Atlantic City High School's Class of 1958 Website - Part 1

Atlantic City High School's Class of 1958 Website - Part 1
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The Class that loves to party!


Let's go back in time to the Granville Avenue School. Remember Miss DeAngelis, Mrs. Feyl, Miss Herwitt, Mr. Brod,& Mr. Heffner? Remember the Friday morning Assemblies with Mr. Schronk? The Puppet Shows? The plays? The Canteen Dances? The Safety Patrol? The Valley Forge Trip? Our Graduation? Well here are some pictures to refresh some of those memories:

The Granville Avenue School

"Hansel & Gretel" play in First Grade (1946) Gingerbread Men (L to R): Eddie Sabastian, Joel Lanken, Steve Gottlib, Andrea Norman, Dale Giberson, ? , ?, Eunice Eisenberg, Jane Gray, Norma Garton, ?, ?, Jack Cohen, Maria Mazza, ? & ?; Very front 3 girls: ?. Elissa Bauman & ?. Others in front row standing: Ronny Glenn, cute little blonde as Gretel, Ed Doughty as Hansel, Francine (Altman) Lustgarten & Carolyn Blankfield; Back Row: Bob McClay, ?, ?, ?, ?, Steve Soloman & ?.

Ed Doughty's 8th Birthday Party in 2nd grade included Mary Knapp, Bob Somers, Davey Leonard, Jane Riddle, Pete Schwiers, Ed & others

A Christmas Play in 2nd Grade. Back row includes Bob Somers, Dick Stanton, Al Glenn, Ron Glenn, Jane Riddle, Dale Giberson, Carole Mottola & Ed Doughty, on far right. 2nd Row - Mary Knapp 2nd from left. Front Row includes Barb Bolte & Florence Carr

Miss DeAngelis' 3rd grade class play. Front Row: Al Glenn, Bob Somers, Denny Whitworth, Jane Gray, Jack Cohen, Ronnie Apfelbaum, Linellen Charleton & Barry Leeds. 2nd Row: Barbara Bolte, Florence Carr, Carole Mottola, Miss DeAngelis, ?, Eunice Eisenberg, Sue Auchter, ? & Jane Riddle. Back Row: Ed Doughty, ?, ?, Marty Parlin, Joel Lanken, Charlie Varallo & George Lydon.

Mike Mash sent this 5th grade pic.

A Puppet Show in 5th Grade --- featuring puppeteers Marty Parlin, Jane Gray & Ed Doughty (in rear) and Joel Lankin, Barry Leeds & Sue Auchter (in front)

Barry Leeds in 6th Grade

Elissa Bauman in 6th Grade

Ed Doughty in 6th Grade

Mrs. Ruth Herwitt - our teacher in 5th Grade

Sue Nordheim in 7th Grade

Bob Hall, Mary Knapp, Jack Cohen,Betty Barker & Earl Jeffries, front: Ed Doughty & Barry Leeds in 7th grade --- we are sad to report that Hall, Jeffries & Cohen are all deceased. Earl was stabbed to death by his younger brother in the Fall of 1958. Jack died about 5 years ago and Bob Hall died of complications from diabetes in 2001.

Mary Knapp & Barry Leeds

Do any of you Margate kids remember any of these things?

Canteen Dances in the school gym featuring "spot dances" & "ladies' choice dances"
Drinking sodas & buying comic books at Bowen's Candy Store
Writing comments about other classmates in a "Slam Book"
The Grammar School Basketball League featuring the Tigers, the Lions, the Bears & the Panthers
The Valley Forge Trip & the Race up Mount Joy
Everybody saying that Virginia Faye had cooties! We even threw her imaginary cooties at each other! We were terrible!
Odering your own Esterbrook Pen: you could pick blue, maroon, gray or green
Miss McDonough in gym class & us playing "Dodge Ball" & "Skin the Cat"
Guys taking their notebooks with them to the blackboard to hide an erection

A gray Esterbrook Pen. Remember them?

Ruth Herwitt - our 5th Grade teacher.

Barry Leeds in 7th grade

Carole Mathews in 7th grade. Carole was killed in a one car accident on the Atlantic City Expressway in 1968.

Mary Knapp in 7th grade

Ed Doughty in 7th grade

Chris Gilmore, Pete Schwiers & Ronnie Glenn. Chris Gilmore died of brain cancer in June of 2004.

Mike Miller, Denny Whitworth. Ronnie Apfelbaum & Jack Cohen

Roxy Adams, Bobby Perez & Marty Parlin. Roxy died a few years ago.

Elissa Bauman, Carole Mathews, Sue Nordheim & Mary Knapp at Ed's 13th Birthday Party in 7th grade

Mary Knapp, Sue Nordheim & Barry Leeds at Ed's 13th Birthday Party in 7th Grade

The Crescendo Club Choir in 1953.

Our 7th Grade Play "Your Land and Mine".

Joyce Hunter in 8th grade

Barry Leeds in 8th grade

Barbara Bolte in 8th grade

Carole Mathews in 8th grade

Judy Foster in 8th grade

Carole Mottola in 8th grade

Florence Carr in 8th grade

Lynne Detweiler in 8th grade

Ed Doughty in 8th grade

Carole Mathews getting sexy

Elissa Bauman shows off

Carole Mathews at school

Cynthia Miller, Ilene Roth, Carole Mathews, Elissa Bauman & Florence Carr. In front: Sheila Dubrow. Carole died in 1968 and Cynthia died in the mid-70's.

The lead players in"Meet Arizona"

The entire cast of "Meet Arizona"

Barbara Weiner, Chris Gilmore, Lynne Detweiler & Ed Doughty as Mexicans in "Meet Arizona"

Jean Dempsey, Barbara Bolte & Mr. Cohen on the Valley Forge Trip

Barry Leeds, Carole Mathews & Florence Carr dance it up!

Mr. Brod - our 7th grade teacher

Mr. Heffner - our 8th grade teacher

Al Glenn & Bob Hall

Carole Mathews & Ed Doughty

Florence Carr & Carole Mathews

Lynn Detweiler on the Valley Forge Trip

Jill Tartar & Judy Amole on the Valley Forge Trip

Joyce Hunter on the Valley Forge Trip

Our Graduation Program

The Granville Avenue Class of 1954