Ginsburg, Charlie Bromberg & Paul Slutzker. The seated pirate is George Levin. The 2nd row seated are: Francine Lustgarten (cowgirl), Joann Meredith, Paula Goldberg & Nick Rifice. The 3rd row seated are Joyce Shenkman & Dina Metzgar. Standing (left to right) are: Ellie Backer, Don DeBrier, ?, ?, Sandra Stone, Marty Holtz, ?, Guy Petinga, ?, Barbara Wallenstein, Mike Wallen, Phyllis Freedman, Erwin L. , Barbara Silver, Bobby Crimi & ?.

Steve Raab, Sandra Stone, Dina Metzgar & Dave Satinover in "Sleeping Beauty" during 4th grade at the Richmond Ave. School.


First 2 girls facing you: Linda Simmons & Dina Metzgar. 2nd Row: John Walters, Judy Amole, ?, ?, Vanessa Browndorf & ?. 3rd Row: Joann Meredith, Nick Russo & Skip Mayall. 4th Row: ?, Ellen Langerman & David Satinover. Standing to left of Teacher is John Dintenfass. Standing far right is Paul Slutzker.


Richmond Avenue School Safety Patrol in 1951. Front Row: Jeffrey Trimble, Richie Alten, Flossie Finnegan, Susan Dintenfass, Lee Scheide, David Major & Nick Russo. Middle Row: Guy Petinga, Charles Bromberg, Larry Saunders, Dina Metzgar & Charles Scheide. Back Row: Dick DiLullo, Miss Fleming & Irwin Love.


Central Junior High - 8th Grade Trip to New York. Mr. Lieberman's Class standing on the steps in front of Gen. Grant's tomb. Front Row: Frank DiBianca, Henry Canzani. Morris Murray, Mark Hyman, Davida Gardner, Anne Dunn & Dina Metzgar. 2nd Row: Charlyne Williams, Helen MacDonald, Carolyn Bankhead, Liddy Baker & Hubert Barbour behind Anne Dunn. 3rd Row: ?. 4th Row: Charles Smith, Betty Paccapaniccia, Barbara Phillips & George Peppas. Back Row: Mr. Lieberman, Gerald McCall, Frank Klimecki. ? & ?.