Atlantic City High School's Class of 1958 Website - Part 1

Atlantic City High School's Class of 1958 Website - Part 1
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ACHS CLASS OF '58 - Part 1

The Class that loves to party!



MORE PICS FROM OUR 45th REUNION  Our 45th Reunion took place on August 16, 2003 at the Harbor Pines Golf Club.   Approximately 180 people attended.

  The Reunion Committee was led by Dale Giberson Lonkart and Mary Etta Cobb Loggi.  

  The following month Ed Doughty started our class website and then organized a Holiday Party that December.   In June of 2004 Ed organized a "Countdown to 50" Weekend where classmates gathered at Mac's Restaurant on Friday night and Stumpo's Italian Grill in Margate on Saturday night.   In June of 2005 Ed again organized "Countdown 2".   The events both nights were at Stumpo's Italian Grill again. "Countdown 3" was held at Stumpo's on June 23 & 24 of 2006.   "Countdown 4" took place on June 22 & 23 of 2007.  This time they were held at Stumpo's Italian Grill in Somers Point.   "Countdown 5" was held at Ed & Jane Doughty's house on June 26, 2010 --- 2 years after our 50th Reunion.



      Terry & Donna Byrnes

                                         Emile & Ted Burns

            Florence Carr Foster, Kathy Gaffney, Gil Parkin & ?

Bobby Jean Scull Sooy, Myra Stalberg Cohen & Barbara Frolow


Joseph & Mildred (Mitchell) Franklin, Connie Childs-Abdullah

& Mikal Abdullah. Linda Starkey in background.

              Nancy & Jimmie Peeler and Mary Jo Favazzo

Cathie Tort Kane, Gayanne Riddle Bristol & Rita Shumsky


              Landonia Richardson, Annette Horne Pate & ?

John Cappuccio. Lynne Detweiler Bowersock, Sue Moore

Richards, Cathie Tort Kane & Terry Byrnes

        Mary Jo & Charlie Favazzo, Irene & Mark Jacobs

Barbara Cohen Crawford, Kathy Gaffney, Carole Mottola

Keating, Judy Foster O'Donnell & Bobby Jean Scull Sooy

  George & Dale Giberson Lonkart, Ed & Barbara Bolte Kroger

   Barbara Bolte Kroger, Linda Starkey & Florence Carr Foster

Harvey & Heather Goodman, Pat Howard Hart & Gerri

Llewellyn Oliver.

  Barbara Woodall, Jimmie Peeler & Blanche Bunting Stanord

Barbara Cohen Crawford, Carole Hersohn Braha & Barbara

Frolow Pallotta

Gayanne Riddle Bristol, Gerri Llewellyn Oliver & Jo Papparone


        Lynne Detweiler Bowersock & Chris Young Munafo

                              Carol & Fred Dodd

?, Joseph & Mildred Mitchell Franklin, Lisa & Ellis Peopples,

Blanche Bunting Stanford, Connie Childs-Abdullah, Barbara

Woodall, Gerri Llewellyn Oliver & Mikal Abdullah.

                           Mary Kyles & Errol Browne

Nick Rifice, Penny Dunbar Birnbaum, Maryanne Rifice, John &

Frannie (Rando) McDonald

Barbara Woodall, Davida Gardner Ross, Janet Miller Rosenthal,

Steffi Friss Rosky, Francine Lustgarten Davis, Barbara Cohen

Crawford, Brenda Shapiro Kramer, Judy Caplan Schwartz &

Carole Hershon Braha.

                           Phil & Chris (Young) Munafo

   Carole Bankhead Park, Terry Talarico Horner & Gene Park

Booby Jean Scull Sooy, Charlyne Williams Monroe, Judy Foster

O'Donnell, Chris Young Munafo, Sue Moore Richards &

Francine Lustgarten Davis

            Gloria Leiken Caplan & Barbara Bolte Kruger

Bobby Jean Scull Sooy, Anne Dunn & Lee Herndon

   Bobby Jean Scull Sooy, Ed Doughty & Anne Dunn Herndon

Brenda Shapiro Kramer, Charlyne Williams Monroe, Barbara

Cohen Crawford,  Ed Doughty, Roberta Morris Hyman, Mary

Knapp Tatum & Bobby Jean Scull Sooy

Gloria Leiken Caplan, Carole Hersohn Braha, Joan Leeds

Graviss, Gayanne Riddle Bristol, Bobby Jean Scull Sooy, Janet

Miller Rosenthal, Sue Moore Richards, Sue Volpin Franks &

Judy Foster O'Donnell.

Barbara Cohen Crawford, Kathy Gaffney, Carole Mottola

Keating, Judy Foster  O'Donnell & Bobby Jean Scull Sooy.

  Barry Leeds Dulany & Don DeBrier try some new dance steps.

Judy Foster O'Donnell, Carole Bankhead Park, Carole Mottola

Keating, Sue Moore Richards, Bobby Jean Scull Sooy & Lynne

Detweiler Bowersock

  Carm Colaianni Beckner, Barry Leeds Dulany & Mary Knapp


Here are some more pictures from the Pre-Reunion Party at the Margate Pub and our 45th Reunion at Harbor Pines Golf Club --- all courtesy of Charlyne Williams.

Lisa & Ellis Peopples, Nancy Peeler & Charlyne Williams

Errol Browne, Charlyne Williams Monroe, Don DeBrier,

Joan Leeds Graviss, Jimmie Peeler & Larry Clofine

Dale Giberson, Charlyne Willams, Nancy Peeler & Errol



Mikal Abdullah, Tommy & Rosalind Vice, Connie

Childs-Abdullah is in the center. next to her is Gerri

Llewellyn Oliver & Barbara Woodall.   Who are

the others?

Luzanne Baggs, George & Dale (Giberson) Lonkart &

Errol Browne.

Barbara Woodall, Landonia Richardson, Mary Etta Cobb

& Annette Horne Pate.

Tommy & Rosalind Vice and Joseph & Mildred (Mitchell)


Blanche Bunting in the pink dress & Charlyne Williams.

Who are the others?

Connie Childs-Abdullah & Mikal Abdullah on the left &

Blanche Bunting in the pink dress.   Gerald McNeely is

leaning over.

             Joan Leeds, Anne Dunn & Jane Doughty

Kathy Gaffney, Barbara Frolow, Terry Talarico & Cathie


   Bobby Jean Scull, Judy Foster, Chris Young & Francine


Bobbi Jean Scull, Charlyne Williams Monroe, Judy Foster,

Chris Young, Sue Moore & Francine Lustgarten

    Ted Burns, Francine Lustgarten, Janice Rubenstein &

Errol Browne

Charlyne Williams Monroe, Ellis Peopples & Pat Monroe

Back Row: Charlyne Williams. Pat Monroe. Errol Browne

& Ellie Backer. Front Row: Landonia Richardson, Annette

Horne Pate, ?, ?, & ?.

Chris Gilmore, Barbara Cohen, Ed Doughty, Chuck

Workman & Roberta Morris

Charlyne Williams, Barbara Cohen, Ed Doughty, Roberta

Morris, Mary  Knapp & Bobbi Jean Scull

Don DeBrier, Pat Howard, Barry Leeds, Judy Oxenberg,

Ted Burns &  Charlyne Williams in front

                        The Reunion Committee

                          The Reunion Committee

                        The Reunion Committee

Ada Eberhardt, Charlyne Williams, Pat Monroe, Errol

Browne, Blanche Bunting, ?, Barbara Woodall, ?, Annette

Horne Pate & Hubert Barbour




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